NPR Music We Love 2014 Bookmarklets
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NPR Music We Love 2014 Bookmarklets

So NPR did this fantastic thing this year. You can find the link at the bottom of this readme, but the gist of it is they put together a list of 302 songs they loved over the course of the year and kind of made a game out of it (with a beautiful web app to boot).

Unfortunately, the +1 / thumbs up / love / favorite / star mechanism was nowhere to be found, which is a shame considering how much new music I am discovering.

So, well, I did what any programmer would do: stayed up too late crafting bookmarklets to hack in this behavior. I added a hate list too, because that's kind of fun.

Find the bookmarklets hosted here:

If you aren't from a hundred years ago, and you don't know how to use a bookmarklet, it's simple.

  1. Drag the links into your bookmark bar
  2. Click them when appropriate on the npr music we loved webapp

And lastly, the link to the npr site:


Just this one command

node index.js