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  1. Download the source files
  2. Download the latest logos
  3. You need a installation of Apache/PHP5/MySQL/gd2
  4. Change the settings in /classes/bd/DBConfig.class.php and /classes/Config.class.php
  5. Run the SQL script /install.sql
  6. Extract all logos to /logos/ and run /filldb.php


  • To add new logos, run filldb.php again
  • To update users' banners, clear the table lastfm_images_cache

Adding a new layout

Look at the Layout interface for detail guidelines.

Security configuration

Authentication can be added to prevent unwanted calls to utility scripts.


Create a file with the following content.

AuthName "Restricted Area" 
AuthType Basic 
AuthUserFile /some/path/.htpasswd 
AuthGroupFile /dev/null 

<Files filldb.php>
require valid-user


To create the password file use the following command.

htpasswd -c .htpasswd adminuser