Implements a WPF/MVVM Control libray (with backend) that manages a MRU (Most Recently Used) list of files
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The MRUib project supplies MVVM/WPF controls that manage a Most Recently Used list of files. See CodeProject article for more details.

Details and Demo Applications

This library Implements a WPF/MVVM Control libray (with backend) that manages a Most Recently Used list of files:

  • with saving/loading settings from to XML
  • List can be grouped by last access (Pinned, Today, Yesterday, Last Week)
  • A recently used files menu entry sorted by last access (without grouping is also supported)
  • Pinned entries can be moved up and down in the list
  • List entries can be removed based on their age (e.g. Remove all entries older than 1 week)
  • Support for Light/Dark theming is build in

There is a demo application and unit test project to demonstrate usage of the control and document each feature, such as, the ability to configure a minimum and maximum value that can be used to keep the resulting number of list entries within defined bounds.


Load Light or Dark brush resources in you resource dictionary to take advantage of existing definitions.

        <ResourceDictionary Source="/MRULib;component/Themes/DarkBrushes.xaml" />
        <ResourceDictionary Source="/MRULib;component/Themes/LightBrushes.xaml" />

These definitions do not theme all controls used within this library. You should use a standard theming library, such as:

to also theme standard elements, such as, button and textblock etc.

This library is the third attempt on the subject. See Codeplex to find the last version of this library:

screenshot screenshot screenshot