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The application I use to share my code snippets
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models Fix a bug in add_tags and add some tests for Snippet
public Change how to delete
spec Improve snippets insertion tests
views Revert "Add Google Analytics support"
.gitignore Refactorized some code into add_tags method
.rspec Use the nyan-cat-formatter gem
.travis.yml Add credentials' env variables to Travis config
Gemfile Add foreman for Gemfile and update the readme accordingly
Gemfile.lock Add foreman for Gemfile and update the readme accordingly Revert "Add Google Analytics support"
Rakefile Added a default rake task Added
furry.rb Revert "Add Google Analytics support"

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I use this application to share my code snippets at

  • Execute bundle install
  • Setup your credentials as environment variables in a .env file:

  • The application uses a SQLite database, if you want to use another RDBS, change DATABASE_URL environment variable to suit your needs.
    Example: DATABASE_URL=postgres://username:password@host:port/database_name. Don't forget installing the DataMapper adapter for your RDBS.

  • Visit /new to add a new snippet
  • Visit /:snippet/edit to edit it
  • Visit /:snippet/delete to delete it
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