A simple PHP based directory lister that lists a directory and all it's sub-directories and allows you to navigate there within.
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Directory Lister - The simple PHP directory lister

Created by, Chris Kankiewicz


Directory Lister is a simple PHP script that lists the contents of any web-accessable directory and allows navigating there within. Simply upload Directory Lister to any directory and get immediate access to all files and sub-direcories under that directory. Directory Lister is written in PHP and distributed under the MIT License.

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More info available at http://www.directorylister.com


  • Extremely simple installation
  • Creates on-the-fly listing of any web-accessable directory
  • Custimizable sort order of files/folders
  • Easily define hidden files to be excluded from the listing


Directory Lister requires PHP 5.3+ to work properly. For more information on PHP, please visit http://www.php.net.


  1. Copy resources/default.config.php to resources/config.php
  2. Upload index.php and the resources folder to the folder you want listed
  3. Upload additional files to the same directory as index.php


Ensure you have the latest version of Directory Lister installed.

Verify that you have PHP 5.3 or later installed. You can verify your PHP version by running:

php --version

Contact Info

Contact us via our mailling list at Directory-Lister@GoogleGroups.com or join our Google Group online.

Follow Directory Lister on Twitter at @DirectoryLister or follow the developer at @PHLAK

Find a problem or bug with Directory Lister? Open an issue on GitHub.


Directory Lister is distributed under the terms of the MIT License. Copyright 2017 Chris Kankiewicz