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DU Scripts

Build scripts

To use the Nico-Build-Script

git clone this repo

Open up a terminal in a directory where you want to download it and copy/paste this

git clone

Now with your file browser go into the DU-Scripts folder and copy the file and paste it in your DU root source.

After doing that, you are ready to use the script simply by this way :

Open up a terminal or if you have the old terminal still open, in your DU root source and type this .

After, simply respond to what is displayed to compile the build.

To use the Nathan-Build-Script

git clone this repo

cd/navigate into build-script and open either with a text editor or in terminal using nano and fill in the following areas


Only fill out these if you want a custom user@host in the kernel version


Only fill this one out if you want something out than Dirty Deeds to show up as your build type

  • export DU_BUILD_TYPE