Create and publish NuGet packages from Visual Studio to VSTS
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Pack and Publish NuGet packages to VSTS package feed

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This repository contains code for a Visual Studio Extension to create a NuGet package for a .csproj file and to publish it to a VSTS feed.


  • There is an existing feed at your disposal on VSTS.
  • nuget.exe exists on the local machine.
  • CredentialProvider.VSS.exe exists on the local machine

Getting started

  1. Install the extension on your Visual Studio 2017 instance.
  2. Go to Tools -> Options and update the values as suggested by default: Visual Studio Options
  3. Build the project in Release mode (ensure the binaries are located in the relative bin\Release folder of your project)
  4. Open the context menu for the project and enter 'Publish to VSTS'
  5. You may be requested to provide credentials (therefore the need of the CredentialProvider.VSS file)
  6. You will see two dialog windows popping up but they will automatically close.
  7. If everything succeeded you should now have your package in the VSTS feed