A video game made with Java 8 and JBox2D
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Space Kaïra

The project

Make sure you're using Java 8 to build and run the project.

Ant tasks:

  • compile: builds the project to the classes/ directory.
  • jar: creates an all-in-one JAR of the game to master-pilot.jar.
  • javadoc: generates the Java doc of the project to the docs/doc directory.
  • clean: wipes the compiled classes and the generated java doc.

The game

How to launch the game

After creating the game's JAR:

java -jar master-pilot.jar level.xml [hardcore]

Where level.xml is a level description file.
There's an example one available at the project's root.

What is it about

The goal of the game is to kill all the ennemies, that come in waves, within the time limit.

The ship's shield is toggled automatically before you hit a planet.
In normal mode, it is also toggled before you get hit by an enemy's bullet. For more challenge, you can disabled this by launching the game with the hardcore argument.

Depending on the level's configuration, bomb may spawn around you. There's two kinds of bombs:

  • Normal ones that explode. They're gray.
  • Mega bombs that implode, sucking the ennemies to their center, then destroying them. They're gold.

How to play

  • , and to move the ship.
  • B to drop bombs (if you have any).
  • S to toggle the shield.
  • SPACE to shoot.

How to create levels

Level description files are formally described in the level.xsd file that can be found in the config/resources package.

Level description files allow to set the:

  • Game duration (in seconds).
  • Planets density: how many planets per screen?
  • Bombs spawning frequency: how many bombs per minute?
  • Mega bombs rate: in 100 bombs, how many will be mega bombs?
  • Bullets frequency: makes the ship shoot a bullet each N milliseconds.
  • The ship's speed. The default value is 500.

In the <enemyWaves> tag should be declared as many <enemyWave>s as wanted.
Each on of these should contains <enemy> tags with the name of the enemy, f.e. <enemy>BRUTE</enemy>.

Example of a level description file: