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from django.conf import settings
from django.utils import tree
from haystack.backends import log_query, EmptyResults, BaseEngine, SearchNode
from haystack.backends.solr_backend import SolrSearchBackend, SolrSearchQuery
from haystack.constants import ID, DJANGO_CT, DJANGO_ID
from haystack.models import SearchResult
from haystack.query import SearchQuerySet, SQ
from pysolr import SolrError
class GroupQuerySet(SearchQuerySet):
def group_query(self, *args, **kwargs):
Performs a group query against a standard query.
Works in the same manner as .filter().
clone = self._clone()
clone.query.add_group_query(*args, **kwargs)
return clone
def __len__(self):
if not self.query._results:
qc = self.query.get_count()
return len(self.query._results)
class GroupQueryError(Exception):
def __init__(self, value):
self.param = value
def __str__(self):
return repr(self.param)
class SolrGroupSearchBackend(SolrSearchBackend):
Solr's result grouping feature is very useful but provides results of
a different structure than standard "vanilla" queries that pysolr &
Haystack are oriented toward. This backend, in conjunction with my
fork of pysolr, the SolrGroupSearchQuery and GroupQuerySet, provides
compatibility with results of this nature.
def search(self, query_string, sort_by=None, start_offset=0, end_offset=None,
fields='', highlight=False, facets=None, date_facets=None,
query_facets=None, narrow_queries=None, spelling_query=None,
limit_to_registered_models=None, result_class=None, group=True,
group_ngroups=True, group_query=[], group_format="simple",
if not group_query:
raise GroupQueryError("You must specify at least one group query.")
if len(query_string) == 0:
return {
'results': [],
'hits': 0,
kwargs = {
'fl': '* score',
'group': group,
'group.ngroups': group_ngroups,
'group.format': group_format,
'group.query': group_query
if fields:
kwargs['fl'] = fields
if sort_by is not None:
kwargs['sort'] = sort_by
if start_offset is None and end_offset is None:
kwargs['rows'] = 1
elif start_offset is not None:
kwargs['start'] = start_offset
elif end_offset is not None:
kwargs['rows'] = end_offset - start_offset
if highlight is True:
kwargs['hl'] = 'true'
kwargs['hl.fragsize'] = '200'
if self.include_spelling is True:
kwargs['spellcheck'] = 'true'
kwargs['spellcheck.collate'] = 'true'
kwargs['spellcheck.count'] = 1
if spelling_query:
kwargs['spellcheck.q'] = spelling_query
if facets is not None:
kwargs['facet'] = 'on'
kwargs['facet.field'] = facets.keys()
for facet_field, options in facets.items():
for key, value in options.items():
kwargs['f.%s.facet.%s' % (facet_field, key)] = self.conn._from_python(value)
kwargs['group'] = self.conn._from_python(kwargs['group'])
kwargs['group.ngroups'] = self.conn._from_python(kwargs['group.ngroups'])
if date_facets is not None:
kwargs['facet'] = 'on'
kwargs[''] = date_facets.keys()
kwargs[''] = 'none'
for key, value in date_facets.items():
kwargs["" % key] = self.conn._from_python(
kwargs["" % key] = self.conn._from_python(
gap_by_string = value.get('gap_by').upper()
gap_string = "%d%s" % (value.get('gap_amount'), gap_by_string)
if value.get('gap_amount') != 1:
gap_string += "S"
kwargs["" % key] = '+%s/%s' % (gap_string,
if query_facets is not None:
kwargs['facet'] = 'on'
kwargs['facet.query'] = ["%s:%s" % (field, value) for field, value
in query_facets]
if limit_to_registered_models is None:
limit_to_registered_models = getattr(settings, lrm, True)
if limit_to_registered_models:
# Using narrow queries, limit the results to only models handled
# with the current routers.
if narrow_queries is None:
narrow_queries = set()
registered_models = self.build_models_list()
if len(registered_models) > 0:
narrow_queries.add('%s:(%s)' % (DJANGO_CT,
' OR '.join(registered_models)))
if narrow_queries is not None:
kwargs['fq'] = list(narrow_queries)
raw_results =, **kwargs)
except (IOError, SolrError) as e:
if not self.silently_fail:
self.log.error("Failed to query Solr using '%s': %s", query_string,
raw_results = [EmptyResults()]
if hasattr(raw_results, 'grouped'):
return [self._process_results(res, highlight=highlight,
for res in raw_results.grouped.iteritems()]
return []
def _process_results(self, raw_results, highlight=False, result_class=None):
from haystack import connections
results = []
hits = raw_results[1]['doclist']['numFound']
except (KeyError, IndexError):
hits = 0
group = raw_results[0]
except IndexError:
group = ""
facets = {}
spelling_suggestion = None
if result_class is None:
result_class = SearchResult
if hasattr(raw_results, 'facets'):
facets = {
'fields': raw_results.facets.get('facet_fields', {}),
'dates': raw_results.facets.get('facet_dates', {}),
'queries': raw_results.facets.get('facet_queries', {}),
for key in ['fields']:
for facet_field in facets[key]:
# Convert to a two-tuple, as Solr's json format returns a list of
# pairs.
facets[key][facet_field] = zip(facets[key][facet_field][::2],
if self.include_spelling is True:
if hasattr(raw_results, 'spellcheck'):
if len(raw_results.spellcheck.get('suggestions', [])):
# For some reason, it's an array of pairs. Pull off the
# collated result from the end.
spelling_suggestion = raw_results.spellcheck.get('suggestions')[-1]
return {
'group': group,
'results': results,
'hits': hits,
'facets': facets,
'spelling_suggestion': spelling_suggestion
class SolrGroupSearchQuery(SolrSearchQuery):
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
super(SolrGroupSearchQuery, self).__init__(**kwargs) = True
self.gquery_filter = SearchNode()
self.group_format = "simple"
self.group_ngroups = True
self.group_queries = set()
def add_group_query(self, query_filter, use_or=False, is_master=True,
Adds a group query to the current query.
if use_or:
connector = SQ.OR
connector = SQ.AND
if self.gquery_filter and query_filter.connector != SQ.AND and len(query_filter) > 1:
subtree = True
subtree = False
for child in query_filter.children:
if isinstance(child, tree.Node):
self.add_group_query(child, is_master=False)
expression, value = child
self.gquery_filter.add((expression, value), connector)
connector = query_filter.connector
if query_filter.negated:
if subtree:
if is_master:
# If and only if we have iterated through all the children of the
# query_filter, the SQ object, append the query fragment to the
# set of group queries, and reset self.gquery_filter back to an
# empty SearchNode.
qfrag = self.gquery_filter.as_query_string(self.build_query_fragment)
# If specified, add a local param to identify individual group
# query statements.
if tag:
qfrag = '{!tag="%s"} ' % str(tag) + qfrag
if qfrag:
self.gquery_filter = SearchNode()
def run(self, spelling_query=None, **kwargs):
"""Builds & executes the query. Returns a list of result groupings."""
final_query = self.build_query()
kwargs['start_offset'] = self.start_offset
kwargs['result_class'] = self.result_class
kwargs['group_query'] = [i for i in self.group_queries]
kwargs['group_format'] = self.group_format
kwargs['group_ngroups'] = self.group_ngroups
if self.order_by:
order_by_list = []
for order_by in self.order_by:
if order_by.startswith('-'):
order_by_list.append('%s desc' % order_by[1:])
order_by_list.append('%s asc' % order_by)
kwargs['sort_by'] = ", ".join(order_by_list)
if self.narrow_queries:
kwargs['narrow_queries'] = self.narrow_queries
if self.query_facets:
kwargs['query_facets'] = self.query_facets
if self.end_offset is not None:
kwargs['end_offset'] = self.end_offset
if self.highlight:
kwargs['highlight'] = self.highlight
if spelling_query:
kwargs['spelling_query'] = spelling_query
self._results =, **kwargs)
self._hit_count = sum([r['hits'] for r in self._results])
def has_run(self):
"""Indicates if any query has been run."""
return None not in (self._results, self._hit_count)
def _clone(self, **kwargs):
clone = super(SolrGroupSearchQuery, self)._clone(**kwargs)
clone.group_queries = self.group_queries
return clone
class SolrGrpEngine(BaseEngine):
backend = SolrGroupSearchBackend
query = SolrGroupSearchQuery
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