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Disciple.Ding blog

The source code for my blog,

I'm constantly rewriting / refactoring this silly little blog using the latest and buzziest tech, so that I can stay up to date on these libraries and frameworks.

Current buzzwords:

  • main tech
    • Vue 2 & vue-router & vuex
    • TypeScript
    • ES2015
    • Koa 2
    • GraphQL
    • SSR(Server side render)
    • PWA(progressive web apps)
  • style & template
  • package
    • Webpack 3
  • publish
    • docker
    • docker-compose

Branch State

As a result of rewriting / refactoring, there're several versions code using different framwork or strategy, and that will on different branches. If you have any interest on that, you can checkout it easily.(Except master, other branches will not be updated.)

  • master: Vue + TypeScript + SSR
  • vue-js-ssr: Vue + ES6+ + SSR
  • vue-js-spa: Vue + ES6+ + SPA

Dev env

Need node 8 above.


npm i


npm start

Production env


npm i


npm run build

Start server

npm run start:server

Stop server

npm run stop:server