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Main Features

  • Online rules: Community-powered rules provide the max coverage of junk files.

  • Tiny, tiny, tiny: Tiny is always our mission. Dir is only 5M in APK and will never run in the background without your acknowledgement

  • Material Design: Our apps all follow Material Design, which will offer you enjoyable experiences.

  • Prevent new files from being created (Advanced): Dir can prevent some folders being created again.

Clean for everyone

  • Maximum compatibility: From Android 4.1 to the latest version are all supported. Moreover, Dir does not require Root permission or other any kind of hacking. (Except root preventing: advaned users only)

  • Maximum coverage: Our community provides more than one thousand identified junk files. We are continually working on it to identify more.

Build a positive community

The core of Dir is community-powered: Dir has a large online database of rules. Rules describe where junk files are, and how to clean them. Contributing to the database is easy, and you can also participate in it.

Always up to date

Dir can update your local copy of rules database. You just need one click, and you will get all new community contributed rules.

Start cleaning now

Try Dir: free download

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