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Welcome to Curve Editor!

This module will allow you to create curves to add to any scene in the Slicer application


  • In Slicer, click Edit -> Application settings
  • In the left hand side, click modules
  • Under 'Additional module paths', click add and navigate to the directory where '' is saved
  • Restart Slicer and the module will be active

First curve

  • In the dropdown menu next to 'Modules', select 'CurveEditor' -> '3D Curve Editor'
  • In 'Source points' select the source from an existing list or create a new list of fiducials
  • In 'Curve model' Select a model to save the curve to, or create a new curve
  • Create a set of points
    • Select the Fiducials button (blue arrow with red circle) and place in the 3D view
    • Under 'X, Y, Z Coordinates' enter desired values and click 'Add Fiducial'
  • Click the 'Generate/Update Curve' button

Editing curves

  • Any fiducials position can be altered in the 3D view by clicking and dragging
  • These are seen in the fiducials table when selected under 'source points'
  • To delete a set of points, select them in 'Source Points' then under the same dropdown, select 'Delete Current ...'
  • To delete a curve, select it in the 'Curve model' menu, then select 'Delete current ...'
  • Any number of curves can be added by selecting the desired set of points and creating a new curve model
  • To alter the radius, change the 'Thickness' slider
  • Any curve can be switched between linear or spline be selecting the toggle under 'interpolation'
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