A Vim plugin for MacBook users that automatically sets the background to light or dark depending on the ambient light
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Holy Light

What is it?

Using a dark background for Vim (background=dark) is eyes-friendly. But in luminous environments, it makes text quite hard to read, and it requires setting the background variable to light.

Holy Light is a Vim plugin for MacBook users that sets that setting automatically each time a file or buffer is opened.


Holy Light is Pathogen-friendly.
You simply need to git clone the this repository in your bundle directory, and reload your Vim configuration (source $MYVIMRC).

How does it work?

The plugin calls the bin/holylight-checker program in order to get the current ambient light value from the MacBook's sensor.
Depending on the returned value it sets background's value to light or dark.

The binaries' source code can be found here.


If the setting that sets the background to light or dark doesn't suit you, you can easily change it.

Simply run the bin/realtime-checker program, then set the g:holylight_threshold variable to the value that suits you.

The name

It is named after Stratovarius' Holy Light song.