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Release v4.3.0

@GreatApo GreatApo released this
· 868 commits to master since this release
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    • General
      • After gold donation show gold left (in case the page was outdated)
      • Full recipes info were added, new options added for materials on tooltips (data load on the background)
      • Backup redirect back to game, not to lobby (Gladiatus bug)
      • Added notification when guild war attack cooldown is over (default disabled)
      • Clicking some notification will redirect you to the relevant page (auction, smeltery, workbench, guild etc) (thanks mehmetkaradeniz)
      • Reserving position when auto-moving items
      • Display mercenaries real names (type) on tooltips
      • Added Global Arena timer
    • Overview
      • Double click to consume item (disabled by default)
    • Forge & Smeltery
      • Smeltery: Added button to gather all completed smelts
      • Added item shadow on forge and smeltery
      • Added horreum materials info under forge (before forge start)
      • Forge: Added tooltips on materials with owned amounts per quality
    • Guild
      • Applications: Added player rank on application accept (no Admin rank for now)
      • Donation Book: Highlight donations changes since last visit
      • Storage: Added move by double-click
      • War Camp: Added link to Gladiatorius and direct attack button for each enemy guild
    • Packages
      • Show icon 📜 on items that consist of unknown scrolls
      • UI improvements: Remove level on gold item and durability when 100%
      • More settings for special category features
    • Search
      • Added guild mates and target list highlighting
    • Settings
      • Added option to clear cached data
    • Messages
      • Added shortcut links to messages folders when in messages
    • Reports
      • Turma reports analyzer improvements
        • Identify same name mercenaries of different owner
        • Calculate threat on each round
        • Show more fight stats (average damage/heal, misses/hits, points %)
    • Training
      • Multi-train is now limited to maximum training possible at the current level
      • Cost estimate in not limited to 99 trainings anymore, if such trainings are possible at the current or next level
    • Merchants
      • Added search-box to find items in merchants
    • Arena
      • Added Global Arena fight reports
    • Market
      • Items placed in the sell box can now be sold by pressing [ENTER]
    • Auction
      • New button (coin icon) that hides/shows items that have a lower value than bid price

    • General
      • GCA homepage and Simulator links changed
      • Edge browser compatibility fixes
      • Fixed many right-to-left UI bugs (reports, global arena, horreum, market)
      • Fixed failed to match guild tag when checking online players
      • Fixed active bonuses bug #163
      • Fixed 0 user id (this may clear your data)
      • Avoid the use of innerHTML in a number of scripts
      • Fixed Gold & Exp data tracker bug #40
    • Packages
      • Fixed souldbound icons bug (caused the script to crash)
      • Soul-bound icon code was running twice
    • Arena
      • Ignore attack confirmations was re-scripted
      • Fixed crash when less than 5 players on the list (thanks laku)
    • Training
      • Multi-train and cost prediction fixes when free training points are available
      • Small style tweaks
    • Achievements
      • Fixed rtl servers visual bug
    • Forge
      • Guild message success notification now is green
      • Disallow items drop directly from the char doll
      • Code running bug fix when submod is "index"
    • Highscore
      • Fixed error on highscore script
    • Guild
      • Jail: Fixed Pope Sasama's image issue on some servers
    • Settings
      • Firefox small visual bug on player description preview fix

    • Updates
      • Fixed pl translation mistake
      • Greek updated
      • Estonian updated by R3alSt4r
      • Croatian updated by Tharacius