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A mobile web app to track groceries and prevent food waste
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The goal of nomzsavior is to provide a way to:

  • Track your groceries
  • Know when a product will expire
  • Know what to eat first

Thus saving the environment and keeping your wallet full.

nomzsavior works offline, thanks to HTML5's Appcache.
The data is stored on the browser, thanks to HTML5's LocalStorage.


This application needs Local Storage in order to work, which means you cannot use it without a HTTP server, i.e. simply by accessing index.html from your disk.

On Mac OS X, just browse to the application's root, and run

(python -m SimpleHTTPServer 1337 > /dev/null 2&>1) &

You can also use Mongoose which is a light and easy to use HTTP server (mongoose -p 8001 &).

Launching the app

Visit index.html: open index.html.

Runing the tests

Visit run-specs.html: open run-specs.html.


A part of the application was built during a hackday in Zenexity.
Thanks to the managers for their organization that allowed this to happen.

Thanks to my collegues who have contributed during that day.

And big thanks to Jérémy who took care of the design part and who did a great and hard job.

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