Rails 4 + gulp + webpack + browsersync on Cloud9
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Rails + super front-end project stub

To start live compilation of static files

cd front
npm install
node_modules/.bin/gulp watch

And start rails server in other console:

cd ../back
bundle install
rails s

open http://localhost:3000

These great techs await you:

  • Rails 4
  • SLIM
  • gulp
  • webpack
  • LESS
  • Coffeescript
  • SVG icons
  • Browsersync

Important note

Sprockets here is 2.12.3 version, because in Sprockets 3.0 .self. is added to all files what breaks reloading of CSS without whole page refresh.

I will try to avoid this limitation in the future .

Also config.assets.digest = false is set in ./back/config/environments/development.rb to disable changing static files' names via Sprockets what's also needed for reloading CSS with page refresh.