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Tag input class for MooTools - lets you edit and auto-complete tag lists in an input.

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A MooTools plugin that enables easy entry and editing for "tags", including AJAX (cough) look-ups or pre-defined arrays of "answers". Warning: I don't develop or support it anymore.

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How to Use


  • [Options][]
  • [Events][]

mooTagify Method: constructor


new mooTagify(element[, request, options]);


  1. element - (mixed) A string of the id for an Element or an Element that contains the group of items as in the suggested markup below.
  2. request - (Request object, optional) A pre-configured Request class that does the automatic lookups. Suggester uses it to show options onComplete
  3. options - (object, optional) a key/value object of options


  • ready - (function) The function to apply when the instance is ready
  • limitReached - (function) The function to apply when the maximum tags allowed limit is reached. Fires multiple times for every rejected tag, which is passed as the argument.
  • invalidTag - (function) The function to apply when a tag is being rejected due to length. Fires multiple times for every rejected tag, which is passed as the argument.
  • tagsUpdate - (function) The function to apply after tag processing has been completed and new tags have been added. Passes an array of all accepted new tags
  • tagRemove - (function) The function to apply when a tag is being removed. Passes the removed tag's text as argument

Example HTML

<div id="tagWrap" class="hide">
    <div class="left tagLock">
        <!-- tags will go here -->
    <div class="left">
        <input value="preload,tags,here" id="listTags" name="listTags" placeholder="+Add tags" />

    <div class="clear"></div>

mooTagify Method: getTags

Returns an array of the current tags


var array = myMooTagify.getTags();


  • (array) An array of tags in memory


Example with autoComplete

This needs PHP to run the results mocker:

Testing (via buster.js and Syn)

Check the contents of the test directory and the provided.

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