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Send birthday wishes to your facebook friends using this bot
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Send your birthday wishes, to your friends on Facebook automatically, so you never have to miss wishing your best one's.

Powered by webdriverio

Why virtual browser and browser automation ?

The first thing I looked up to was fb api. There are lot of issues, which made it difficult to use api approach.

  1. Getting all your friends.
  • If you check the document for friends in the permissions section, they have mentioned that "This will only return any friends who have used (via Facebook Login) the app making the request". So we would not be able to get all friends. You can check it in graph explorer. Enter /me/friends and see what you get. You will see that not all your friends are returned.
  1. Posting on friends wall.

These are the 2 challenges I faced, that forced me to use the virtual and automation approach. If you know a workaround for these issues, please send a PR or raise an issue.

Getting started

You need to set the below 2 environment variables

FB_EMAIL=email id(associated with fb)
FB_PASS=fb password

npm install
npm run setup
npm start

Make sure you have java installed. It is requried for running selenium.

If you get an error saying "Selenium server is already running on port 4444" run

npm run fix

How it works

First selenium standalone server is started. A start event is triggered after server is started successfully. Webdriverio code is executed on receiving start event.

webdriverio code can be found in index.js


  • Logout of fb


  • Linux
  • Mac os X
  • Windows


All kinds of contributions are most welcome.

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