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Release v4.0.2

@GramThanos GramThanos released this
· 1513 commits to master since this release
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improvements bug fixes translations


    • Global
      • Go-to-top button on fixed-top-bar
      • Centurio + PowerUps timers
      • Inventory gold info
      • Durability+Conditioning is shown on items, bottom left (default disabled)
      • Warning when durability+conditioning of your gear is under a % (default 25%)
      • Transparency / Red shadow on foods when in underworld
    • Auction
      • More min-levels in search options (from min to max item levels you can see, with a step of 2)
      • Gold counting improvements when multi-bidding
    • Market
      • Remember last chosen sell duration (default disabled)
      • Remember last items' sort order (default disabled)
      • Improve item's sort order with proper icons on table's header
      • Default sell duration can be changed from settings
      • Toggle button changing sell price to 1 gold
    • Main Menu
      • Add shortcut to workbench (item repair) next to malefica (>)
    • Messages
      • Added cache on messages guild battle info (less requests to the server)
    • Settings
      • Ability to export/import/reset/clear addon's options/data
      • GCA logo updated
    • Global
      • Disabled execution on login screen
      • "No data" translation fix
      • Refresh/Save guild info every 24h ("Sent guild message" fix)
      • Fixed-top-bar gca version hidden on small screens
      • Auction status style fix on firefox
      • Small fixes here and there
    • Arena
      • "Sort players by level" was sorting as strings
      • "Ignore Attack Confirmations" was not working in every arena type
    • Auction
      • Fixed auction's 3-column-style override from the side menu
    • Messages
      • Refresh/Save guild info when unknown guild member message is found (guild message not reaching every player fix)
    • Settings
      • No settings bug fixed
    • Packages
      • Page's value of items was not displayed sometimes
    • Chat
      • Features not running when chat was enabled
    • Market
      • Cancel All button didn't work when there was only 1 item in market
      • Soulbound warning not shown on your items any more
    • Updates
      • Greek Translation by GreatApo and DarkThanos
      • Latvian Translation by DarkSide666
      • Turkish Translation by Xus