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A browser addon for the Gladiatus browser game.
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Gladiatus Crazy Addon

A browser extension for the "Gladiatus" browser game.

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📎 Downloads

We suggest you to download a stable release. Alpha and Beta releases are for developers (unless you want to check out the latest features and give us some feedback).

Latest public release v4.2.0 (recommended)

Fast install from Google web store & Firefox addons' page :

version version version

Custom install using the addon file:

version version version version

Latest dev build v4.2.1-beta (for developers) [Latest Progress Here]

version type improvements bug fixes translations

All releases: stable-releases

📃 Installation

If you are new to installing browsers addons/extensions or you just want to jump on a new browser, follow our steps for installing our addon.

Find set-by-step guides for all major browsers on our installation docs.

📚 Translation

Use our guide to translate the addon in your language!

🔗 Gladiatus related links

Our links

Gladiatus Crazy Addon :

Gladiatus Simulator :

Gladiatus Forum GCA thread :

Other links/pages

Skarsburning's Gladiatus Fansite : (we love your site)

Michalus' Gladiatus Tools :

Unofficial Gladiatus Reddit : (by Williaf)

Discord Server of Gladitatus Reddit :

(We would be happy to add your Gladiatus related page here too)

💻 Developers Docs

We will try to provide some more info for anyone that wants to jump into the action.

Dev docs under construction

💬 Contact us

Contact us to leave us your feedback or to express your thoughts.

github-issues facebook-page

🎮 Our team

We are DinoDevs, a group of people coding for fun!

DinoDevs members working on this project:

GreatApo ~
Description not found!
GramThanos ~
I like to code!

👍 Special Thanks

We need to give some attribute on all the people of the community that help us maintain the code by reporting bugs, translating the addon, contributing to our code and donating to the project. Thank YOU!

📜 License

This project is under The MIT license. We do although appreciate attribute.

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