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Use Reveal with RubyMotion apps.

This is a very simple gem. Check the lib/motion-reveal.rb source and see it for yourself.


Download Reveal and move it to your applications folder (/Applications)

With Bundler

  1. Add motion-reveal gem to your Gemfile
gem 'motion-reveal'
  1. $ bundle install

Without Bundler

  1. install the motion-reveal gem
    $ gem install motion-reveal
  2. add to your RubyMotion app Rakefile:
require 'rubygems'
require 'motion-reveal'


There is also a Cocoapod spec for Reveal. You can integrate Cocoapods into your Rubymotion project using the excelent motion-cocoapod gem. Check Mark Rickert's blog for a few tips on how to integrate both.

Have Fun!


  • @TBD - gem idea and boilerplate code
  • @y8 - Fix compatiblity issue with Reveal 1.5
  • @dchersey Reveal 2.0 support