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Release v4.0.0

@GramThanos GramThanos released this
· 1639 commits to master since this release
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  • Addon re-written
    • Global: Locations-Menu needs a click to change (default disabled)
    • [NEW] Global: Horizontal page scroll is enabled
    • [NEW] Global: Item shadow based on their quality
    • [NEW] Server event timers (time to attack and available points)
    • Addon's version on the bottom (with link to homepage)
    • Global: Extend hp/xp info (more info + shows time to full life)
    • Global: Life potion shortcut next to hp bar
    • Global: Shortcut Buttons bar (enable-disable buttons)
    • Global: Auction status bar + notifications
    • [NEW] Global: Bag/items settings, gear icon to toggle them
    • Top bar when scrolling down (various info + life bar)
    • Advance Main menu with shortcuts
    • Attacked timers
    • Main menu: Quest timer
    • Main menu: Merchants Timer
    • [NEW] Main menu: Forge Timers (forge/smelt)
    • [NEW] Main menu: Dice event timer
    • Global: Remember merchants tabs
    • Underworld: Pray buff shortCut
    • [NEW] Global: Gear icon leading to each page's settings on the bottom
    • [NEW] Sound / Browser notifications for Missions, Dungeons and Arenas
    • [NEW] Gold / Experience stats monitor
    • Guild Admin: application alert + Check Interval
    • Overview: Show the cap values of Resilience and Block
    • Overview: Display for each mercenary its tooltip (base stats)
    • Overview: Mercenaries management interface
    • Overview: Items that will give you more Life Point than you need will be transparent
    • [NEW] Overview: Food life gain (onmouseover)
    • [NEW] Overview: Food show best food (yellow shadow)
    • [NEW] Overview: Daily bonus log
    • [NEW] Overview: Drag&Drop item to see the material needed to repair it
    • [NEW] Overview: Show buff's detailed timer on tooltip
    • Overview Stats: Show more stats
    • [NEW] Overview Achievements: Improve Layout
    • [NEW] Overview Costumes: Show part number for each costume
    • Quests: order by category
    • Quests: detailed rewards
    • Quests: Finished and Failed quests on top
    • [NEW] Pantheon Missions: Show completed missions
    • Pantheon Gods: Percent(%) of points, red color on 100%
    • Mystery Box: Open all
    • [NEW] Mystery Box: Show rewards' value in rubies
    • Guild Jail: UI improvements: Visible cells with the creatures inside
    • Guild Jail: Creatures are sorted by level
    • Guild Library: Level of each buff and what the buff do are now directly visible
    • Guild Library: Transparency for item that you can't store in library
    • Guild Library: Gold in guild bank after the use of buff is displayed in a tooltip over the buff cost
    • Guild Library: Cost per stat point of each buff is displayed in a tooltip over the buff time
    • Guild Library: Some style changes (ex. enable/delete buttons)
    • Guild Bank: Better style (Counting)
    • Guild Bank: Correcting the donate field code to number type
    • Guild Bank: "Add all" button
    • Guild Bank: Show total donations
    • Guild Bank: Percent of donated amount of each player
    • Guild Bank: Ex-guild members are combine to one row
    • Guild Bank: Highlight your player
    • Guild Medic: More information over your life changes
    • Arena: Order players by level on Cross Server Arenas
    • [NEW] Arena: Option to ignore attack confirmations (default: disabled)
    • [NEW] Arena: simulator shortcut
    • Training: Show stats changes on upgrade
    • [NEW] Training: Cost calculator
    • [NEW] Training: Multiple points train
    • [NEW] Training: Show basic points bars
    • [NEW] Training: Stats breakdown calculator (Block, Critical hits etc...)
    • Merchants: Remember tabs
    • Merchants: Fade items you can not buy
    • [NEW] Magus: Fade items you can not improve
    • Auction: 3 columns style
    • Auction: Items you can afford
    • Auction: Hide your gold system / More info about prices (value compared to price)
    • Auction: Level of each item is visible (up-right corner)
    • Auction: Item levels you can see in auction are shown in building's description
    • Auction: Number of Price/Value % on auction Auction (ex. "(153%)")
    • Auction: Multiple bids without page refresh
    • [NEW] Auction: Extra stats shown on item images (only on food for now)
    • Market: Cancel all items with one button
    • Market: Item levels you can see in market are shown in building's description
    • [NEW] Market: Red background on items that are souldbound & confirmation on buy
    • [NEW] Market: Orange background on 1 gold items & confirmation on buy (default disabled)
    • Locations: Show enemies' materials most dropped (drops changed? new drops? new area... - underworld/events)
    • Locations: Underworld enemies interface converted to old style
    • Messages: New Layout
    • Messages: Guild Mates informations (level - rank)
    • Messages: Day separators
    • [NEW] Messages: Highlight unread messages
    • [NEW] Messages: Show message links below
    • [NEW] Messages: Load guild battles report
    • [NEW] Messages: Sidebar buttons (number of messages + Click to go)
    • [NEW] Messages: Fix header link click bug
    • Message: Auto focus on new message
    • Message: List of friends and guild mates on new message
    • Message: Bigger textarea on new message
    • Reports: Improved style / Day separators
    • Reports: Rewarded items stats on mouse over (tooltips)
    • Packages: Better item add/remove wrapper - catch no item etc.
    • Packages: Load more pages - paging fix (has a bug when on last page)
    • [NEW] Packages: Filters on the left side
    • [NEW] Packages: Compact layout
    • [NEW] Packages: New item category "Event items"
    • Player: Stats page ratios and totals
    • Player: Buff bar over players
    • Player Description: Preview when you edit your description
    • [NEW] Forge/Workbench: Links to your bag and the market of the remaining needed materials
    • [NEW] Forge/Workbench: Guild message with the remaining needed materials + probable quality
    • [NEW] Forge/Smelt: Timers on main menu + Notifications when done

(Firefox version was signed as v4.0.1 due to some technical problems)