The aim of this project is to use Public Key Encryption to ensure and enforce the securty principles of "Separation of Duties" in Ruby on Rails applications
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What is it?

A class that assists in encrypting and decrypting data using a combination of RSA and AES

Data will be AES encrypted for speed, the Key and IV used in the AES stage will be encrypted using RSA

ssl =, private_key, passphrase, "aes-256-cbc")

data ="largefile.dat")

crypted_data = ssl.encrypt_with_private(data)

pp crypted_data

This will result in a hash of data like:

crypted = {:key  => "crd4NHvG....=",
           :data => "XWXlqN+i...=="}

The key and data will be base 64 encoded already

You can pass the data hash into ssl.decrypt_with_public which should return your original data

There are matching methods for using a public key to encrypt data to be decrypted using a private key

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Apache 2.0


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