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/!\ This repo is not updated anymore ; feel free to check some Silex MVC code.
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ChaoticCard is a personal site application that were base on the ChaoticSoul theme for Wordpress. You can now add you own themes. It's built using the micro-framework Silex, Doctrine, Twig as template engine, and uses a SQLite database.



  • The installation form has no validation yet, and it isn't up to date. Feel free to contribute.

Installation steps

  • Clone this repo (git clone
  • Install required submodules (git submodule update --init --recursive)
  • Add this to your vhost file (if you have any) AllowOverride All

Features to come

  • An admin page to edit the vCard
  • A contact form

How to add a theme

  • Create a folder called MyTheme in web/themes/ and one called views/ inside of it
  • Put the homepage content in a homepage.html.twig file inside the views dir
  • Same thing for the installation page (install.html.twig)
  • Don't forget to copy translations.html.twig from src/views/ to your theme's views folder You can take the existing themes as examples.
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