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Releases: Dioptas/Dioptas

Dioptas 0.5.9

13 Nov 19:35
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New Features

- Intensity scaling is now persistent across Calibration, Mask and Integration tab
- Additional configuration available  the scaling of images

Bug Fixes

- autoscaling images with detector gaps and large values in them (e.g. ESRF Dectris data) will now automatically ignore
  these gaps 
- when importing cifs all rhombohedral space groups can now also be in a hexagonal setting (was previously only possible for 167)

Dioptas 0.5.8

28 Sep 16:24
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0.5.8 (stable 29.09.2023)

New features:

- scale menu next to the image color scale (Thanks to @t20100)
    - can be opened by clicking the gear wheel
    - allows for manual selection of minimum and maximum values
    - scaling can be set to logarithmic and square root (default is linear)
    - extra button to redo the autoscaling
- autoscale implementation is now better working with large values (e.g. ESRF Dectris Eiger images)
  (Thanks to @t20100)

Bug Fixes:

- fix issues with type of the radial bin number being float instead of int -> this caused issues with the
  integration of cake when setting a manual radial bin number
- cosmic removal is now working again
- fixes issue with auto peak number increasing while the checkbox for it was unchecked
- no more error message when mouse is hovering over the cake image at 0 indices of the image
- changing the color of an overlay or phase item is now working correctly again
- the mask is now correctly reset when batch integration is started with images of different shape

Dioptas 0.5.7

24 Apr 16:01
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New features:

  • saving in batch window will now also save background subtracted patterns, if enabled in the pattern widget
  • upgraded dependency pyqt5 to pyqt6 which should result in improvements for high dpi screens
  • added a new "integrate" button to the batch widget, which will integrate all images in the batch widget
  • now compatible with python 3.11, whenever possible the created executables are compiled with python 3.11
  • dropping support for python 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8 and focusing on compatibility with python 3.9, 3.10 and 3.11


  • fix numpy float conversion issue due to deprecated numpy.float
  • reading cif files with missing volume tag will now work correctly and the volume will be calculated from cell parameters (PR #140, thanks to @ScottNotFound)

Dioptas 0.5.5

06 Dec 09:42
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New features:

  • added a normalize button to the batch widget, which will normalize all batch integrated patterns
    to the starting area (i.e. the first 10-30 values of the pattern)
  • batch integration starts immediate after selecting the files
  • added browsing between folders in batch widget


  • fixed issue with image transformations (rotations and flips)
  • fix issues with font size on some high dpi settings in white text boxes
  • improve resize behavior (dragging the splitter) in the integration view
  • fixed issue with resizing batch widget when filepaths were long

Dioptas 0.5.4

22 Dec 20:23
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New features:

  • made openGL dependency for Batch widget addition optional. --> this means executables are now working properly under Mac OS X again
  • Batch waterfall plot is now possible with background subtraction enabled
  • Batch heatmap can now be trimmed along x axis (new T Button) - region of trimming is synchronized with the main Dioptas background controls
  • improvements on Batch widget interface - buttons are now only visible when necessary, added more tooltips, slightly redesigned gui, improved background calculation with d-spacing as axis unit

Bug Fixes:

  • fixes issue with mask button toggle when in cake mode
  • fixes the error appearing when clicking into the cake image in the integration window
  • fixes axes not updating when zooming in and out in cake widget and batch widget
  • fixes background subtraction as shown in contour plot of Batch widget (2D view) and in waterfall/overlays 1D representation of the main Dioptas window
  • fixes switching between x-axis units (2th, d-spacing, Q) in Batch widget
  • fixes intensity estimation in Batch widget (lower right corner) when background subtraction is activated.
  • fixes issues with representation of phases inside the contour plot of Batch widget, e.g. resetting of the "Show Phases" button state upon file information reloading, updating position of the phases upon user input, etc
  • sources selection box is not shown in pattern control widget anymore
  • tth/q/d vertical green line position is now correctly synchronized between image, cake, pattern and batch widget

Dioptas 0.5.3a

10 Oct 13:47
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New features:

  • pip package has now the correct dependencies

Bug Fixes:

  • small bug fixes for batch integration (checks whether calibration or mask is loaded)

Dioptas 0.5.3

05 Oct 04:54
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New features:

  • added a batch integration view (thanks to hard work of Mikhail Karnevskiy @ DESY). Here you can batch integrate your collection series and interact with a contour or 3D plot of the integrated patterns -> this also includes visualization of phases lines
  • reading ESRF hdf5 data files is now possible
  • combined patterns from multiple configurations can now be saved as a file (save button on the upper right)

Bug Fixes:

  • no longer remove integrated intensities below 0, instead now only values with equal to 0 are removed (this should fix all the issues with background corrected images)
  • reimplemented the automatic file recognition algorithm of the autoprocess integration function. This should now work much more reliable also on network drives and linux systems
  • QT high dpi scaling is now only activated for Windows and Mac OS X -> Disabling it on Linux fixes the display bugs encountered here and it is usable with low and high dpi screens (it was not working correctly)

Dioptas 0.5.2

26 Nov 12:28
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New features:

  • Added an azimuthal histogram for the cake view, please check the X-Tab in the integration view to change the integration bins in 2 theta direction
  • Azimuthal range for 1d integration can now be set in the X-Tab

Bug Fixes:

  • fix calibration algorithm, which was currently failing most of the time for difficult geometries. It should now work correctly again as in 0.5.0
  • fix display bug which was showing horizontal scroll bar in "calibration parameters" on some linux systems
  • disable QT high dpi mode for Linux platforms, which was causing very tiny font sizes. It is working correctly without it

Dioptas 0.5.1

05 May 19:17
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New features:

  • Phase lines can now be shown in the Cake Widget. Intensity is shown as thickness and opacity of the lines.
  • Phase line parameters can now be copied out of the jcpds widget by using ctrl+c and used directly in your
    preferred table/text editor
  • Added a Detector Groupbox in the Calibration Widget. Predefined Detectors can now be loaded as well as Nexus Detector files. This enables to load e.g. Nexus detector h5 files which include positions for each pixel.
    (distortion correction and also useful for combined detector modules not adjacent to each other).
  • Added a Continuous Delivery Pipelines, which automatically create executables for all operating systems
    (Thanks to Github Actions)

Bug Fixes:

  • having parameters fixed during calibration works now correctly
  • the refine button now also works without automatic refinement and with just a calibration loaded from a file
  • reading trigonal rhombic cif files works now correctly
  • setting the dk/dT parameter now changes the Bulk Modulus of a phase. This parameter was previously ignored.
  • entering the range for the automatic background subtraction works now correctly
  • the motor setup widget is now not showing anymore after starting Dioptas on OS X
  • fixed double logarithm for the intensity distribution display histogram
  • (re)loading of a project with image transformations should now work correctly
  • loading cif files with the newer '_space_group_IT_number' representation work now correctly
  • green line in cake widget is now shown correctly upon reloading dioptas

Dioptas 0.5.0

05 Mar 22:24
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New features:

  • Added the capability of using detector distortion correction defined by spline files generated from Fit2D (please
    see the calibration parameters)
  • PONI and rotation parameters can now be fixed during the calibration
  • redesigned parts of the GUI: (1) the top controls in the Integration view no adapt to the used width, and split into two groups to make use of the space. (2) Overlay and Phase Control Widgets now are mainly controlled by buttons and the important parameter can be changed for each item individually in the table. (3) There is now a different view mode for the integration view, where image and integrated pattern are shown on the left, and all control panels are on the right. This can be activated by using the change view button on the lower left.
  • the cBN Seat Correction and Detector Incidence Absoprtion Correction Controls have been redesigned
  • Added the option to use a transfer correction for image intensities. Please see the Cor tab in the integration
  • azimuthal bins and azimuthal range for the cake integration can now be adjusted manually in the X tab
  • the cake image can now be exported (press the save button below the image)
  • auto-extracted Pattern background can now be saved as file or later reused as overlay
  • the background subtraction algorithm is now also rewritten in cython, which should make deployment easier
  • a button was added to undo the last peak selection in the calibration tab
  • the jcpds editor now also shows q-values for each line

Bug fixes:

  • cosmic removal in the mask panel is now working again
  • changing the radial bins in the X tab in the integration view works now correctly again
  • phases with trigonal symmetry should now work correctly
  • saved background range should now correctly restore after restarting Dioptas
  • browsing files works now correctly from 10 to 9 without leading zeros
  • loading a *.poni file prior to an image will not result in an error message anymore