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A Better Explorer filemanager repository
C# Visual Basic Inno Setup
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BEHelper - upgraded the ribbon
BExplorer/BetterExplorer Added try catch to COM_Attribute_Check
BetterExplorerLib - added new async copy functions
BetterExplorerOperations Changed Debugging Settings and Cleaned
BetterExplorerShell Cleaning up startup methods
BreadcrumbBar - Fixed solution after merge
ConsoleControl Minor Cleaning (more to come)
GMailDrivePlugin - added several help projects
ImDiskNet - Converted projects to .NET 4.5
Installer - fixed strange path showing in breadcrumbb ar in edit mode
NotifyIcon Prevented Last Tab from being deleted
Progress Prevented Last Tab from being deleted
SevenZip - added x86 configuration for easy x86 build
SharpBox/Resources - fixed issue BE-432 (resolve issue: resolution=RESOLVED status=Fixed)
Shell Minor Fix
TabControl More cleaning
UnbufferedFO - added MinWidth for the columns
Updater - some fixes before the release
UsbEject - modifications for USB Eject code
WpfControlLibrary1 - upgraded the ribbon
WpfDocumentPreviewer - commended some code temprary
fluent_528456d5eb19 Deleted unused files
google-api-dotnet-client-ce5d6d22de04 - added several help projects
packages Added SQLite database for saving folder settings
.gitignore Added Tool to GitHub so everyone will use it
Atomiq_1.1.3.94.exe Added Tool to GitHub so everyone will use it
BExplorer.sln - upgraded the ribbon Attempting to Fix solution. TaskDialog is MISSING!! Refactored AutoSwitch
Backup Taskbar-AppId Converted Backup Folders into Zip Files
Backup1 Windows7.DesktopIntegration Converted Backup Folders into Zip Files
BetterExplorer1.psess BreadcrumbBar Path Changes + Fix
BetterExplorer140808(1).vsp Cleaning and performance stuff
BetterExplorer140808(2).vsp Cleaning and performance stuff
BetterExplorer140808(3).vsp Cleaning and performance stuff
BetterExplorer140808(4).vsp Cleaning and performance stuff
BetterExplorer140808(5).vsp Cleaning and performance stuff
BetterExplorer140808(6).vsp ShellViewEx.Navigate(...): Commented out code
BetterExplorer140808.vsp Revert "Revert "Deleted File""
BetterExplorer140811(1).vsp Code Cleaning
BetterExplorer140811(2).vsp Ficing BreadCrumbMenu
BetterExplorer140811.vsp Setting up performance tests again
BetterExplorer140813.vsp BreadcrumbBar Path Changes + Fix
Duplication.atomiqProj Removing Duplicate code Converted FileOperation into zip file
License.rtf - Updated License Commit Converted ShellCodePack_TransferTemp into Zip
imdiskinst.exe - reverted the update type to CheckOnly


A Better Explorer filemanager repository



If you want help contributing email us at

How to build and test Better Explorer

You can also download a test build from our website.

Important: This process includes the installation of either Visual Studio Express 2013 or SharpDevelop. It might take a bit of a while!

Anyway, here's how it's done (in just 3 steps!):

  1. Download the builder Download and install Visual Studio Express 2013 or SharpDevelop. (They can be found with a quick search online.) The developers use Visual Studio, but the instructions are the same if you use SharpDevelop.

  2. Get the source code On the top of this page, click on the "ZIP" button to download the latest build in a zip file. Unzip the file into a new, empty folder.

  3. Make the program Now that you downloaded and unzipped the source code, open the folder you created and you'll see a bunch of folders and files. Double-click on BExplorer.sln and it will open up in Visual Studio or SharpDevelop. Then, open the Build menu and select "Build Solution". This will make the program, and if any errors occur, check back here soon to see if we posted any fixes.

To access the program, open the BExplorer folder, and then open the BetterExplorer folder. A folder called "bin" should have been created in there. Open that up and then open the "Debug" folder, and ta-da! There it is!

Help with translations

We have had translations made for us, but they're horribly out of date... Some people are still around helping with translations, but we still would like all of the help we would like! Know another language? Why not help us out? Go to for more instructions.

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