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code review from reddit #4

vindarel opened this Issue Mar 11, 2019 · 1 comment


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commented Mar 11, 2019


I find your lib interesting. I posted it on reddit and there's a thorough code review which highlights issues:


(defun .intersperse (sep list)
  (labels ((internal-fn (sep list)
             (if (null list)
                 (append (list (car list) sep)
                         (internal-fn sep (cdr list))))))
    (.init (internal-fn sep list) nil)))

The function is recursive. Not even tail recursive. Then it calls .init.

(defun .init (list &optional (default nil))
  (if (> (length list) 1)
      (butlast list)

Which calls LENGTH for every list, which traverses the full list. Cheaper: does the list have atleast two elements?

(defun .concat (list)
  (apply #'concatenate
         (cons 'list list)))

Above is limited to lists with the length of the supported lengths of argument lists. Which is 50 in ABCL.

(defun .scanl (fn init-val list)
  (if (null list)
      (list init-val)
      (cons init-val
            (.scanl fn
                    (funcall fn init-val (car list))
                    (cdr list)))))

.scanl is recursive -> stack overflows...

(defun lazy-list (list fn)
  (vector list fn))

Don't use a vector. Use a structure instead.

(defun .take (count list)
  (when (< count 0) (return-from .take nil))
  (when (lazy-list-p list) (return-from .take (.take-lazy count list)))
  (if (<= count (length list))
      (subseq list 0 count)


(defun .take-while (pred list)
  (unless (null list)
      (when (funcall pred (first list))
        (cons (first list)
              (.take-while pred (cdr list))))))

Probably better (for example because it won't have stack overflows):

(defun .take-while (pred list)
  (loop for e in list
        while (funcall pred e)
        collect e))

Another one:

(defun .find-indices (pred list)
  (labels ((func (pred list start result)
             (let ((inx (position-if pred list :start start)))
               (if inx
                   (func pred list (1+ inx) (cons inx result))
    (func pred list 0 '())))

(defun .elem-indices (item list)
  (.find-indices (lambda (x) (equalp x item)) list))


(defun .elem-indices (item list)
  (loop for i from 0 and e in list
        when (equal e item) collect i))

(defun .find-indices (pred list)
  (loop for i from 0 and e in list
        when (funcall pred e) collect i)

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commented Mar 12, 2019

Ok, thanks vindarel. I'm fixing them in the next versions.

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