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Latest commit 2d0d5ea Oct 28, 2016 Andreas Gampe committed with nychitman1 Zygote: Avoid string concatentation for systrace
Avoid the allocation of an unneeded string. With more than 4000
classes being preloaded, this adds up.

Test: m
Test: device boots
Change-Id: I61f10f61ebdd08d17e09aaedd8bf54cc40c41838
Signed-off-by: Alex Naidis <>
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api Add DU Updater build.prop ID Jan 14, 2017
cmds N-Extras: Add dynamic theme BootAnimation support Dec 10, 2016
core Zygote: Avoid string concatentation for systrace Jan 23, 2017
data Revert "Fix issue when start android/… Jan 18, 2017
docs docs: change gpu debugger redirect b/31781348 am: afbf16f Oct 25, 2016
drm Discourage use of "_data" column. Jan 6, 2016
graphics N-Extras: Add dynamic theme fonts support Dec 10, 2016
include Integrate OverlayManagerService into framework [3/11] Dec 10, 2016
keystore docs: Fixed broken link to Android KeyStore facility am: c0c4ac5 Sep 26, 2016
libs Avoid starving RT anims Jan 23, 2017
location Merge tag 'android-7.1.1_r4' of… Dec 10, 2016
media [1/3] Add increasing ring feature Jan 20, 2017
native Sensor: Add batch support for native applications Mar 17, 2016
nfc-extras Clean up dist files. May 21, 2013
obex Allow getResponseCode to block if response hasn't been received from … Aug 29, 2016
opengl/java update GlSurfaceView:onPause/Resume docs Jun 29, 2016
packages Integer.valueOf() -> Integer.parseInt() to avoid allocation. Jan 23, 2017
proto Merge tag 'android-7.1.1_r4' of… Dec 10, 2016
rs Correctly pass number of input allocations for BLAS Oct 7, 2016
samples/training/network-usage cherrypick from ics-mr1 docs: source for nw app Change-Id: If50f407a0… Aug 8, 2012
sax Remove unused imports from frameworks/base. Nov 20, 2013
services Fix for reboot due to Volume State not updated in callback Jan 23, 2017
telecomm/java Framework fixes to support VoLTE conf calls via RemoteConnectionServi… Oct 17, 2016
telephony/java Telephony: Don't crash for too long baseband version Jan 8, 2017
test-runner ContextImpl: Keep DisplayAdjustments and Display in sync Jun 22, 2016
tests Merge "Slow RecyclerView item binding benchmark" into nyc-mr1-dev Sep 16, 2016
tools aapt: add check for untranslatable "string-array"s Dec 31, 2016
wifi/java/android/net/wifi Implement SOFTAP new requirement in framework Dec 23, 2016 Introduce the OverlayManagerService [2/11] Dec 10, 2016 Fix incremental build Mar 3, 2016
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843 Mar 4, 2009
NOTICE Original DnsSd TxtRecord file Apr 4, 2012
compiled-classes-phone Frameworks/base: Update compiled-classes-phone Jun 7, 2016
preloaded-classes Frameworks/base: Update preloaded-classes Jun 6, 2016