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" Vim syntax file
" Language: GNU as (AT&T) assembler for X86
" Maintainer: Rene Koecher <>
" Last Change: 2009 Dec 29
" Version: 0.8
" Remark: Intel compatible instructions only (for now)
if version < 600
syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
setlocal iskeyword +=%,.,-,_
setlocal isident +=%,.,-,_
syn case ignore
" directives
syn keyword gasDirective .abort .ABORT .align .balignw .balignl
syn keyword gasDirective .cfi_startproc .cfi_sections .cfi_endproc .cfi_personality
syn keyword gasDirective .cfi_lsda .cfi_def_cfa .cfi_def_cfa_register .cfi_def_cfa_offset
syn keyword gasDirective .cfi_adjust_cfa_offset .cfi_offset .cfi_rel_offset .cfi_register
syn keyword gasDirective .cfi_restore .cfi_undefined .cfi_same_value .cfi_remember_state
syn keyword gasDirective .cfi_return_column .cfi_signal_frame .cfi_window_save .cfi_escape
syn keyword gasDirective .cfi_val_encoded_addr .data .def .desc .dim .eject
syn keyword gasDirective .else .elseif .endef .endif .equ .equiv .eqv .err
syn keyword gasDirective .error .exitm .extern .fail .file .fill .global .globl
syn keyword gasDirective .gnu_attribute .hidden .ident .if .incbin .include .internal
syn keyword gasDirective .irp .irpc .lcomm .lflags .line .linkonce .list .ln .loc .loc_mark_labels
syn keyword gasDirective .local .mri .nolist .octa .org .p2alignw .p2alignl
syn keyword gasDirective .popsection .previous .print .protected .psize .purgem .pushsection .quad
syn keyword gasDirective .reloc .rept .sbttl .scl .section .set .single .size .skip .sleb128
syn keyword gasDirective .space .stabd .stabn .stabs .struct .subsection
syn keyword gasDirective .symver .tag .text .title .type .uleb128 .val .version
syn keyword gasDirective .vtable_entry .vtable_inherit .warning .weak .weakref
syn keyword gasDirectiveStore .byte .hword .word .int .long .double .short .float
syn keyword gasDirectiveStore .string .string8 .string16 .ascii .asciz .comm
syn keyword gasDirectiveMacro .altmacro .macro .noaltmacro .end .func .endfunc
" i*86 directives
syn keyword gasDirectiveX86 .att_syntax .intel_syntax .att_mnemonic .intel_mnemonic .lcomm
" i*86 register set
syn keyword gasRegisterX86 %rax %rbx %rcx %rdx %rdi %rsi %rsp %rbp
syn keyword gasRegisterX86 %eax %ebx %ecx %edx %ax %bx %cx %dx %ah %al %bh %bl %ch %cl %dh %dl
syn keyword gasRegisterX86 %edi %esi %esp %ebp %di %si %sp %bp %sph %spl %bph %bpl
syn keyword gasRegisterX86 %cs %ds %es %fs %gs %ss %ip %eip %rip %eflags
syn match gasRegisterX86 /\<%r\([8-9]\|1[0-5]\)[lwd]\?\>/
" i*86 special registers
syn match gasRegisterX86Cr /\<%cr[0-8]\>/
syn match gasRegisterX86Dr /\<%dr[0-8]\>/
syn match gasRegisterX86Tr /\<%tr[0-8]\>/
syn match gasRegisterX86Fp /\<%sp\(([0-7])\)\?\>/
syn match gasRegisterX86MMX /\<%x\?mm[0-7]\>/
" symbols and labels
syn match gasLabel /[-_$.A-Za-z0-9]\+\s*:/
syn match gasSymbol /\<[^; \t()]\+\>/
syn match gasSymbolRef /\$[-_$.A-Za-z][-_$.A-Za-z0-9]*\>/
syn match gasSpecial /\<[$.]\>/
" constants
syn region gasString start=/"/ end=/"/ skip=/\\"/
syn match gasCharacter /'\(?\|\\?\)/
syn match gasDecimalNumber /\$\?-\?\d\+/
syn match gasBinaryNumber /\$\?-\?0b[01]\+/
syn match gasOctalNumber /\$\?-\?0\d\+/
syn match gasHexNumber /\$\?-\?0x\x\+/
" -- TODO: gasFloatNumber
" local label needs to be matched *after* numerics
syn match gasLocalLabel /\d\{1,2\}[:fb]/
" comments etc.
syn match gasOperator /[+-/*=|&~<>]\|<=\|>=\|<>/
syn region gasComment start=/\/\*/ end=/\*\//
syn region gasCommentSingle start=/#\|;/ end=/$/
" finally: Opcodes
"-- Section: Willamette MMX instructions (SSE2 SIMD Integer Instructions)
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 movd movdb movdw movdl movdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 movdqa
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 movdqu
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 movdq2q
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE2 movq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 movq2dq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 packsswb packsswbb packsswbw packsswbl packsswbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 packssdw packssdwb packssdww packssdwl packssdwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 packuswb packuswbb packuswbw packuswbl packuswbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 paddb paddbb paddbw paddbl paddbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 paddw paddwb paddww paddwl paddwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 paddd padddb padddw padddl padddq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 paddq paddqb paddqw paddql paddqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 paddsb paddsbb paddsbw paddsbl paddsbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 paddsw paddswb paddsww paddswl paddswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 paddusb paddusbb paddusbw paddusbl paddusbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 paddusw padduswb paddusww padduswl padduswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pand pandb pandw pandl pandq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pandn pandnb pandnw pandnl pandnq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pavgb pavgbb pavgbw pavgbl pavgbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pavgw pavgwb pavgww pavgwl pavgwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pcmpeqb pcmpeqbb pcmpeqbw pcmpeqbl pcmpeqbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pcmpeqw pcmpeqwb pcmpeqww pcmpeqwl pcmpeqwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pcmpeqd pcmpeqdb pcmpeqdw pcmpeqdl pcmpeqdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pcmpgtb pcmpgtbb pcmpgtbw pcmpgtbl pcmpgtbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pcmpgtw pcmpgtwb pcmpgtww pcmpgtwl pcmpgtwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pcmpgtd pcmpgtdb pcmpgtdw pcmpgtdl pcmpgtdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pextrw pextrwb pextrww pextrwl pextrwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pinsrw pinsrwb pinsrww pinsrwl pinsrwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pmaddwd pmaddwdb pmaddwdw pmaddwdl pmaddwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pmaxsw pmaxswb pmaxsww pmaxswl pmaxswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pmaxub pmaxubb pmaxubw pmaxubl pmaxubq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pminsw pminswb pminsww pminswl pminswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pminub pminubb pminubw pminubl pminubq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pmovmskb
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pmulhuw pmulhuwb pmulhuww pmulhuwl pmulhuwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pmulhw pmulhwb pmulhww pmulhwl pmulhwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pmullw pmullwb pmullww pmullwl pmullwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pmuludq pmuludqb pmuludqw pmuludql pmuludqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 por porb porw porl porq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psadbw psadbwb psadbww psadbwl psadbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base pshufd pshufdb pshufdw pshufdl pshufdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base pshufhw pshufhwb pshufhww pshufhwl pshufhwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base pshuflw pshuflwb pshuflww pshuflwl pshuflwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pslldq pslldqb pslldqw pslldql pslldqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psllw psllwb psllww psllwl psllwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pslld pslldb pslldw pslldl pslldq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psllq psllqb psllqw psllql psllqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psraw psrawb psraww psrawl psrawq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psrad psradb psradw psradl psradq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psrldq psrldqb psrldqw psrldql psrldqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psrlw psrlwb psrlww psrlwl psrlwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psrld psrldb psrldw psrldl psrldq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psrlq psrlqb psrlqw psrlql psrlqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psubb psubbb psubbw psubbl psubbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psubw psubwb psubww psubwl psubwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psubd psubdb psubdw psubdl psubdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psubq psubqb psubqw psubql psubqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psubsb psubsbb psubsbw psubsbl psubsbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psubsw psubswb psubsww psubswl psubswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psubusb psubusbb psubusbw psubusbl psubusbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 psubusw psubuswb psubusww psubuswl psubuswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 punpckhbw punpckhbwb punpckhbww punpckhbwl punpckhbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 punpckhwd punpckhwdb punpckhwdw punpckhwdl punpckhwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 punpckhdq punpckhdqb punpckhdqw punpckhdql punpckhdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 punpckhqdq punpckhqdqb punpckhqdqw punpckhqdql punpckhqdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 punpcklbw punpcklbwb punpcklbww punpcklbwl punpcklbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 punpcklwd punpcklwdb punpcklwdw punpcklwdl punpcklwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 punpckldq punpckldqb punpckldqw punpckldql punpckldqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 punpcklqdq punpcklqdqb punpcklqdqw punpcklqdql punpcklqdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 pxor pxorb pxorw pxorl pxorq
"-- Section: Nehalem New Instructions (SSE4.2)
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE42 crc32
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE42 pcmpestri pcmpestrib pcmpestriw pcmpestril pcmpestriq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE42 pcmpestrm pcmpestrmb pcmpestrmw pcmpestrml pcmpestrmq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE42 pcmpistri pcmpistrib pcmpistriw pcmpistril pcmpistriq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE42 pcmpistrm pcmpistrmb pcmpistrmw pcmpistrml pcmpistrmq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE42 pcmpgtq pcmpgtqb pcmpgtqw pcmpgtql pcmpgtqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_NEHALEM_Base popcnt
"-- Section: Intel new instructions in ???
syn keyword gasOpcode_NEHALEM_Base movbe movbeb movbew movbel movbeq
"-- Section: AMD XOP, FMA4 and CVT16 instructions (SSE5)
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vcvtph2ps vcvtph2psb vcvtph2psw vcvtph2psl vcvtph2psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vcvtps2ph vcvtps2phb vcvtps2phw vcvtps2phl vcvtps2phq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfmaddpd vfmaddpdb vfmaddpdw vfmaddpdl vfmaddpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfmaddps vfmaddpsb vfmaddpsw vfmaddpsl vfmaddpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfmaddsd vfmaddsdb vfmaddsdw vfmaddsdl vfmaddsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfmaddss vfmaddssb vfmaddssw vfmaddssl vfmaddssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfmaddsubpd vfmaddsubpdb vfmaddsubpdw vfmaddsubpdl vfmaddsubpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfmaddsubps vfmaddsubpsb vfmaddsubpsw vfmaddsubpsl vfmaddsubpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfmsubaddpd vfmsubaddpdb vfmsubaddpdw vfmsubaddpdl vfmsubaddpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfmsubaddps vfmsubaddpsb vfmsubaddpsw vfmsubaddpsl vfmsubaddpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfmsubpd vfmsubpdb vfmsubpdw vfmsubpdl vfmsubpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfmsubps vfmsubpsb vfmsubpsw vfmsubpsl vfmsubpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfmsubsd vfmsubsdb vfmsubsdw vfmsubsdl vfmsubsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfmsubss vfmsubssb vfmsubssw vfmsubssl vfmsubssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfnmaddpd vfnmaddpdb vfnmaddpdw vfnmaddpdl vfnmaddpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfnmaddps vfnmaddpsb vfnmaddpsw vfnmaddpsl vfnmaddpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfnmaddsd vfnmaddsdb vfnmaddsdw vfnmaddsdl vfnmaddsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfnmaddss vfnmaddssb vfnmaddssw vfnmaddssl vfnmaddssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfnmsubpd vfnmsubpdb vfnmsubpdw vfnmsubpdl vfnmsubpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfnmsubps vfnmsubpsb vfnmsubpsw vfnmsubpsl vfnmsubpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfnmsubsd vfnmsubsdb vfnmsubsdw vfnmsubsdl vfnmsubsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfnmsubss vfnmsubssb vfnmsubssw vfnmsubssl vfnmsubssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfrczpd vfrczpdb vfrczpdw vfrczpdl vfrczpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfrczps vfrczpsb vfrczpsw vfrczpsl vfrczpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfrczsd vfrczsdb vfrczsdw vfrczsdl vfrczsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vfrczss vfrczssb vfrczssw vfrczssl vfrczssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpcmov vpcmovb vpcmovw vpcmovl vpcmovq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpcomb vpcombb vpcombw vpcombl vpcombq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpcomd vpcomdb vpcomdw vpcomdl vpcomdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpcomq vpcomqb vpcomqw vpcomql vpcomqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpcomub vpcomubb vpcomubw vpcomubl vpcomubq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpcomud vpcomudb vpcomudw vpcomudl vpcomudq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpcomuq vpcomuqb vpcomuqw vpcomuql vpcomuqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpcomuw vpcomuwb vpcomuww vpcomuwl vpcomuwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpcomw vpcomwb vpcomww vpcomwl vpcomwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphaddbd vphaddbdb vphaddbdw vphaddbdl vphaddbdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphaddbq vphaddbqb vphaddbqw vphaddbql vphaddbqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphaddbw vphaddbwb vphaddbww vphaddbwl vphaddbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphadddq vphadddqb vphadddqw vphadddql vphadddqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphaddubd vphaddubdb vphaddubdw vphaddubdl vphaddubdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphaddubq vphaddubqb vphaddubqw vphaddubql vphaddubqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphaddubwd vphaddubwdb vphaddubwdw vphaddubwdl vphaddubwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphaddudq vphaddudqb vphaddudqw vphaddudql vphaddudqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphadduwd vphadduwdb vphadduwdw vphadduwdl vphadduwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphadduwq vphadduwqb vphadduwqw vphadduwql vphadduwqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphaddwd vphaddwdb vphaddwdw vphaddwdl vphaddwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphaddwq vphaddwqb vphaddwqw vphaddwql vphaddwqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphsubbw vphsubbwb vphsubbww vphsubbwl vphsubbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphsubdq vphsubdqb vphsubdqw vphsubdql vphsubdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vphsubwd vphsubwdb vphsubwdw vphsubwdl vphsubwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpmacsdd vpmacsddb vpmacsddw vpmacsddl vpmacsddq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpmacsdqh vpmacsdqhb vpmacsdqhw vpmacsdqhl vpmacsdqhq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpmacsdql vpmacsdqlb vpmacsdqlw vpmacsdqll vpmacsdqlq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpmacssdd vpmacssddb vpmacssddw vpmacssddl vpmacssddq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpmacssdqh vpmacssdqhb vpmacssdqhw vpmacssdqhl vpmacssdqhq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpmacssdql vpmacssdqlb vpmacssdqlw vpmacssdqll vpmacssdqlq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpmacsswd vpmacsswdb vpmacsswdw vpmacsswdl vpmacsswdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpmacssww vpmacsswwb vpmacsswww vpmacsswwl vpmacsswwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpmacswd vpmacswdb vpmacswdw vpmacswdl vpmacswdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpmacsww vpmacswwb vpmacswww vpmacswwl vpmacswwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpmadcsswd vpmadcsswdb vpmadcsswdw vpmadcsswdl vpmadcsswdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpmadcswd vpmadcswdb vpmadcswdw vpmadcswdl vpmadcswdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpperm vppermb vppermw vpperml vppermq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vprotb vprotbb vprotbw vprotbl vprotbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vprotd vprotdb vprotdw vprotdl vprotdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vprotq vprotqb vprotqw vprotql vprotqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vprotw vprotwb vprotww vprotwl vprotwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpshab vpshabb vpshabw vpshabl vpshabq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpshad vpshadb vpshadw vpshadl vpshadq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpshaq vpshaqb vpshaqw vpshaql vpshaqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpshaw vpshawb vpshaww vpshawl vpshawq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpshlb vpshlbb vpshlbw vpshlbl vpshlbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpshld vpshldb vpshldw vpshldl vpshldq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpshlq vpshlqb vpshlqw vpshlql vpshlqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 vpshlw vpshlwb vpshlww vpshlwl vpshlwq
"-- Section: Generic memory operations
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_Base prefetchnta prefetchntab prefetchntaw prefetchntal prefetchntaq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_Base prefetcht0 prefetcht0b prefetcht0w prefetcht0l prefetcht0q
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_Base prefetcht1 prefetcht1b prefetcht1w prefetcht1l prefetcht1q
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_Base prefetcht2 prefetcht2b prefetcht2w prefetcht2l prefetcht2q
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_Base sfence
"-- Section: Tejas New Instructions (SSSE3)
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base pabsb pabsbb pabsbw pabsbl pabsbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base pabsw pabswb pabsww pabswl pabswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base pabsd pabsdb pabsdw pabsdl pabsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base palignr palignrb palignrw palignrl palignrq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base phaddw phaddwb phaddww phaddwl phaddwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base phaddd phadddb phadddw phadddl phadddq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base phaddsw phaddswb phaddsww phaddswl phaddswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base phsubw phsubwb phsubww phsubwl phsubwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base phsubd phsubdb phsubdw phsubdl phsubdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base phsubsw phsubswb phsubsww phsubswl phsubswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base pmaddubsw pmaddubswb pmaddubsww pmaddubswl pmaddubswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base pmulhrsw pmulhrswb pmulhrsww pmulhrswl pmulhrswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base pshufb pshufbb pshufbw pshufbl pshufbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base psignb psignbb psignbw psignbl psignbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base psignw psignwb psignww psignwl psignwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base psignd psigndb psigndw psigndl psigndq
"-- Section: Intel Fused Multiply-Add instructions (FMA)
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd132ps vfmadd132psb vfmadd132psw vfmadd132psl vfmadd132psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd132pd vfmadd132pdb vfmadd132pdw vfmadd132pdl vfmadd132pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd312ps vfmadd312psb vfmadd312psw vfmadd312psl vfmadd312psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd312pd vfmadd312pdb vfmadd312pdw vfmadd312pdl vfmadd312pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd213ps vfmadd213psb vfmadd213psw vfmadd213psl vfmadd213psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd213pd vfmadd213pdb vfmadd213pdw vfmadd213pdl vfmadd213pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd123ps vfmadd123psb vfmadd123psw vfmadd123psl vfmadd123psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd123pd vfmadd123pdb vfmadd123pdw vfmadd123pdl vfmadd123pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd231ps vfmadd231psb vfmadd231psw vfmadd231psl vfmadd231psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd231pd vfmadd231pdb vfmadd231pdw vfmadd231pdl vfmadd231pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd321ps vfmadd321psb vfmadd321psw vfmadd321psl vfmadd321psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd321pd vfmadd321pdb vfmadd321pdw vfmadd321pdl vfmadd321pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmaddsub132ps vfmaddsub132psb vfmaddsub132psw vfmaddsub132psl vfmaddsub132psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmaddsub132pd vfmaddsub132pdb vfmaddsub132pdw vfmaddsub132pdl vfmaddsub132pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmaddsub312ps vfmaddsub312psb vfmaddsub312psw vfmaddsub312psl vfmaddsub312psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmaddsub312pd vfmaddsub312pdb vfmaddsub312pdw vfmaddsub312pdl vfmaddsub312pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmaddsub213ps vfmaddsub213psb vfmaddsub213psw vfmaddsub213psl vfmaddsub213psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmaddsub213pd vfmaddsub213pdb vfmaddsub213pdw vfmaddsub213pdl vfmaddsub213pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmaddsub123ps vfmaddsub123psb vfmaddsub123psw vfmaddsub123psl vfmaddsub123psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmaddsub123pd vfmaddsub123pdb vfmaddsub123pdw vfmaddsub123pdl vfmaddsub123pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmaddsub231ps vfmaddsub231psb vfmaddsub231psw vfmaddsub231psl vfmaddsub231psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmaddsub231pd vfmaddsub231pdb vfmaddsub231pdw vfmaddsub231pdl vfmaddsub231pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmaddsub321ps vfmaddsub321psb vfmaddsub321psw vfmaddsub321psl vfmaddsub321psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmaddsub321pd vfmaddsub321pdb vfmaddsub321pdw vfmaddsub321pdl vfmaddsub321pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub132ps vfmsub132psb vfmsub132psw vfmsub132psl vfmsub132psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub132pd vfmsub132pdb vfmsub132pdw vfmsub132pdl vfmsub132pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub312ps vfmsub312psb vfmsub312psw vfmsub312psl vfmsub312psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub312pd vfmsub312pdb vfmsub312pdw vfmsub312pdl vfmsub312pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub213ps vfmsub213psb vfmsub213psw vfmsub213psl vfmsub213psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub213pd vfmsub213pdb vfmsub213pdw vfmsub213pdl vfmsub213pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub123ps vfmsub123psb vfmsub123psw vfmsub123psl vfmsub123psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub123pd vfmsub123pdb vfmsub123pdw vfmsub123pdl vfmsub123pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub231ps vfmsub231psb vfmsub231psw vfmsub231psl vfmsub231psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub231pd vfmsub231pdb vfmsub231pdw vfmsub231pdl vfmsub231pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub321ps vfmsub321psb vfmsub321psw vfmsub321psl vfmsub321psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub321pd vfmsub321pdb vfmsub321pdw vfmsub321pdl vfmsub321pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsubadd132ps vfmsubadd132psb vfmsubadd132psw vfmsubadd132psl vfmsubadd132psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsubadd132pd vfmsubadd132pdb vfmsubadd132pdw vfmsubadd132pdl vfmsubadd132pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsubadd312ps vfmsubadd312psb vfmsubadd312psw vfmsubadd312psl vfmsubadd312psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsubadd312pd vfmsubadd312pdb vfmsubadd312pdw vfmsubadd312pdl vfmsubadd312pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsubadd213ps vfmsubadd213psb vfmsubadd213psw vfmsubadd213psl vfmsubadd213psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsubadd213pd vfmsubadd213pdb vfmsubadd213pdw vfmsubadd213pdl vfmsubadd213pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsubadd123ps vfmsubadd123psb vfmsubadd123psw vfmsubadd123psl vfmsubadd123psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsubadd123pd vfmsubadd123pdb vfmsubadd123pdw vfmsubadd123pdl vfmsubadd123pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsubadd231ps vfmsubadd231psb vfmsubadd231psw vfmsubadd231psl vfmsubadd231psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsubadd231pd vfmsubadd231pdb vfmsubadd231pdw vfmsubadd231pdl vfmsubadd231pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsubadd321ps vfmsubadd321psb vfmsubadd321psw vfmsubadd321psl vfmsubadd321psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsubadd321pd vfmsubadd321pdb vfmsubadd321pdw vfmsubadd321pdl vfmsubadd321pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd132ps vfnmadd132psb vfnmadd132psw vfnmadd132psl vfnmadd132psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd132pd vfnmadd132pdb vfnmadd132pdw vfnmadd132pdl vfnmadd132pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd312ps vfnmadd312psb vfnmadd312psw vfnmadd312psl vfnmadd312psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd312pd vfnmadd312pdb vfnmadd312pdw vfnmadd312pdl vfnmadd312pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd213ps vfnmadd213psb vfnmadd213psw vfnmadd213psl vfnmadd213psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd213pd vfnmadd213pdb vfnmadd213pdw vfnmadd213pdl vfnmadd213pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd123ps vfnmadd123psb vfnmadd123psw vfnmadd123psl vfnmadd123psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd123pd vfnmadd123pdb vfnmadd123pdw vfnmadd123pdl vfnmadd123pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd231ps vfnmadd231psb vfnmadd231psw vfnmadd231psl vfnmadd231psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd231pd vfnmadd231pdb vfnmadd231pdw vfnmadd231pdl vfnmadd231pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd321ps vfnmadd321psb vfnmadd321psw vfnmadd321psl vfnmadd321psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd321pd vfnmadd321pdb vfnmadd321pdw vfnmadd321pdl vfnmadd321pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub132ps vfnmsub132psb vfnmsub132psw vfnmsub132psl vfnmsub132psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub132pd vfnmsub132pdb vfnmsub132pdw vfnmsub132pdl vfnmsub132pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub312ps vfnmsub312psb vfnmsub312psw vfnmsub312psl vfnmsub312psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub312pd vfnmsub312pdb vfnmsub312pdw vfnmsub312pdl vfnmsub312pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub213ps vfnmsub213psb vfnmsub213psw vfnmsub213psl vfnmsub213psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub213pd vfnmsub213pdb vfnmsub213pdw vfnmsub213pdl vfnmsub213pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub123ps vfnmsub123psb vfnmsub123psw vfnmsub123psl vfnmsub123psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub123pd vfnmsub123pdb vfnmsub123pdw vfnmsub123pdl vfnmsub123pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub231ps vfnmsub231psb vfnmsub231psw vfnmsub231psl vfnmsub231psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub231pd vfnmsub231pdb vfnmsub231pdw vfnmsub231pdl vfnmsub231pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub321ps vfnmsub321psb vfnmsub321psw vfnmsub321psl vfnmsub321psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub321pd vfnmsub321pdb vfnmsub321pdw vfnmsub321pdl vfnmsub321pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd132ss vfmadd132ssb vfmadd132ssw vfmadd132ssl vfmadd132ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd132sd vfmadd132sdb vfmadd132sdw vfmadd132sdl vfmadd132sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd312ss vfmadd312ssb vfmadd312ssw vfmadd312ssl vfmadd312ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd312sd vfmadd312sdb vfmadd312sdw vfmadd312sdl vfmadd312sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd213ss vfmadd213ssb vfmadd213ssw vfmadd213ssl vfmadd213ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd213sd vfmadd213sdb vfmadd213sdw vfmadd213sdl vfmadd213sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd123ss vfmadd123ssb vfmadd123ssw vfmadd123ssl vfmadd123ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd123sd vfmadd123sdb vfmadd123sdw vfmadd123sdl vfmadd123sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd231ss vfmadd231ssb vfmadd231ssw vfmadd231ssl vfmadd231ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd231sd vfmadd231sdb vfmadd231sdw vfmadd231sdl vfmadd231sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd321ss vfmadd321ssb vfmadd321ssw vfmadd321ssl vfmadd321ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmadd321sd vfmadd321sdb vfmadd321sdw vfmadd321sdl vfmadd321sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub132ss vfmsub132ssb vfmsub132ssw vfmsub132ssl vfmsub132ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub132sd vfmsub132sdb vfmsub132sdw vfmsub132sdl vfmsub132sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub312ss vfmsub312ssb vfmsub312ssw vfmsub312ssl vfmsub312ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub312sd vfmsub312sdb vfmsub312sdw vfmsub312sdl vfmsub312sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub213ss vfmsub213ssb vfmsub213ssw vfmsub213ssl vfmsub213ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub213sd vfmsub213sdb vfmsub213sdw vfmsub213sdl vfmsub213sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub123ss vfmsub123ssb vfmsub123ssw vfmsub123ssl vfmsub123ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub123sd vfmsub123sdb vfmsub123sdw vfmsub123sdl vfmsub123sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub231ss vfmsub231ssb vfmsub231ssw vfmsub231ssl vfmsub231ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub231sd vfmsub231sdb vfmsub231sdw vfmsub231sdl vfmsub231sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub321ss vfmsub321ssb vfmsub321ssw vfmsub321ssl vfmsub321ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfmsub321sd vfmsub321sdb vfmsub321sdw vfmsub321sdl vfmsub321sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd132ss vfnmadd132ssb vfnmadd132ssw vfnmadd132ssl vfnmadd132ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd132sd vfnmadd132sdb vfnmadd132sdw vfnmadd132sdl vfnmadd132sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd312ss vfnmadd312ssb vfnmadd312ssw vfnmadd312ssl vfnmadd312ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd312sd vfnmadd312sdb vfnmadd312sdw vfnmadd312sdl vfnmadd312sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd213ss vfnmadd213ssb vfnmadd213ssw vfnmadd213ssl vfnmadd213ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd213sd vfnmadd213sdb vfnmadd213sdw vfnmadd213sdl vfnmadd213sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd123ss vfnmadd123ssb vfnmadd123ssw vfnmadd123ssl vfnmadd123ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd123sd vfnmadd123sdb vfnmadd123sdw vfnmadd123sdl vfnmadd123sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd231ss vfnmadd231ssb vfnmadd231ssw vfnmadd231ssl vfnmadd231ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd231sd vfnmadd231sdb vfnmadd231sdw vfnmadd231sdl vfnmadd231sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd321ss vfnmadd321ssb vfnmadd321ssw vfnmadd321ssl vfnmadd321ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmadd321sd vfnmadd321sdb vfnmadd321sdw vfnmadd321sdl vfnmadd321sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub132ss vfnmsub132ssb vfnmsub132ssw vfnmsub132ssl vfnmsub132ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub132sd vfnmsub132sdb vfnmsub132sdw vfnmsub132sdl vfnmsub132sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub312ss vfnmsub312ssb vfnmsub312ssw vfnmsub312ssl vfnmsub312ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub312sd vfnmsub312sdb vfnmsub312sdw vfnmsub312sdl vfnmsub312sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub213ss vfnmsub213ssb vfnmsub213ssw vfnmsub213ssl vfnmsub213ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub213sd vfnmsub213sdb vfnmsub213sdw vfnmsub213sdl vfnmsub213sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub123ss vfnmsub123ssb vfnmsub123ssw vfnmsub123ssl vfnmsub123ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub123sd vfnmsub123sdb vfnmsub123sdw vfnmsub123sdl vfnmsub123sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub231ss vfnmsub231ssb vfnmsub231ssw vfnmsub231ssl vfnmsub231ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub231sd vfnmsub231sdb vfnmsub231sdw vfnmsub231sdl vfnmsub231sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub321ss vfnmsub321ssb vfnmsub321ssw vfnmsub321ssl vfnmsub321ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA vfnmsub321sd vfnmsub321sdb vfnmsub321sdw vfnmsub321sdl vfnmsub321sdq
"-- Section: Willamette SSE2 Cacheability Instructions
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 maskmovdqu
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 clflush clflushb clflushw clflushl clflushq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 movntdq movntdqb movntdqw movntdql movntdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base movnti movntib movntiw movntil movntiq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 movntpd movntpdb movntpdw movntpdl movntpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 lfence
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 mfence
"-- Section: Systematic names for the hinting nop instructions
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop0
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop1
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop2
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop3
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop4
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop5
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop6
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop7
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop8
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop9
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop10
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop11
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop12
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop13
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop14
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop15
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop16
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop17
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop18
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop19
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop20
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop21
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop22
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop23
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop24
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop25
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop26
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop27
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop28
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop29
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop30
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop31
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop32
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop33
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop34
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop35
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop36
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop37
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop38
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop39
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop40
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop41
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop42
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop43
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop44
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop45
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop46
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop47
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop48
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop49
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop50
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop51
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop52
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop53
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop54
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop55
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop56
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop57
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop58
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop59
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop60
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop61
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base hint_nop62
"-- Section: Geode (Cyrix) 3DNow! additions
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfrcpv pfrcpvb pfrcpvw pfrcpvl pfrcpvq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfrsqrtv pfrsqrtvb pfrsqrtvw pfrsqrtvl pfrsqrtvq
"-- Section: XSAVE group (AVX and extended state)
syn keyword gasOpcode_NEHALEM_Base xgetbv
syn keyword gasOpcode_NEHALEM_Base xsetbv
syn keyword gasOpcode_NEHALEM_Base xsave xsaveb xsavew xsavel xsaveq
syn keyword gasOpcode_NEHALEM_Base xrstor xrstorb xrstorw xrstorl xrstorq
"-- Section: Conventional instructions
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base aaa
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base aad aadb aadw aadl aadq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base aam aamb aamw aaml aamq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base aas
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base adc adcb adcw adcl adcq
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base add addb addw addl addq
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base and andb andw andl andq
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base arpl
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base bb0_reset
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base bb1_reset
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base bound boundb boundw boundl boundq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base bsf
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base bsr
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base bswap
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base bt btb btw btl btq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base btc btcb btcw btcl btcq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base btr btrb btrw btrl btrq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base bts btsb btsw btsl btsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base call callb callw calll callq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base cbw
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base cdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base cdqe
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base clc
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base cld
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base clgi
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base cli
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base clts
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base cmc
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base cmp cmpb cmpw cmpl cmpq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base cmpsb
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base cmpsd
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base cmpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base cmpsw
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base cmpxchg
syn keyword gasOpcode_486_Base cmpxchg486
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base cmpxchg8b cmpxchg8bb cmpxchg8bw cmpxchg8bl cmpxchg8bq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base cmpxchg16b cmpxchg16bb cmpxchg16bw cmpxchg16bl cmpxchg16bq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base cpuid
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base cpu_read
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base cpu_write
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base cqo
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base cwd
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base cwde
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base daa
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base das
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base dec
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base div
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base dmint
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX emms
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base enter enterb enterw enterl enterq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base equ
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base f2xm1
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fabs
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fadd
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base faddp
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fbld fbldb fbldw fbldl fbldq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fbstp fbstpb fbstpw fbstpl fbstpq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fchs
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fclex
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base fcmovb
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base fcmovbe
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base fcmove
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base fcmovnb
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base fcmovnbe
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base fcmovne
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base fcmovnu
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base fcmovu
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fcom
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base fcomi
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base fcomip
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fcomp
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fcompp
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base fcos
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fdecstp
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fdisi
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fdiv
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fdivp
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fdivr
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fdivrp
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW femms
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base feni
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base ffree
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base ffreep
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fiadd fiaddb fiaddw fiaddl fiaddq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base ficom ficomb ficomw ficoml ficomq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base ficomp ficompb ficompw ficompl ficompq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fidiv fidivb fidivw fidivl fidivq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fidivr fidivrb fidivrw fidivrl fidivrq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fild fildb fildw fildl fildq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fimul fimulb fimulw fimull fimulq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fincstp
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base finit
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fist fistb fistw fistl fistq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fistp fistpb fistpw fistpl fistpq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PRESCOTT_Base fisttp fisttpb fisttpw fisttpl fisttpq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fisub fisubb fisubw fisubl fisubq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fisubr fisubrb fisubrw fisubrl fisubrq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fld
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fld1
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fldcw fldcwb fldcww fldcwl fldcwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fldenv fldenvb fldenvw fldenvl fldenvq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fldl2e
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fldl2t
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fldlg2
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fldln2
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fldpi
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fldz
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fmul
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fmulp
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fnclex
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fndisi
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fneni
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fninit
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fnop
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fnsave fnsaveb fnsavew fnsavel fnsaveq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fnstcw fnstcwb fnstcww fnstcwl fnstcwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fnstenv fnstenvb fnstenvw fnstenvl fnstenvq
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base fnstsw
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fpatan
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fprem
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base fprem1
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fptan
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base frndint
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base frstor frstorb frstorw frstorl frstorq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fsave fsaveb fsavew fsavel fsaveq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fscale
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base fsetpm
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base fsin
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base fsincos
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fsqrt
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fst
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fstcw fstcwb fstcww fstcwl fstcwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fstenv fstenvb fstenvw fstenvl fstenvq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fstp
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base fstsw
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fsub
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fsubp
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fsubr
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fsubrp
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base ftst
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base fucom
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base fucomi
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base fucomip
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base fucomp
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base fucompp
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fxam
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fxch
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fxtract
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fyl2x
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fyl2xp1
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base hlt
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base ibts
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base icebp
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base idiv
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base imul imulb imulw imull imulq
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base in
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base inc incb incw incl incq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base incbin
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base insb
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base insd
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base insw
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base int intb intw intl intq
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base int01
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base int1
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base int03
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base int3
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base into
syn keyword gasOpcode_486_Base invd
syn keyword gasOpcode_486_Base invlpg invlpgb invlpgw invlpgl invlpgq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X86_64_Base invlpga
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base iret
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base iretd
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base iretq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base iretw
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base jcxz jcxzb jcxzw jcxzl jcxzq
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base jecxz jecxzb jecxzw jecxzl jecxzq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base jrcxz jrcxzb jrcxzw jrcxzl jrcxzq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base jmp jmpb jmpw jmpl jmpq
syn keyword gasOpcode_IA64_Base jmpe
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base lahf
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base lar
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base lds ldsb ldsw ldsl ldsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base lea leab leaw leal leaq
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base leave
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base les lesb lesw lesl lesq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base lfence
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base lfs lfsb lfsw lfsl lfsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base lgdt lgdtb lgdtw lgdtl lgdtq
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base lgs lgsb lgsw lgsl lgsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base lidt lidtb lidtw lidtl lidtq
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base lldt
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base lmsw
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base loadall
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base loadall286
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base lodsb
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base lodsd
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base lodsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base lodsw
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base loop loopb loopw loopl loopq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base loope loopeb loopew loopel loopeq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base loopne loopneb loopnew loopnel loopneq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base loopnz loopnzb loopnzw loopnzl loopnzq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base loopz loopzb loopzw loopzl loopzq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base lsl
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base lss lssb lssw lssl lssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base ltr
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base mfence
syn keyword gasOpcode_PRESCOTT_Base monitor
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base mov movb movw movl movq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE movd
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_MMX movq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base movsb
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base movsd
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base movsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base movsw
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base movsx
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base movsxd
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base movsx
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base movzx
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base mul
syn keyword gasOpcode_PRESCOTT_Base mwait
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base neg
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base nop
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base not
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base or orb orw orl orq
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base out
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base outsb
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base outsd
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base outsw
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX packssdw packssdwb packssdww packssdwl packssdwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX packsswb packsswbb packsswbw packsswbl packsswbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX packuswb packuswbb packuswbw packuswbl packuswbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX paddb paddbb paddbw paddbl paddbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX paddd padddb padddw padddl padddq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX paddsb paddsbb paddsbw paddsbl paddsbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX paddsiw paddsiwb paddsiww paddsiwl paddsiwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX paddsw paddswb paddsww paddswl paddswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX paddusb paddusbb paddusbw paddusbl paddusbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX paddusw padduswb paddusww padduswl padduswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX paddw paddwb paddww paddwl paddwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pand pandb pandw pandl pandq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pandn pandnb pandnw pandnl pandnq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base pause
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX paveb pavebb pavebw pavebl pavebq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pavgusb pavgusbb pavgusbw pavgusbl pavgusbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pcmpeqb pcmpeqbb pcmpeqbw pcmpeqbl pcmpeqbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pcmpeqd pcmpeqdb pcmpeqdw pcmpeqdl pcmpeqdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pcmpeqw pcmpeqwb pcmpeqww pcmpeqwl pcmpeqwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pcmpgtb pcmpgtbb pcmpgtbw pcmpgtbl pcmpgtbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pcmpgtd pcmpgtdb pcmpgtdw pcmpgtdl pcmpgtdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pcmpgtw pcmpgtwb pcmpgtww pcmpgtwl pcmpgtwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pdistib pdistibb pdistibw pdistibl pdistibq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pf2id pf2idb pf2idw pf2idl pf2idq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfacc pfaccb pfaccw pfaccl pfaccq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfadd pfaddb pfaddw pfaddl pfaddq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfcmpeq pfcmpeqb pfcmpeqw pfcmpeql pfcmpeqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfcmpge pfcmpgeb pfcmpgew pfcmpgel pfcmpgeq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfcmpgt pfcmpgtb pfcmpgtw pfcmpgtl pfcmpgtq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfmax pfmaxb pfmaxw pfmaxl pfmaxq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfmin pfminb pfminw pfminl pfminq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfmul pfmulb pfmulw pfmull pfmulq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfrcp pfrcpb pfrcpw pfrcpl pfrcpq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfrcpit1 pfrcpit1b pfrcpit1w pfrcpit1l pfrcpit1q
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfrcpit2 pfrcpit2b pfrcpit2w pfrcpit2l pfrcpit2q
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfrsqit1 pfrsqit1b pfrsqit1w pfrsqit1l pfrsqit1q
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfrsqrt pfrsqrtb pfrsqrtw pfrsqrtl pfrsqrtq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfsub pfsubb pfsubw pfsubl pfsubq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfsubr pfsubrb pfsubrw pfsubrl pfsubrq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pi2fd pi2fdb pi2fdw pi2fdl pi2fdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pmachriw pmachriwb pmachriww pmachriwl pmachriwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pmaddwd pmaddwdb pmaddwdw pmaddwdl pmaddwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pmagw pmagwb pmagww pmagwl pmagwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pmulhriw pmulhriwb pmulhriww pmulhriwl pmulhriwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pmulhrwa pmulhrwab pmulhrwaw pmulhrwal pmulhrwaq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pmulhrwc pmulhrwcb pmulhrwcw pmulhrwcl pmulhrwcq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pmulhw pmulhwb pmulhww pmulhwl pmulhwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pmullw pmullwb pmullww pmullwl pmullwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pmvgezb pmvgezbb pmvgezbw pmvgezbl pmvgezbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pmvlzb pmvlzbb pmvlzbw pmvlzbl pmvlzbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pmvnzb pmvnzbb pmvnzbw pmvnzbl pmvnzbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pmvzb pmvzbb pmvzbw pmvzbl pmvzbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base pop
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base popa
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base popad
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base popaw
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base popf
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base popfd popfl
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base popfq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base popfw
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX por porb porw porl porq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW prefetch prefetchb prefetchw prefetchl prefetchq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW prefetchw prefetchwb prefetchww prefetchwl prefetchwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pslld pslldb pslldw pslldl pslldq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psllq psllqb psllqw psllql psllqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psllw psllwb psllww psllwl psllwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psrad psradb psradw psradl psradq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psraw psrawb psraww psrawl psrawq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psrld psrldb psrldw psrldl psrldq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psrlq psrlqb psrlqw psrlql psrlqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psrlw psrlwb psrlww psrlwl psrlwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psubb psubbb psubbw psubbl psubbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psubd psubdb psubdw psubdl psubdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psubsb psubsbb psubsbw psubsbl psubsbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psubsiw psubsiwb psubsiww psubsiwl psubsiwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psubsw psubswb psubsww psubswl psubswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psubusb psubusbb psubusbw psubusbl psubusbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psubusw psubuswb psubusww psubuswl psubuswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX psubw psubwb psubww psubwl psubwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX punpckhbw punpckhbwb punpckhbww punpckhbwl punpckhbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX punpckhdq punpckhdqb punpckhdqw punpckhdql punpckhdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX punpckhwd punpckhwdb punpckhwdw punpckhwdl punpckhwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX punpcklbw punpcklbwb punpcklbww punpcklbwl punpcklbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX punpckldq punpckldqb punpckldqw punpckldql punpckldqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX punpcklwd punpcklwdb punpcklwdw punpcklwdl punpcklwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base push pushb pushw pushl pushq
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base pusha
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base pushad
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base pushaw
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base pushf
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base pushfd
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base pushfq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base pushfw
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_MMX pxor pxorb pxorw pxorl pxorq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base rcl rclb rclw rcll rclq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base rcr rcrb rcrw rcrl rcrq
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base rdshr
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base rdmsr
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base rdpmc
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base rdtsc
syn keyword gasOpcode_X86_64_Base rdtscp
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base ret retb retw retl retq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base retf retfb retfw retfl retfq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base retn retnb retnw retnl retnq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base rol rolb rolw roll rolq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base ror rorb rorw rorl rorq
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base rdm
syn keyword gasOpcode_486_Base rsdc rsdcb rsdcw rsdcl rsdcq
syn keyword gasOpcode_486_Base rsldt rsldtb rsldtw rsldtl rsldtq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENTM_Base rsm
syn keyword gasOpcode_486_Base rsts rstsb rstsw rstsl rstsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base sahf
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base sal salb salw sall salq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base salc
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base sar sarb sarw sarl sarq
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base sbb sbbb sbbw sbbl sbbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base scasb
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base scasd
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base scasq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base scasw
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base sfence
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base sgdt sgdtb sgdtw sgdtl sgdtq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base shl shlb shlw shll shlq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base shld
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base shr shrb shrw shrl shrq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base shrd
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base sidt sidtb sidtw sidtl sidtq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base sldt
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base skinit
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base smi
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base smint
syn keyword gasOpcode_486_Base smintold
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base smsw
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base stc
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base std
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base stgi
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base sti
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base stosb
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base stosd stosl
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base stosq
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base stosw
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base str
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base sub subb subw subl subq
syn keyword gasOpcode_486_Base svdc svdcb svdcw svdcl svdcq
syn keyword gasOpcode_486_Base svldt svldtb svldtw svldtl svldtq
syn keyword gasOpcode_486_Base svts svtsb svtsw svtsl svtsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base swapgs
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base syscall
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base sysenter
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base sysexit
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base sysret
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base test testb testw testl testq
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base ud0
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base ud1
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base ud2b
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base ud2
syn keyword gasOpcode_186_Base ud2a
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base umov
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base verr
syn keyword gasOpcode_286_Base verw
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base fwait
syn keyword gasOpcode_486_Base wbinvd
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_Base wrshr
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base wrmsr
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base xadd
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base xbts
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base xchg
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base xlatb
syn keyword gasOpcode_8086_Base xlat
syn keyword gasOpcode_386_Base xor xorb xorw xorl xorq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base cmovcc
syn match gasOpcode_8086_Base /\<j\(e\|ne\|a\|ae\|b\|be\|nbe\|g\|ge\|ng\|nge\|l\|le\|\|z\|nz\|c\|nc\|d\|nd\|o\|no\|p\|np\|s\|ns\)[bwlq]\?\>/
syn match gasOpcode_386_Base /\<set\(e\|ne\|a\|ae\|b\|be\|nbe\|g\|ge\|ng\|nge\|l\|le\|\|z\|nz\|c\|nc\|d\|nd\|o\|no\|p\|np\|s\|ns\)[bwlq]\?\>/
"-- Section: VIA (Centaur) security instructions
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base xstore
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base xcryptecb
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base xcryptcbc
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base xcryptctr
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base xcryptcfb
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base xcryptofb
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base montmul
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base xsha1
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_Base xsha256
"-- Section: Intel AVX Carry-Less Multiplication instructions (CLMUL)
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpclmullqlqdq vpclmullqlqdqb vpclmullqlqdqw vpclmullqlqdql vpclmullqlqdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpclmulhqlqdq vpclmulhqlqdqb vpclmulhqlqdqw vpclmulhqlqdql vpclmulhqlqdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpclmullqhqdq vpclmullqhqdqb vpclmullqhqdqw vpclmullqhqdql vpclmullqhqdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpclmulhqhqdq vpclmulhqhqdqb vpclmulhqhqdqw vpclmulhqhqdql vpclmulhqhqdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpclmulqdq vpclmulqdqb vpclmulqdqw vpclmulqdql vpclmulqdqq
"-- Section: AMD SSE5 instructions
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fmaddps fmaddpsb fmaddpsw fmaddpsl fmaddpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fmaddpd fmaddpdb fmaddpdw fmaddpdl fmaddpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fmaddss fmaddssb fmaddssw fmaddssl fmaddssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fmaddsd fmaddsdb fmaddsdw fmaddsdl fmaddsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fmsubps fmsubpsb fmsubpsw fmsubpsl fmsubpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fmsubpd fmsubpdb fmsubpdw fmsubpdl fmsubpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fmsubss fmsubssb fmsubssw fmsubssl fmsubssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fmsubsd fmsubsdb fmsubsdw fmsubsdl fmsubsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fnmaddps fnmaddpsb fnmaddpsw fnmaddpsl fnmaddpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fnmaddpd fnmaddpdb fnmaddpdw fnmaddpdl fnmaddpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fnmaddss fnmaddssb fnmaddssw fnmaddssl fnmaddssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fnmaddsd fnmaddsdb fnmaddsdw fnmaddsdl fnmaddsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fnmsubps fnmsubpsb fnmsubpsw fnmsubpsl fnmsubpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fnmsubpd fnmsubpdb fnmsubpdw fnmsubpdl fnmsubpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fnmsubss fnmsubssb fnmsubssw fnmsubssl fnmsubssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 fnmsubsd fnmsubsdb fnmsubsdw fnmsubsdl fnmsubsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comeqps comeqpsb comeqpsw comeqpsl comeqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comltps comltpsb comltpsw comltpsl comltpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comleps comlepsb comlepsw comlepsl comlepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comunordps comunordpsb comunordpsw comunordpsl comunordpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comuneqps comuneqpsb comuneqpsw comuneqpsl comuneqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comunltps comunltpsb comunltpsw comunltpsl comunltpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comunleps comunlepsb comunlepsw comunlepsl comunlepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comordps comordpsb comordpsw comordpsl comordpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comueqps comueqpsb comueqpsw comueqpsl comueqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comultps comultpsb comultpsw comultpsl comultpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comuleps comulepsb comulepsw comulepsl comulepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comfalseps comfalsepsb comfalsepsw comfalsepsl comfalsepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comneqps comneqpsb comneqpsw comneqpsl comneqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comnltps comnltpsb comnltpsw comnltpsl comnltpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comnleps comnlepsb comnlepsw comnlepsl comnlepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comtrueps comtruepsb comtruepsw comtruepsl comtruepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comps compsb compsw compsl compsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comeqpd comeqpdb comeqpdw comeqpdl comeqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comltpd comltpdb comltpdw comltpdl comltpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comlepd comlepdb comlepdw comlepdl comlepdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comunordpd comunordpdb comunordpdw comunordpdl comunordpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comuneqpd comuneqpdb comuneqpdw comuneqpdl comuneqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comunltpd comunltpdb comunltpdw comunltpdl comunltpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 comunlepd comunlepdb comunlepdw comunlepdl comunlepdq
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syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 roundss roundssb roundssw roundssl roundssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5 roundsd roundsdb roundsdw roundsdl roundsdq
"-- Section: Introduced in Deschutes but necessary for SSE support
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_SSE fxrstor fxrstorb fxrstorw fxrstorl fxrstorq
syn keyword gasOpcode_P6_SSE fxsave fxsaveb fxsavew fxsavel fxsaveq
"-- Section: Prescott New Instructions (SSE3)
syn keyword gasOpcode_PRESCOTT_SSE3 addsubpd addsubpdb addsubpdw addsubpdl addsubpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PRESCOTT_SSE3 addsubps addsubpsb addsubpsw addsubpsl addsubpsq
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syn keyword gasOpcode_PRESCOTT_SSE3 hsubpd hsubpdb hsubpdw hsubpdl hsubpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PRESCOTT_SSE3 hsubps hsubpsb hsubpsw hsubpsl hsubpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PRESCOTT_SSE3 lddqu lddqub lddquw lddqul lddquq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PRESCOTT_SSE3 movddup movddupb movddupw movddupl movddupq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PRESCOTT_SSE3 movshdup movshdupb movshdupw movshdupl movshdupq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PRESCOTT_SSE3 movsldup movsldupb movsldupw movsldupl movsldupq
"-- Section: Intel AES instructions
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE aesenc aesencb aesencw aesencl aesencq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE aesenclast aesenclastb aesenclastw aesenclastl aesenclastq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE aesdec aesdecb aesdecw aesdecl aesdecq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE aesdeclast aesdeclastb aesdeclastw aesdeclastl aesdeclastq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE aesimc aesimcb aesimcw aesimcl aesimcq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE aeskeygenassist aeskeygenassistb aeskeygenassistw aeskeygenassistl aeskeygenassistq
"-- Section: Willamette Streaming SIMD instructions (SSE2)
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 addpd addpdb addpdw addpdl addpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 addsd addsdb addsdw addsdl addsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 andnpd andnpdb andnpdw andnpdl andnpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 andpd andpdb andpdw andpdl andpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpeqpd cmpeqpdb cmpeqpdw cmpeqpdl cmpeqpdq
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syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmplepd cmplepdb cmplepdw cmplepdl cmplepdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmplesd cmplesdb cmplesdw cmplesdl cmplesdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpltpd cmpltpdb cmpltpdw cmpltpdl cmpltpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpltsd cmpltsdb cmpltsdw cmpltsdl cmpltsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpneqpd cmpneqpdb cmpneqpdw cmpneqpdl cmpneqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpneqsd cmpneqsdb cmpneqsdw cmpneqsdl cmpneqsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpnlepd cmpnlepdb cmpnlepdw cmpnlepdl cmpnlepdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpnlesd cmpnlesdb cmpnlesdw cmpnlesdl cmpnlesdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpnltpd cmpnltpdb cmpnltpdw cmpnltpdl cmpnltpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpnltsd cmpnltsdb cmpnltsdw cmpnltsdl cmpnltsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpordpd cmpordpdb cmpordpdw cmpordpdl cmpordpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpordsd cmpordsdb cmpordsdw cmpordsdl cmpordsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpunordpd cmpunordpdb cmpunordpdw cmpunordpdl cmpunordpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpunordsd cmpunordsdb cmpunordsdw cmpunordsdl cmpunordsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_Base cmppd cmppdb cmppdw cmppdl cmppdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cmpsd cmpsdb cmpsdw cmpsdl cmpsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 comisd comisdb comisdw comisdl comisdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cvtdq2pd cvtdq2pdb cvtdq2pdw cvtdq2pdl cvtdq2pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cvtdq2ps cvtdq2psb cvtdq2psw cvtdq2psl cvtdq2psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cvtpd2dq cvtpd2dqb cvtpd2dqw cvtpd2dql cvtpd2dqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cvtpd2pi cvtpd2pib cvtpd2piw cvtpd2pil cvtpd2piq
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syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cvtps2dq cvtps2dqb cvtps2dqw cvtps2dql cvtps2dqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cvtps2pd cvtps2pdb cvtps2pdw cvtps2pdl cvtps2pdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE2 cvtsd2si cvtsd2sib cvtsd2siw cvtsd2sil cvtsd2siq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cvtsd2ss cvtsd2ssb cvtsd2ssw cvtsd2ssl cvtsd2ssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE2 cvtsi2sd
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cvtss2sd cvtss2sdb cvtss2sdw cvtss2sdl cvtss2sdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cvttpd2pi cvttpd2pib cvttpd2piw cvttpd2pil cvttpd2piq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cvttpd2dq cvttpd2dqb cvttpd2dqw cvttpd2dql cvttpd2dqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 cvttps2dq cvttps2dqb cvttps2dqw cvttps2dql cvttps2dqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE2 cvttsd2si cvttsd2sib cvttsd2siw cvttsd2sil cvttsd2siq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 divpd divpdb divpdw divpdl divpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 divsd divsdb divsdw divsdl divsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 maxpd maxpdb maxpdw maxpdl maxpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 maxsd maxsdb maxsdw maxsdl maxsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 minpd minpdb minpdw minpdl minpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 minsd minsdb minsdw minsdl minsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 movapd movapdb movapdw movapdl movapdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 movhpd movhpdb movhpdw movhpdl movhpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 movlpd movlpdb movlpdw movlpdl movlpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE2 movmskpd
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 movsd movsdb movsdw movsdl movsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 movupd movupdb movupdw movupdl movupdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 mulpd mulpdb mulpdw mulpdl mulpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 mulsd mulsdb mulsdw mulsdl mulsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 orpd orpdb orpdw orpdl orpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 shufpd shufpdb shufpdw shufpdl shufpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 sqrtpd sqrtpdb sqrtpdw sqrtpdl sqrtpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 sqrtsd sqrtsdb sqrtsdw sqrtsdl sqrtsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 subpd subpdb subpdw subpdl subpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 subsd subsdb subsdw subsdl subsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 ucomisd ucomisdb ucomisdw ucomisdl ucomisdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 unpckhpd unpckhpdb unpckhpdw unpckhpdl unpckhpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 unpcklpd unpcklpdb unpcklpdw unpcklpdl unpcklpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE2 xorpd xorpdb xorpdw xorpdl xorpdq
"-- Section: Intel Carry-Less Multiplication instructions (CLMUL)
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE pclmullqlqdq pclmullqlqdqb pclmullqlqdqw pclmullqlqdql pclmullqlqdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE pclmulhqlqdq pclmulhqlqdqb pclmulhqlqdqw pclmulhqlqdql pclmulhqlqdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE pclmullqhqdq pclmullqhqdqb pclmullqhqdqw pclmullqhqdql pclmullqhqdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE pclmulhqhqdq pclmulhqhqdqb pclmulhqhqdqw pclmulhqhqdql pclmulhqhqdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE pclmulqdq pclmulqdqb pclmulqdqw pclmulqdql pclmulqdqq
"-- Section: New MMX instructions introduced in Katmai
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX maskmovq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX movntq movntqb movntqw movntql movntqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX pavgb pavgbb pavgbw pavgbl pavgbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX pavgw pavgwb pavgww pavgwl pavgwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX pextrw pextrwb pextrww pextrwl pextrwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX pinsrw pinsrwb pinsrww pinsrwl pinsrwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX pmaxsw pmaxswb pmaxsww pmaxswl pmaxswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX pmaxub pmaxubb pmaxubw pmaxubl pmaxubq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX pminsw pminswb pminsww pminswl pminswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX pminub pminubb pminubw pminubl pminubq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX pmovmskb
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX pmulhuw pmulhuwb pmulhuww pmulhuwl pmulhuwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX psadbw psadbwb psadbww psadbwl psadbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX2 pshufw pshufwb pshufww pshufwl pshufwq
"-- Section: Intel SMX
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_Base getsec
"-- Section: Katmai Streaming SIMD instructions (SSE -- a.k.a. KNI, XMM, MMX2)
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE addps addpsb addpsw addpsl addpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE addss addssb addssw addssl addssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE andnps andnpsb andnpsw andnpsl andnpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE andps andpsb andpsw andpsl andpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpeqps cmpeqpsb cmpeqpsw cmpeqpsl cmpeqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpeqss cmpeqssb cmpeqssw cmpeqssl cmpeqssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpleps cmplepsb cmplepsw cmplepsl cmplepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpless cmplessb cmplessw cmplessl cmplessq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpltps cmpltpsb cmpltpsw cmpltpsl cmpltpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpltss cmpltssb cmpltssw cmpltssl cmpltssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpneqps cmpneqpsb cmpneqpsw cmpneqpsl cmpneqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpneqss cmpneqssb cmpneqssw cmpneqssl cmpneqssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpnleps cmpnlepsb cmpnlepsw cmpnlepsl cmpnlepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpnless cmpnlessb cmpnlessw cmpnlessl cmpnlessq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpnltps cmpnltpsb cmpnltpsw cmpnltpsl cmpnltpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpnltss cmpnltssb cmpnltssw cmpnltssl cmpnltssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpordps cmpordpsb cmpordpsw cmpordpsl cmpordpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpordss cmpordssb cmpordssw cmpordssl cmpordssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpunordps cmpunordpsb cmpunordpsw cmpunordpsl cmpunordpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpunordss cmpunordssb cmpunordssw cmpunordssl cmpunordssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpps cmppsb cmppsw cmppsl cmppsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cmpss cmpssb cmpssw cmpssl cmpssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE comiss comissb comissw comissl comissq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cvtpi2ps cvtpi2psb cvtpi2psw cvtpi2psl cvtpi2psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cvtps2pi cvtps2pib cvtps2piw cvtps2pil cvtps2piq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE cvtsi2ss
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE cvtss2si cvtss2sib cvtss2siw cvtss2sil cvtss2siq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE cvttps2pi cvttps2pib cvttps2piw cvttps2pil cvttps2piq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE cvttss2si cvttss2sib cvttss2siw cvttss2sil cvttss2siq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE divps divpsb divpsw divpsl divpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE divss divssb divssw divssl divssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE ldmxcsr ldmxcsrb ldmxcsrw ldmxcsrl ldmxcsrq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE maxps maxpsb maxpsw maxpsl maxpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE maxss maxssb maxssw maxssl maxssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE minps minpsb minpsw minpsl minpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE minss minssb minssw minssl minssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE movaps
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE movhps movhpsb movhpsw movhpsl movhpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE movlhps
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE movlps movlpsb movlpsw movlpsl movlpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE movhlps
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE movmskps
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE movntps movntpsb movntpsw movntpsl movntpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE movss
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE movups
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE mulps mulpsb mulpsw mulpsl mulpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE mulss mulssb mulssw mulssl mulssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE orps orpsb orpsw orpsl orpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE rcpps rcppsb rcppsw rcppsl rcppsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE rcpss rcpssb rcpssw rcpssl rcpssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE rsqrtps rsqrtpsb rsqrtpsw rsqrtpsl rsqrtpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE rsqrtss rsqrtssb rsqrtssw rsqrtssl rsqrtssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE shufps shufpsb shufpsw shufpsl shufpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE sqrtps sqrtpsb sqrtpsw sqrtpsl sqrtpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE sqrtss sqrtssb sqrtssw sqrtssl sqrtssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE stmxcsr stmxcsrb stmxcsrw stmxcsrl stmxcsrq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE subps subpsb subpsw subpsl subpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE subss subssb subssw subssl subssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE ucomiss ucomissb ucomissw ucomissl ucomissq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE unpckhps unpckhpsb unpckhpsw unpckhpsl unpckhpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE unpcklps unpcklpsb unpcklpsw unpcklpsl unpcklpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE xorps xorpsb xorpsw xorpsl xorpsq
"-- Section: Extended Page Tables VMX instructions
syn keyword gasOpcode_VMX invept inveptb inveptw inveptl inveptq
syn keyword gasOpcode_VMX invvpid invvpidb invvpidw invvpidl invvpidq
"-- Section: VMX Instructions
syn keyword gasOpcode_VMX vmcall
syn keyword gasOpcode_VMX vmclear vmclearb vmclearw vmclearl vmclearq
syn keyword gasOpcode_VMX vmlaunch
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_VMX vmload
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_VMX vmmcall
syn keyword gasOpcode_VMX vmptrld vmptrldb vmptrldw vmptrldl vmptrldq
syn keyword gasOpcode_VMX vmptrst vmptrstb vmptrstw vmptrstl vmptrstq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_VMX vmread
syn keyword gasOpcode_VMX vmresume
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_VMX vmrun
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_VMX vmsave
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_VMX vmwrite
syn keyword gasOpcode_VMX vmxoff
syn keyword gasOpcode_VMX vmxon vmxonb vmxonw vmxonl vmxonq
"-- Section: Intel AVX AES instructions
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vaesenc vaesencb vaesencw vaesencl vaesencq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vaesenclast vaesenclastb vaesenclastw vaesenclastl vaesenclastq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vaesdec vaesdecb vaesdecw vaesdecl vaesdecq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vaesdeclast vaesdeclastb vaesdeclastw vaesdeclastl vaesdeclastq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vaesimc vaesimcb vaesimcw vaesimcl vaesimcq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vaeskeygenassist vaeskeygenassistb vaeskeygenassistw vaeskeygenassistl vaeskeygenassistq
"-- Section: New instructions in Barcelona
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_Base lzcnt
"-- Section: Intel AVX instructions
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vaddpd vaddpdb vaddpdw vaddpdl vaddpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vaddps vaddpsb vaddpsw vaddpsl vaddpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vaddsd vaddsdb vaddsdw vaddsdl vaddsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vaddss vaddssb vaddssw vaddssl vaddssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vaddsubpd vaddsubpdb vaddsubpdw vaddsubpdl vaddsubpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vaddsubps vaddsubpsb vaddsubpsw vaddsubpsl vaddsubpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vandpd vandpdb vandpdw vandpdl vandpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vandps vandpsb vandpsw vandpsl vandpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vandnpd vandnpdb vandnpdw vandnpdl vandnpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vandnps vandnpsb vandnpsw vandnpsl vandnpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vblendpd vblendpdb vblendpdw vblendpdl vblendpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vblendps vblendpsb vblendpsw vblendpsl vblendpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vblendvpd vblendvpdb vblendvpdw vblendvpdl vblendvpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vblendvps vblendvpsb vblendvpsw vblendvpsl vblendvpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vblendvpd vblendvpdb vblendvpdw vblendvpdl vblendvpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vbroadcastss vbroadcastssb vbroadcastssw vbroadcastssl vbroadcastssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vbroadcastsd vbroadcastsdb vbroadcastsdw vbroadcastsdl vbroadcastsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vbroadcastf128 vbroadcastf128b vbroadcastf128w vbroadcastf128l vbroadcastf128q
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpeqpd vcmpeqpdb vcmpeqpdw vcmpeqpdl vcmpeqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpltpd vcmpltpdb vcmpltpdw vcmpltpdl vcmpltpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmplepd vcmplepdb vcmplepdw vcmplepdl vcmplepdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpunordpd vcmpunordpdb vcmpunordpdw vcmpunordpdl vcmpunordpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpneqpd vcmpneqpdb vcmpneqpdw vcmpneqpdl vcmpneqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpnltpd vcmpnltpdb vcmpnltpdw vcmpnltpdl vcmpnltpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpnlepd vcmpnlepdb vcmpnlepdw vcmpnlepdl vcmpnlepdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpordpd vcmpordpdb vcmpordpdw vcmpordpdl vcmpordpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpeq_uqpd vcmpeq_uqpdb vcmpeq_uqpdw vcmpeq_uqpdl vcmpeq_uqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpngepd vcmpngepdb vcmpngepdw vcmpngepdl vcmpngepdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpngtpd vcmpngtpdb vcmpngtpdw vcmpngtpdl vcmpngtpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpfalsepd vcmpfalsepdb vcmpfalsepdw vcmpfalsepdl vcmpfalsepdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpneq_oqpd vcmpneq_oqpdb vcmpneq_oqpdw vcmpneq_oqpdl vcmpneq_oqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpgepd vcmpgepdb vcmpgepdw vcmpgepdl vcmpgepdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpgtpd vcmpgtpdb vcmpgtpdw vcmpgtpdl vcmpgtpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmptruepd vcmptruepdb vcmptruepdw vcmptruepdl vcmptruepdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpeq_ospd vcmpeq_ospdb vcmpeq_ospdw vcmpeq_ospdl vcmpeq_ospdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmplt_oqpd vcmplt_oqpdb vcmplt_oqpdw vcmplt_oqpdl vcmplt_oqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmple_oqpd vcmple_oqpdb vcmple_oqpdw vcmple_oqpdl vcmple_oqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpunord_spd vcmpunord_spdb vcmpunord_spdw vcmpunord_spdl vcmpunord_spdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpneq_uspd vcmpneq_uspdb vcmpneq_uspdw vcmpneq_uspdl vcmpneq_uspdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpnlt_uqpd vcmpnlt_uqpdb vcmpnlt_uqpdw vcmpnlt_uqpdl vcmpnlt_uqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpnle_uqpd vcmpnle_uqpdb vcmpnle_uqpdw vcmpnle_uqpdl vcmpnle_uqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpord_spd vcmpord_spdb vcmpord_spdw vcmpord_spdl vcmpord_spdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpeq_uspd vcmpeq_uspdb vcmpeq_uspdw vcmpeq_uspdl vcmpeq_uspdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpnge_uqpd vcmpnge_uqpdb vcmpnge_uqpdw vcmpnge_uqpdl vcmpnge_uqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpngt_uqpd vcmpngt_uqpdb vcmpngt_uqpdw vcmpngt_uqpdl vcmpngt_uqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpfalse_ospd vcmpfalse_ospdb vcmpfalse_ospdw vcmpfalse_ospdl vcmpfalse_ospdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpneq_ospd vcmpneq_ospdb vcmpneq_ospdw vcmpneq_ospdl vcmpneq_ospdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpge_oqpd vcmpge_oqpdb vcmpge_oqpdw vcmpge_oqpdl vcmpge_oqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpgt_oqpd vcmpgt_oqpdb vcmpgt_oqpdw vcmpgt_oqpdl vcmpgt_oqpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmptrue_uspd vcmptrue_uspdb vcmptrue_uspdw vcmptrue_uspdl vcmptrue_uspdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmppd vcmppdb vcmppdw vcmppdl vcmppdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpeqps vcmpeqpsb vcmpeqpsw vcmpeqpsl vcmpeqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpltps vcmpltpsb vcmpltpsw vcmpltpsl vcmpltpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpleps vcmplepsb vcmplepsw vcmplepsl vcmplepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpunordps vcmpunordpsb vcmpunordpsw vcmpunordpsl vcmpunordpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpneqps vcmpneqpsb vcmpneqpsw vcmpneqpsl vcmpneqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpnltps vcmpnltpsb vcmpnltpsw vcmpnltpsl vcmpnltpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpnleps vcmpnlepsb vcmpnlepsw vcmpnlepsl vcmpnlepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpordps vcmpordpsb vcmpordpsw vcmpordpsl vcmpordpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpeq_uqps vcmpeq_uqpsb vcmpeq_uqpsw vcmpeq_uqpsl vcmpeq_uqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpngeps vcmpngepsb vcmpngepsw vcmpngepsl vcmpngepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpngtps vcmpngtpsb vcmpngtpsw vcmpngtpsl vcmpngtpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpfalseps vcmpfalsepsb vcmpfalsepsw vcmpfalsepsl vcmpfalsepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpneq_oqps vcmpneq_oqpsb vcmpneq_oqpsw vcmpneq_oqpsl vcmpneq_oqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpgeps vcmpgepsb vcmpgepsw vcmpgepsl vcmpgepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpgtps vcmpgtpsb vcmpgtpsw vcmpgtpsl vcmpgtpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmptrueps vcmptruepsb vcmptruepsw vcmptruepsl vcmptruepsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpeq_osps vcmpeq_ospsb vcmpeq_ospsw vcmpeq_ospsl vcmpeq_ospsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmplt_oqps vcmplt_oqpsb vcmplt_oqpsw vcmplt_oqpsl vcmplt_oqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmple_oqps vcmple_oqpsb vcmple_oqpsw vcmple_oqpsl vcmple_oqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpunord_sps vcmpunord_spsb vcmpunord_spsw vcmpunord_spsl vcmpunord_spsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpneq_usps vcmpneq_uspsb vcmpneq_uspsw vcmpneq_uspsl vcmpneq_uspsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpnlt_uqps vcmpnlt_uqpsb vcmpnlt_uqpsw vcmpnlt_uqpsl vcmpnlt_uqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpnle_uqps vcmpnle_uqpsb vcmpnle_uqpsw vcmpnle_uqpsl vcmpnle_uqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpord_sps vcmpord_spsb vcmpord_spsw vcmpord_spsl vcmpord_spsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpeq_usps vcmpeq_uspsb vcmpeq_uspsw vcmpeq_uspsl vcmpeq_uspsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpnge_uqps vcmpnge_uqpsb vcmpnge_uqpsw vcmpnge_uqpsl vcmpnge_uqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpngt_uqps vcmpngt_uqpsb vcmpngt_uqpsw vcmpngt_uqpsl vcmpngt_uqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpfalse_osps vcmpfalse_ospsb vcmpfalse_ospsw vcmpfalse_ospsl vcmpfalse_ospsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpneq_osps vcmpneq_ospsb vcmpneq_ospsw vcmpneq_ospsl vcmpneq_ospsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpge_oqps vcmpge_oqpsb vcmpge_oqpsw vcmpge_oqpsl vcmpge_oqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpgt_oqps vcmpgt_oqpsb vcmpgt_oqpsw vcmpgt_oqpsl vcmpgt_oqpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmptrue_usps vcmptrue_uspsb vcmptrue_uspsw vcmptrue_uspsl vcmptrue_uspsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpps vcmppsb vcmppsw vcmppsl vcmppsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpeqsd vcmpeqsdb vcmpeqsdw vcmpeqsdl vcmpeqsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpltsd vcmpltsdb vcmpltsdw vcmpltsdl vcmpltsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmplesd vcmplesdb vcmplesdw vcmplesdl vcmplesdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpunordsd vcmpunordsdb vcmpunordsdw vcmpunordsdl vcmpunordsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpneqsd vcmpneqsdb vcmpneqsdw vcmpneqsdl vcmpneqsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpnltsd vcmpnltsdb vcmpnltsdw vcmpnltsdl vcmpnltsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpnlesd vcmpnlesdb vcmpnlesdw vcmpnlesdl vcmpnlesdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpordsd vcmpordsdb vcmpordsdw vcmpordsdl vcmpordsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpeq_uqsd vcmpeq_uqsdb vcmpeq_uqsdw vcmpeq_uqsdl vcmpeq_uqsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vcmpngesd vcmpngesdb vcmpngesdw vcmpngesdl vcmpngesdq
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syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpermil2ps vpermil2psb vpermil2psw vpermil2psl vpermil2psq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vperm2f128 vperm2f128b vperm2f128w vperm2f128l vperm2f128q
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpextrb vpextrbb vpextrbw vpextrbl vpextrbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpextrw vpextrwb vpextrww vpextrwl vpextrwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpextrd vpextrdb vpextrdw vpextrdl vpextrdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpextrq vpextrqb vpextrqw vpextrql vpextrqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vphaddw vphaddwb vphaddww vphaddwl vphaddwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vphaddd vphadddb vphadddw vphadddl vphadddq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vphaddsw vphaddswb vphaddsww vphaddswl vphaddswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vphminposuw vphminposuwb vphminposuww vphminposuwl vphminposuwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vphsubw vphsubwb vphsubww vphsubwl vphsubwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vphsubd vphsubdb vphsubdw vphsubdl vphsubdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vphsubsw vphsubswb vphsubsww vphsubswl vphsubswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpinsrb vpinsrbb vpinsrbw vpinsrbl vpinsrbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpinsrw vpinsrwb vpinsrww vpinsrwl vpinsrwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpinsrd vpinsrdb vpinsrdw vpinsrdl vpinsrdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpinsrq vpinsrqb vpinsrqw vpinsrql vpinsrqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmaddwd vpmaddwdb vpmaddwdw vpmaddwdl vpmaddwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmaddubsw vpmaddubswb vpmaddubsww vpmaddubswl vpmaddubswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmaxsb vpmaxsbb vpmaxsbw vpmaxsbl vpmaxsbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmaxsw vpmaxswb vpmaxsww vpmaxswl vpmaxswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmaxsd vpmaxsdb vpmaxsdw vpmaxsdl vpmaxsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmaxub vpmaxubb vpmaxubw vpmaxubl vpmaxubq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmaxuw vpmaxuwb vpmaxuww vpmaxuwl vpmaxuwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmaxud vpmaxudb vpmaxudw vpmaxudl vpmaxudq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpminsb vpminsbb vpminsbw vpminsbl vpminsbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpminsw vpminswb vpminsww vpminswl vpminswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpminsd vpminsdb vpminsdw vpminsdl vpminsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpminub vpminubb vpminubw vpminubl vpminubq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpminuw vpminuwb vpminuww vpminuwl vpminuwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpminud vpminudb vpminudw vpminudl vpminudq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmovmskb
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmovsxbw vpmovsxbwb vpmovsxbww vpmovsxbwl vpmovsxbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmovsxbd vpmovsxbdb vpmovsxbdw vpmovsxbdl vpmovsxbdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmovsxbq vpmovsxbqb vpmovsxbqw vpmovsxbql vpmovsxbqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmovsxwd vpmovsxwdb vpmovsxwdw vpmovsxwdl vpmovsxwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmovsxwq vpmovsxwqb vpmovsxwqw vpmovsxwql vpmovsxwqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmovsxdq vpmovsxdqb vpmovsxdqw vpmovsxdql vpmovsxdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmovzxbw vpmovzxbwb vpmovzxbww vpmovzxbwl vpmovzxbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmovzxbd vpmovzxbdb vpmovzxbdw vpmovzxbdl vpmovzxbdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmovzxbq vpmovzxbqb vpmovzxbqw vpmovzxbql vpmovzxbqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmovzxwd vpmovzxwdb vpmovzxwdw vpmovzxwdl vpmovzxwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmovzxwq vpmovzxwqb vpmovzxwqw vpmovzxwql vpmovzxwqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmovzxdq vpmovzxdqb vpmovzxdqw vpmovzxdql vpmovzxdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmulhuw vpmulhuwb vpmulhuww vpmulhuwl vpmulhuwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmulhrsw vpmulhrswb vpmulhrsww vpmulhrswl vpmulhrswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmulhw vpmulhwb vpmulhww vpmulhwl vpmulhwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmullw vpmullwb vpmullww vpmullwl vpmullwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmulld vpmulldb vpmulldw vpmulldl vpmulldq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmuludq vpmuludqb vpmuludqw vpmuludql vpmuludqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpmuldq vpmuldqb vpmuldqw vpmuldql vpmuldqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpor vporb vporw vporl vporq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsadbw vpsadbwb vpsadbww vpsadbwl vpsadbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpshufb vpshufbb vpshufbw vpshufbl vpshufbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpshufd vpshufdb vpshufdw vpshufdl vpshufdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpshufhw vpshufhwb vpshufhww vpshufhwl vpshufhwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpshuflw vpshuflwb vpshuflww vpshuflwl vpshuflwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsignb vpsignbb vpsignbw vpsignbl vpsignbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsignw vpsignwb vpsignww vpsignwl vpsignwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsignd vpsigndb vpsigndw vpsigndl vpsigndq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpslldq vpslldqb vpslldqw vpslldql vpslldqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsrldq vpsrldqb vpsrldqw vpsrldql vpsrldqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsllw vpsllwb vpsllww vpsllwl vpsllwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpslld vpslldb vpslldw vpslldl vpslldq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsllq vpsllqb vpsllqw vpsllql vpsllqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsraw vpsrawb vpsraww vpsrawl vpsrawq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsrad vpsradb vpsradw vpsradl vpsradq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsrlw vpsrlwb vpsrlww vpsrlwl vpsrlwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsrld vpsrldb vpsrldw vpsrldl vpsrldq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsrlq vpsrlqb vpsrlqw vpsrlql vpsrlqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vptest vptestb vptestw vptestl vptestq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsubb vpsubbb vpsubbw vpsubbl vpsubbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsubw vpsubwb vpsubww vpsubwl vpsubwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsubd vpsubdb vpsubdw vpsubdl vpsubdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsubq vpsubqb vpsubqw vpsubql vpsubqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsubsb vpsubsbb vpsubsbw vpsubsbl vpsubsbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsubsw vpsubswb vpsubsww vpsubswl vpsubswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsubusb vpsubusbb vpsubusbw vpsubusbl vpsubusbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpsubusw vpsubuswb vpsubusww vpsubuswl vpsubuswq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpunpckhbw vpunpckhbwb vpunpckhbww vpunpckhbwl vpunpckhbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpunpckhwd vpunpckhwdb vpunpckhwdw vpunpckhwdl vpunpckhwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpunpckhdq vpunpckhdqb vpunpckhdqw vpunpckhdql vpunpckhdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpunpckhqdq vpunpckhqdqb vpunpckhqdqw vpunpckhqdql vpunpckhqdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpunpcklbw vpunpcklbwb vpunpcklbww vpunpcklbwl vpunpcklbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpunpcklwd vpunpcklwdb vpunpcklwdw vpunpcklwdl vpunpcklwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpunpckldq vpunpckldqb vpunpckldqw vpunpckldql vpunpckldqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpunpcklqdq vpunpcklqdqb vpunpcklqdqw vpunpcklqdql vpunpcklqdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vpxor vpxorb vpxorw vpxorl vpxorq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vrcpps vrcppsb vrcppsw vrcppsl vrcppsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vrcpss vrcpssb vrcpssw vrcpssl vrcpssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vrsqrtps vrsqrtpsb vrsqrtpsw vrsqrtpsl vrsqrtpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vrsqrtss vrsqrtssb vrsqrtssw vrsqrtssl vrsqrtssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vroundpd vroundpdb vroundpdw vroundpdl vroundpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vroundps vroundpsb vroundpsw vroundpsl vroundpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vroundsd vroundsdb vroundsdw vroundsdl vroundsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vroundss vroundssb vroundssw vroundssl vroundssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vshufpd vshufpdb vshufpdw vshufpdl vshufpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vshufps vshufpsb vshufpsw vshufpsl vshufpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vsqrtpd vsqrtpdb vsqrtpdw vsqrtpdl vsqrtpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vsqrtps vsqrtpsb vsqrtpsw vsqrtpsl vsqrtpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vsqrtsd vsqrtsdb vsqrtsdw vsqrtsdl vsqrtsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vsqrtss vsqrtssb vsqrtssw vsqrtssl vsqrtssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vstmxcsr vstmxcsrb vstmxcsrw vstmxcsrl vstmxcsrq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vsubpd vsubpdb vsubpdw vsubpdl vsubpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vsubps vsubpsb vsubpsw vsubpsl vsubpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vsubsd vsubsdb vsubsdw vsubsdl vsubsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vsubss vsubssb vsubssw vsubssl vsubssq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vtestps vtestpsb vtestpsw vtestpsl vtestpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vtestpd vtestpdb vtestpdw vtestpdl vtestpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vucomisd vucomisdb vucomisdw vucomisdl vucomisdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vucomiss vucomissb vucomissw vucomissl vucomissq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vunpckhpd vunpckhpdb vunpckhpdw vunpckhpdl vunpckhpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vunpckhps vunpckhpsb vunpckhpsw vunpckhpsl vunpckhpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vunpcklpd vunpcklpdb vunpcklpdw vunpcklpdl vunpcklpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vunpcklps vunpcklpsb vunpcklpsw vunpcklpsl vunpcklpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vxorpd vxorpdb vxorpdw vxorpdl vxorpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vxorps vxorpsb vxorpsw vxorpsl vxorpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vzeroall
syn keyword gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX vzeroupper
"-- Section: AMD Enhanced 3DNow! (Athlon) instructions
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pf2iw pf2iwb pf2iww pf2iwl pf2iwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfnacc pfnaccb pfnaccw pfnaccl pfnaccq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pfpnacc pfpnaccb pfpnaccw pfpnaccl pfpnaccq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pi2fw pi2fwb pi2fww pi2fwl pi2fwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW pswapd pswapdb pswapdw pswapdl pswapdq
"-- Section: Penryn New Instructions (SSE4.1)
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 blendpd blendpdb blendpdw blendpdl blendpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 blendps blendpsb blendpsw blendpsl blendpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 blendvpd blendvpdb blendvpdw blendvpdl blendvpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 blendvps blendvpsb blendvpsw blendvpsl blendvpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 dppd dppdb dppdw dppdl dppdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 dpps dppsb dppsw dppsl dppsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE41 extractps extractpsb extractpsw extractpsl extractpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 insertps insertpsb insertpsw insertpsl insertpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 movntdqa movntdqab movntdqaw movntdqal movntdqaq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 mpsadbw mpsadbwb mpsadbww mpsadbwl mpsadbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 packusdw packusdwb packusdww packusdwl packusdwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pblendvb pblendvbb pblendvbw pblendvbl pblendvbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pblendw pblendwb pblendww pblendwl pblendwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pcmpeqq pcmpeqqb pcmpeqqw pcmpeqql pcmpeqqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE41 pextrb pextrbb pextrbw pextrbl pextrbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pextrd pextrdb pextrdw pextrdl pextrdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE41 pextrq pextrqb pextrqw pextrql pextrqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE41 pextrw pextrwb pextrww pextrwl pextrwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 phminposuw phminposuwb phminposuww phminposuwl phminposuwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pinsrb pinsrbb pinsrbw pinsrbl pinsrbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pinsrd pinsrdb pinsrdw pinsrdl pinsrdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_X64_SSE41 pinsrq pinsrqb pinsrqw pinsrql pinsrqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmaxsb pmaxsbb pmaxsbw pmaxsbl pmaxsbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmaxsd pmaxsdb pmaxsdw pmaxsdl pmaxsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmaxud pmaxudb pmaxudw pmaxudl pmaxudq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmaxuw pmaxuwb pmaxuww pmaxuwl pmaxuwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pminsb pminsbb pminsbw pminsbl pminsbq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pminsd pminsdb pminsdw pminsdl pminsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pminud pminudb pminudw pminudl pminudq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pminuw pminuwb pminuww pminuwl pminuwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmovsxbw pmovsxbwb pmovsxbww pmovsxbwl pmovsxbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmovsxbd pmovsxbdb pmovsxbdw pmovsxbdl pmovsxbdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmovsxbq pmovsxbqb pmovsxbqw pmovsxbql pmovsxbqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmovsxwd pmovsxwdb pmovsxwdw pmovsxwdl pmovsxwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmovsxwq pmovsxwqb pmovsxwqw pmovsxwql pmovsxwqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmovsxdq pmovsxdqb pmovsxdqw pmovsxdql pmovsxdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmovzxbw pmovzxbwb pmovzxbww pmovzxbwl pmovzxbwq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmovzxbd pmovzxbdb pmovzxbdw pmovzxbdl pmovzxbdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmovzxbq pmovzxbqb pmovzxbqw pmovzxbql pmovzxbqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmovzxwd pmovzxwdb pmovzxwdw pmovzxwdl pmovzxwdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmovzxwq pmovzxwqb pmovzxwqw pmovzxwql pmovzxwqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmovzxdq pmovzxdqb pmovzxdqw pmovzxdql pmovzxdqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmuldq pmuldqb pmuldqw pmuldql pmuldqq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 pmulld pmulldb pmulldw pmulldl pmulldq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 ptest ptestb ptestw ptestl ptestq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 roundpd roundpdb roundpdw roundpdl roundpdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 roundps roundpsb roundpsw roundpsl roundpsq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 roundsd roundsdb roundsdw roundsdl roundsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_SSE41 roundss roundssb roundssw roundssl roundssq
"-- Section: AMD SSE4A
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE4A extrq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE4A insertq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE4A movntsd movntsdb movntsdw movntsdl movntsdq
syn keyword gasOpcode_AMD_SSE4A movntss movntssb movntssw movntssl movntssq
" links
hi def link gasDirectiveX86 gasDirective
hi def link gasRegisterX86 gasRegister
hi def link gasRegisterX86Cr gasRegister
hi def link gasRegisterX86Dr gasRegister
hi def link gasRegisterX86MMX gasRegister
" link to defaults
hi def link gasDirective Preproc
hi def link gasDirectiveStore Type
hi def link gasDirectiveMacro Macro
hi def link gasRegister Identifier
hi def link gasString String
hi def link gasCharacter Character
hi def link gasBinaryNumber Constant
hi def link gasOctalNumber Constant
hi def link gasHexNumber Constant
hi def link gasDecimalNumber Constant
hi def link gasSymbol Function
hi def link gasSymbolRef Special
hi def link gasSpecial Special
hi def link gasLabel Function
hi def link gasLocalLabel Label
hi def link gasOperator Operator
hi def link gasOpcode Keyword
hi def link gasComment Comment
hi def link gasCommentSingle Comment
"-- initial mapping => Keyword
func! s:MapOpcode (group, cpu, ext)
let himap = 'Keyword'
if exists('g:gasDisableOpcodes')
if index(split(g:gasDisableOpcodes), a:cpu) != -1
let himap = 'Error'
if index(split(g:gasDisableOpcodes), a:ext) != -1
let himap = 'Error'
if exists('b:gasDisableOpcodes')
if index(split(b:gasDisableOpcodes), a:cpu) != -1
let himap = 'Error'
if index(split(b:gasDisableOpcodes), a:ext) != -1
let himap = 'Error'
exe 'hi link '.a:group.' '.himap
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_186_Base' , '186' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_286_Base' , '286' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_3862_Base' , '3862' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_386_Base' , '386' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_486_Base' , '486' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_8086_Base' , '8086' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_AMD_SSE4A' , 'amd' , 'sse4a')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_AMD_SSE5' , 'amd' , 'sse5')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_FUTURE_FMA' , 'future' , 'fma')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_IA64_Base' , 'ia64' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_KATMAI_Base' , 'katmai' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX' , 'katmai' , 'mmx')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_KATMAI_MMX2' , 'katmai' , 'mmx2')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_KATMAI_SSE' , 'katmai' , 'sse')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_NEHALEM_Base' , 'nehalem' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_P6_Base' , 'p6' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_P6_SSE' , 'p6' , 'sse')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_PENTM_Base' , 'pentium_m' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_PENT_3DNOW' , 'pentium' , '3dnow')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_PENT_Base' , 'pentium' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_PENT_MMX' , 'pentium' , 'mmx')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_PRESCOTT_Base' , 'prescott' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_PRESCOTT_SSE3' , 'prescott' , 'sse3')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_SANDYBRIDGE_AVX', 'sandybridge', 'avx')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_X642_Base' , 'x642' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_X64_Base' , 'x64' , 'base')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_X64_MMX' , 'x64' , 'mmx')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_X64_SSE' , 'x64' , 'sse')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_X64_SSE2' , 'x64' , 'sse2')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_X64_SSE41' , 'x64' , 'sse4.1')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_X64_SSE42' , 'x64' , 'sse4.2')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_X64_VMX' , 'x64' , 'vmx')
call <SID>MapOpcode('gasOpcode_X86_64_Base' , 'x64' , 'base')
" support CPP preprocessor tags
syn case match
syn include @cPP syntax/c.vim
syn match cPPLineCont "\\$" contained
syn region cPPPreProc start=/^\s*#\s*\(if\|else\|endif\|define\|include\)/ end=/$/ contains=@cPP,cPPLineCont
" finishing touches
let b:current_syntax = "gas"
syn sync ccomment
syn sync linebreaks=1
" vim: ts=8 sw=8 :
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