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Modal Window and Bootstrap for mootools
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Modal BootStrap


A MooTools 1.4+ plugin that allows easy modal window use through HTML5 Boot-Strapping via data- properties on elements. Provides:

  • Modal.Overlay
  • Modal.Base
  • Modal.BootStrap
  • Modernizr (adds csstransitions detection ONLY if not already loaded) (+1k)


Screenshot 1

How to use

Download and check the Demo/index.html

Opening a modal can be as simple as adding this:

    new Modal.BootStrap(document.body);
    <a href="#simonSays" class="modal-overlay" data-title="Simon was here">Load contents of id=simonSays into a modal</a>`

Of course, you can open a modal window by pure javascript without the BootStrap:

    new Modal.Base(document.body, {
        header: "Hi",
        body: "loading something"

Examples or The official Demo page as per package


  • 1.06 - added support for autoWidth onShow (or any class, for that matter) via a css class and extra data-class option. Fixed occlusion of options by BootStrap instances problem.

Public methods and options of Modal.Base

  • .show(options) - shows the current modal window whereby options can override the instance options
  • .hide(options) - hides the current modal window whereby options can override the instance options
  • .toggle() - shows / hides the current modal window
  • .setTitle(title) - sets/updates the contents of the title of the modal window
  • .setBody(body) - sets/updates the contents of the body of the modal window
  • .setFooter(footer) - sets the contents of the footer of the modal window

Keep in mind it will prefer CSS3 transitions, if they are available - instead of Fx.Morph (as fallback).

Check the Modal.js for all options, they are mostly self-explanatory.

Events in Modal.Base

  • onReady - fires when a new instance is created
  • onShow - fires when modal is shown
  • onHide - firs when modal is hidden

Data properties and options for Modal.BootStrap

These are the properties on the trigger elements it can read:

  • data-type - type of modal data. default is element (via href), can also be ajax to get content from the href,
  • data-title - string or id of element to grab content from
  • data-buttons - JSON that adds footer buttons, eg [{className:'right modal-close','text':'No, thanks','event':'cancel'},{className:'left','text':'Sure!','event':'confirm'}],
  • data-footer - string or id of element to grab content from
  • data-body - optional to use instead of .href so it can be attached to non-anchor elements
  • data-overlay - true|false for protecting the screen behind the modal window
  • data-any-close - true|false for allowing clicking outside the modal window to close it (when overlay is on)
  • data-esc-close - true|false to bind ESC to close the modal
  • data-class - add a class name to on show and remove it on hide.
  • data-event-open - an event name to fire on open
  • data-event-close - an event name to fire on close

From the Options object:

  • modalLinks: "a.modal-overlay" - tells it to attach to all A links with class "modal-overlay"

Since 1.04, Modal.BootStrap now supports hashtag URI to target a particular modal you have link behavior for.

  • autoOpenByHash: true - makes it automatically try to open a link handler for a given element, for example: will automatically try to find a.modal-overlay[href=#tnc] and click it to open it.

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