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CHANGELOG for 2.1.x

This changelog references the relevant changes (bug and security fixes) made in 2.1 minor versions.

To get the diff for a specific change, go to where XXX is the change hash To get the diff between two versions, go to



  • added a default implementation of the ManagerRegistry
  • added a session storage for Doctrine DBAL


  • added a csrf_token function
  • added a way to specify a default domain for a Twig template (via the 'trans_default_domain' tag)


  • This bundle has been removed and the relevant code has been moved to the Doctrine bridge


  • This bundle has been moved to the Doctrine organization
  • added optional group_by property to EntityType that supports either a PropertyPath or a \Closure that is evaluated on the entity choices
  • The em option for the UniqueEntity constraint is now optional (and should probably not be used anymore).


  • moved Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\ContainerAwareEventDispatcher to Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\ContainerAwareEventDispatcher
  • moved Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Debug\TraceableEventDispatcher to Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\ContainerAwareTraceableEventDispatcher
  • added a router:match command
  • added a config:dump-reference command
  • added kernel.event_subscriber tag
  • added a way to create relative symlinks when running assets:install command (--relative option)
  • added Controller::getUser()
  • [BC BREAK] assets_base_urls and base_urls merging strategy has changed
  • changed the default profiler storage to use the filesystem instead of SQLite
  • added support for placeholders in route defaults and requirements (replaced by the value set in the service container)
  • added Filesystem component as a dependency
  • added support for hinclude (use standalone: 'js' in render tag)
  • session options: lifetime, path, domain, secure, httponly were deprecated. Prefixed versions should now be used instead: cookie_lifetime, cookie_path, cookie_domain, cookie_secure, cookie_httponly
  • [BC BREAK] following session options: 'lifetime', 'path', 'domain', 'secure', 'httponly' are now prefixed with cookie_ when dumped to the container
  • Added handler_id configuration under session key to represent session.handler service, defaults to session.handler.native_file.
  • Added gc_maxlifetime, gc_probability, and gc_divisor to session configuration. This means session garbage collection has a gc_probability/gc_divisor chance of being run. The gc_maxlifetime defines how long a session can idle for. It is different from cookie lifetime which declares how long a cookie can be stored on the remote client.



  • [BC BREAK] The custom factories for the firewall configuration are now registered during the build method of bundles instead of being registered by the end-user (you need to remove the 'factories' keys in your security configuration).

  • [BC BREAK] The Firewall listener is now registered after the Router one. This means that specific Firewall URLs (like /login_check and /logout must now have proper route defined in your routing configuration)

  • [BC BREAK] refactored the user provider configuration. The configuration changed for the chain provider and the memory provider:


                providers: [my_memory_provider, my_doctrine_provider]
                    toto: { password: foobar, roles: [ROLE_USER] }
                    foo: { password: bar, roles: [ROLE_USER, ROLE_ADMIN] }


                    providers: [my_memory_provider, my_doctrine_provider]
                        toto: { password: foobar, roles: [ROLE_USER] }
                        foo: { password: bar, roles: [ROLE_USER, ROLE_ADMIN] }
  • [BC BREAK] Method equals was removed from UserInterface to its own new EquatableInterface. The user class can now implement this interface to override the default implementation of users equality test.

  • added a validator for the user password

  • added 'erase_credentials' as a configuration key (true by default)

  • added new events: security.authentication.success and security.authentication.failure fired on authentication success/failure, regardless of authentication method, events are defined in new event class: Symfony\Component\Security\Core\AuthenticationEvents.

  • Added optional CSRF protection to LogoutListener:

                    path: /logout_path
                    target: /
                    csrf_parameter: _csrf_token        # Optional (defaults to "_csrf_token")
                    csrf_provider:  form.csrf_provider # Required to enable protection
                    intention:      logout             # Optional (defaults to "logout")

    If the LogoutListener has CSRF protection enabled but cannot validate a token, then a LogoutException will be thrown.

  • Added logout_url templating helper and Twig extension, which may be used to generate logout URL's within templates. The security firewall's config key must be specified. If a firewall's logout listener has CSRF protection enabled, a token will be automatically added to the generated URL.



  • added the real template name when an error occurs in a Twig template
  • added the twig:lint command that will validate a Twig template syntax.


  • [BC BREAK] You must clear old profiles after upgrading to 2.1 (don't forget to remove the table if you are using a DB)
  • added support for the request method
  • added a routing panel
  • added a timeline panel
  • The toolbar position can now be configured via the position option (can be top or bottom)


  • [BC BREAK] The CookieJar internals have changed to allow cookies with the same name on different sub-domains/sub-paths


  • added a way to add documentation on configuration
  • implemented Serializable on resources
  • LoaderResolverInterface is now used instead of LoaderResolver for type hinting


  • added a --raw option to the list command
  • added support for STDERR in the console output class (errors are now sent to STDERR)
  • made the defaults (helper set, commands, input definition) in Application more easily customizable
  • added support for the shell even if readline is not available
  • added support for process isolation in Symfony shell via --process-isolation switch
  • added support for --, which disables options parsing after that point (tokens will be parsed as arguments)


  • added a DebugClassLoader able to wrap any autoloader providing a findFile method
  • added a new ApcClassLoader and XcacheClassLoader using composition to wrap other loaders
  • added a new ClassLoader which does not distinguish between namespaced and pear-like classes (as the PEAR convention is a subset of PSR-0) and supports using Composer's namespace maps
  • added a class map generator
  • added support for loading globally-installed PEAR packages


  • component exceptions that inherit base SPL classes are now used exclusively (this includes dumped containers)


  • refactored the Form class internals to support multi-dimensional fields (the public API is backward compatible)
  • added a way to get parsing errors for Crawler::addHtmlContent() and Crawler::addXmlContent() via libxml functions
  • added support for submitting a form without a submit button


  • added a reference to the EventDispatcher on the Event
  • added a reference to the Event name on the event
  • added fluid interface to the dispatch() method which now returns the Event object


  • created this new component


  • Finder::exclude() now supports an array of directories as an argument


  • [BC BREAK] read_only field attribute now renders as readonly="readonly", use disabled instead

  • [BC BREAK] child forms now aren't validated anymore by default

  • made validation of form children configurable (new option: cascade_validation)

  • added support for validation groups as callbacks

  • made the translation catalogue configurable via the "translation_domain" option

  • added Form::getErrorsAsString() to help debugging forms

  • allowed setting different options for RepeatedType fields (like the label)

  • added support for empty form name at root level, this enables rendering forms without form name prefix in field names

  • [BC BREAK] form and field names must start with a letter, digit or underscore and only contain letters, digits, underscores, hyphens and colons

  • [BC BREAK] changed default name of the prototype in the "collection" type from "$$name$$" to "_name_". No dollars are appended/prepended to custom names anymore.

  • [BC BREAK] improved ChoiceListInterface

  • [BC BREAK] added SimpleChoiceList and LazyChoiceList as replacement of ArrayChoiceList

  • added ChoiceList and ObjectChoiceList to use objects as choices

  • [BC BREAK] removed EntitiesToArrayTransformer and EntityToIdTransformer. The former has been replaced by CollectionToArrayTransformer in combination with EntityChoiceList, the latter is not required in the core anymore.

  • [BC BREAK] renamed

    • ArrayToBooleanChoicesTransformer to ChoicesToBooleanArrayTransformer
    • ScalarToBooleanChoicesTransformer to ChoiceToBooleanArrayTransformer
    • ArrayToChoicesTransformer to ChoicesToValuesTransformer
    • ScalarToChoiceTransformer to ChoiceToValueTransformer

    to be consistent with the naming in ChoiceListInterface.

  • [BC BREAK] removed FormUtil::toArrayKey() and FormUtil::toArrayKeys(). They were merged into ChoiceList and have no public equivalent anymore.

  • choice fields now throw a FormException if neither the "choices" nor the "choice_list" option is set

  • the radio type is now a child of the checkbox type

  • the collection, choice (with multiple selection) and entity (with multiple selection) types now make use of addXxx() and removeXxx() methods in your model if you set "by_reference" to false. For a custom, non-recognized singular form, set the "property_path" option like this: "plural|singular"

  • forms now don't create an empty object anymore if they are completely empty and not required. The empty value for such forms is null.

  • added constant Guess::VERY_HIGH_CONFIDENCE

  • [BC BREAK] FormType::getParent() does not see default options anymore

  • [BC BREAK] The methods add, remove, setParent, bind and setData in class Form now throw an exception if the form is already bound

  • fields of constrained classes without a NotBlank or NotNull constraint are set to not required now, as stated in the docs

  • fixed TimeType and DateTimeType to not display seconds when "widget" is "single_text" unless "with_seconds" is set to true

  • checkboxes of in an expanded multiple-choice field don't include the choice in their name anymore. Their names terminate with "[]" now.

  • [BC BREAK] FormType::getDefaultOptions() and FormType::getAllowedOptionValues() don't receive an options array anymore.

  • deprecated FormValidatorInterface and substituted its implementations by event subscribers

  • simplified CSRF protection and removed the csrf type

  • deprecated FieldType and merged it into FormType

  • [BC BREAK] renamed "field_" theme blocks to "form_" and "field_widget" to "input"


  • added a getTargetUrl method to RedirectResponse
  • added support for streamed responses
  • made Response::prepare() method the place to enforce HTTP specification
  • [BC BREAK] moved management of the locale from the Session class to the Request class
  • added a generic access to the PHP built-in filter mechanism: ParameterBag::filter()
  • made FileBinaryMimeTypeGuesser command configurable
  • added Request::getUser() and Request::getPassword()
  • added support for the PATCH method in Request
  • removed the ContentTypeMimeTypeGuesser class as it is deprecated and never used on PHP 5.3
  • added ResponseHeaderBag::makeDisposition() (implements RFC 6266)
  • made mimetype to extension conversion configurable
  • [BC BREAK] Moved all session related classes and interfaces into own namespace, as Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Session and renamed classes accordingly. Session handlers are located in the subnamespace Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Session\Handler.
  • SessionHandlers must implement \SessionHandlerInterface or extend from the Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Storage\Handler\NativeSessionHandler base class.
  • Added internal storage driver proxy mechanism for forward compatibility with PHP 5.4 \SessionHandler class.
  • Added session handlers for PHP native Memcache, Memcached and SQLite session save handlers.
  • Added session handlers for custom Memcache, Memcached and Null session save handlers.
  • [BC BREAK] Removed NativeSessionStorage and replaced with NativeFileSessionHandler.
  • [BC BREAK] SessionStorageInterface methods removed: write(), read() and remove(). Added getBag(), registerBag(). The NativeSessionStorage class is a mediator for the session storage internals including the session handlers which do the real work of participating in the internal PHP session workflow.
  • [BC BREAK] Introduced mock implementations of SessionStorage to enable unit and functional testing without starting real PHP sessions. Removed ArraySessionStorage, and replaced with MockArraySessionStorage for unit tests; removed FilesystemSessionStorage, and replaced withMockFileSessionStorage for functional tests. These do not interact with global session ini configuration values, session functions or $_SESSION superglobal. This means they can be configured directly allowing multiple instances to work without conflicting in the same PHP process.
  • [BC BREAK] Removed the close() method from the Session class, as this is now redundant.
  • Deprecated the following methods from the Session class: setFlash(), setFlashes() getFlash(), hasFlash(), and removeFlash(). Use getFlashBag() instead which returns a FlashBagInterface.
  • Session->clear() now only clears session attributes as before it cleared flash messages and attributes. Session->getFlashBag()->all() clears flashes now.
  • Session data is now managed by SessionBagInterface to better encapsulate session data.
  • Refactored session attribute and flash messages system to their own SessionBagInterface implementations.
  • Added FlashBag. Flashes expire when retrieved by get() or all(). This implementation is ESI compatible.
  • Added AutoExpireFlashBag (default) to replicate Symfony 2.0.x auto expire behaviour of messages auto expiring. after one page page load. Messages must be retrieved by get() or all().
  • Added Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Attribute\AttributeBag to replicate attributes storage behaviour from 2.0.x (default).
  • Added Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Attribute\NamespacedAttributeBag for namespace session attributes.
  • Flash API can stores messages in an array so there may be multiple messages per flash type. The old Session class API remains without BC break as it will allow single messages as before.
  • Added basic session meta-data to the session to record session create time, last updated time, and the lifetime of the session cookie that was provided to the client.
  • Request::getClientIp() method doesn't take a parameter anymore but bases itself on the trustProxy parameter.
  • Added isMethod() to Request object.
  • [BC BREAK] The methods getPathInfo(), getBaseUrl() and getBasePath() of a Request now all return a raw value (vs a urldecoded value before). Any call to one of these methods must be checked and wrapped in a rawurldecode() if needed.


  • added CacheClearerInterface
  • added a kernel.terminate event
  • added a Stopwatch class
  • added WarmableInterface
  • improved extensibility between bundles
  • added Memcache(d)-based profiler storages
  • added a File-based profiler storage
  • added a MongoDB-based profiler storage
  • moved Filesystem class to its own component


  • added Locale::getIcuVersion() and Locale::getIcuDataVersion()


  • added ProcessBuilder


  • the UrlMatcher does not throw a \LogicException any more when the required scheme is not the current one
  • added a TraceableUrlMatcher
  • added the possibility to define options, default values and requirements for placeholders in prefix, including imported routes
  • added RouterInterface::getRouteCollection
  • [BC BREAK] the UrlMatcher urldecodes the route parameters only once, they were decoded twice before. Note that the urldecode() calls have been changed for a single rawurldecode() in order to support + for input paths.
  • added RouteCollection::getRoot method to retrieve the root of a RouteCollection tree
  • [BC BREAK] made RouteCollection::setParent private which could not have been used anyway without creating inconsistencies
  • [BC BREAK] RouteCollection::remove also removes a route from parent collections (not only from its children)


  • after login, the user is now redirected to default_target_path if use_referer is true and the referrer is the login_path.
  • added a way to remove a token from a session
  • [BC BREAK] changed MutableAclInterface::setParentAcl to accept null, review your implementation to reflect this change.
  • ObjectIdentity::fromDomainObject, UserSecurityIdentity::fromAccount and UserSecurityIdentity::fromToken now return correct identities for proxies objects (e.g. Doctrine proxies)


  • [BC BREAK] changed GetSetMethodNormalizer's key names from all lowercased to camelCased (e.g. mypropertyvalue to myPropertyValue)

  • [BC BREAK] convert the item XML tag to an array

    <?xml version="1.0"?>




         [item] => Array(
             [0] => Array(
                 [title] => title1
             [1] => Array(
                 [title] => title2


  • changed the default extension for XLIFF files from .xliff to .xlf
  • added support for gettext
  • added support for more than one fallback locale
  • added support for translations in ResourceBundles
  • added support for extracting translation messages from templates (Twig and PHP)
  • added dumpers for translation catalogs
  • added support for QT translations


  • added support for ctype_* assertions in TypeValidator
  • added a Size validator
  • added a SizeLength validator
  • improved the ImageValidator with min width, max width, min height, and max height constraints
  • added support for MIME with wildcard in FileValidator
  • changed Collection validator to add "missing" and "extra" errors to individual fields
  • changed default value for extraFieldsMessage and missingFieldsMessage in Collection constraint
  • made ExecutionContext immutable
  • deprecated Constraint methods setMessage, getMessageTemplate and getMessageParameters
  • added support for dynamic group sequences with the GroupSequenceProvider pattern
  • [BC BREAK] ConstraintValidatorInterface method isValid has been renamed to validate, its return value was dropped. ConstraintValidator still contains isValid for BC


  • Yaml::parse() does not evaluate loaded files as PHP files by default anymore (call Yaml::enablePhpParsing() to get back the old behavior)