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Location Grid Project is a geographic reference for saturation efforts.
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The Location Grid Project hopes to offer a cross-referenced grid for reporting on movement progress across the planet, while at the same time is location sensitive for activity in dangerous or anti-christian locations and compliance with increasing privacy laws like GDPR.

The project serves to support the vision of consistently tracking church planting movement efforts globally in a way that allows networks and different organizations to share location sensitive reports to visualize and respond to areas of disciple making movement and areas where there is no disciple making movement.

The project offers a global grid of unique location ids for countries, states, and counties, longitude/latitude, populations for those administrative areas, and the supporting geojson polygon files for lightweight application display.

The polygon source data began with GADM public polygon sets and then the geojson files were generated and keyed to the grid system.

The administrative boundary information (north, south, east, west) has been generated from currently available polygons by the Location Grid Project.

Longitude and latitude centerpoint generated from the polygon data.

The hierarchy data in columns parent_id, admin0_grid_id, admin1_grid_id, admin2_grid_id, admin3_grid_id, admin4_grid_id, admin5_grid_id has been generated from the Geonames Hierarchy table by the Location Grid Project.


The location_grid table

The location grid table is a MYSQL table with 380,000 records for the administrative levels of the world. Based on the GADM polygon set. This table adds hierarchy, geonames cross-reference, bounding boxes, longitude and latitude for centerpoint, country_codes, and level descriptions.

Download Location Grid SQL Table (14.77 MB)

The location_grid_geometry table

The location_grid_geometry table has all polygons for each of the 380,000 administrative units cross-referenced to the location_grid table by grid_id.

Download Location_Grid_Geometry (1.81 GB)

The location-grid-mirror

The location grid mirror is a folder containing three folders: low, high, collection. The low and high folders contain .geojson files named by grid_id containing the polygon or multipolygon for the administrative unit and properties containing name, level names, and centerpoints. Those files in the low folder are compressed for web delivery, the high folder contains full resolution polygons. The collection folder contains .geojson files named by grid_id that contain a collection of the next level administrative polygons. i.e. the {state of colorado}.geojson file contains all the counties for Colorado in the single .geojson file. Each sub-administrative unit in the collection has properties including name, lng/lat centerpoint, and admin level data.

Download Location Grid Mirror (4.06 GB)

Grid_ID Ranges

Range Description
100,000,000 - 200,000,000 One hundred million to two hundred million is the id range for the location grid global admin levels
1,000,000,000 + 1 billion and higher is reserved for custom locations


location_grid table:

CREATE TABLE `location_grid` (
  `grid_id` bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `name` varchar(200) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  `level` float DEFAULT NULL,
  `level_name` varchar(7) DEFAULT NULL,
  `country_code` varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL,
  `admin0_code` varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL,
  `admin1_code` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `admin2_code` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `admin3_code` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `admin4_code` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `admin5_code` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `parent_id` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `admin0_grid_id` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `admin1_grid_id` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `admin2_grid_id` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `admin3_grid_id` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `admin4_grid_id` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `admin5_grid_id` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `longitude` float DEFAULT NULL,
  `latitude` float DEFAULT NULL,
  `north_latitude` float DEFAULT NULL,
  `south_latitude` float DEFAULT NULL,
  `west_longitude` float DEFAULT NULL,
  `east_longitude` float DEFAULT NULL,
  `population` bigint(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  `modification_date` date DEFAULT NULL,
  `geonames_ref` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `wikidata_ref` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`grid_id`),
  KEY `level` (`level`),
  KEY `latitude` (`latitude`),
  KEY `longitude` (`longitude`),
  KEY `admin0_code` (`admin0_code`),
  KEY `admin1_code` (`admin1_code`),
  KEY `admin2_code` (`admin2_code`),
  KEY `admin3_code` (`admin3_code`),
  KEY `admin4_code` (`admin4_code`),
  KEY `country_code` (`country_code`),
  KEY `north_latitude` (`north_latitude`),
  KEY `south_latitude` (`south_latitude`),
  KEY `parent_id` (`parent_id`),
  KEY `west_longitude` (`west_longitude`),
  KEY `east_longitude` (`east_longitude`),
  KEY `admin5_code` (`admin5_code`),
  KEY `admin0_grid_id` (`admin0_grid_id`),
  KEY `admin1_grid_id` (`admin1_grid_id`),
  KEY `admin2_grid_id` (`admin2_grid_id`),
  KEY `admin3_grid_id` (`admin3_grid_id`),
  KEY `admin4_grid_id` (`admin4_grid_id`),
  KEY `admin5_grid_id` (`admin5_grid_id`),
  KEY `level_name` (`level_name`),
  FULLTEXT KEY `name` (`name`)


CREATE TABLE `location_grid_geometry` (
  `grid_id` bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `geoJSON` longtext,
  PRIMARY KEY (`grid_id`)
Name Admin0 Code Level Name Number of Records
world 1
Aruba ABW admin0 1
Afghanistan AFG admin0 1
Afghanistan AFG admin1 34
Afghanistan AFG admin2 328
Angola AGO admin0 1
Angola AGO admin1 18
Angola AGO admin2 163
Angola AGO admin3 527
Anguilla AIA admin0 1
Åland ALA admin0 1
Åland ALA admin1 16
Albania ALB admin0 1
Albania ALB admin1 12
Albania ALB admin2 37
Albania ALB admin3 378
Andorra AND admin0 1
Andorra AND admin1 7
United Arab Emirates ARE admin0 1
United Arab Emirates ARE admin1 7
United Arab Emirates ARE admin2 195
United Arab Emirates ARE admin3 530
Argentina ARG admin0 1
Argentina ARG admin1 24
Argentina ARG admin2 503
Armenia ARM admin0 1
Armenia ARM admin1 11
American Samoa ASM admin0 1
American Samoa ASM admin1 4
American Samoa ASM admin2 16
American Samoa ASM admin3 74
Antarctica ATA admin0 1
French Southern Territories ATF admin0 1
French Southern Territories ATF admin1 4
Antigua and Barbuda ATG admin0 1
Antigua and Barbuda ATG admin1 8
Australia AUS admin0 1
Australia AUS admin1 11
Australia AUS admin2 569
Austria AUT admin0 1
Austria AUT admin1 9
Austria AUT admin2 96
Austria AUT admin3 2126
Azerbaijan AZE admin0 1
Azerbaijan AZE admin1 10
Azerbaijan AZE admin2 79
Burundi BDI admin0 1
Burundi BDI admin1 17
Burundi BDI admin2 133
Burundi BDI admin3 2644
Burundi BDI admin4 8756
Belgium BEL admin0 1
Belgium BEL admin1 3
Belgium BEL admin2 11
Belgium BEL admin3 43
Belgium BEL admin4 589
Benin BEN admin0 1
Benin BEN admin1 12
Benin BEN admin2 76
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba BES admin0 1
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba BES admin1 3
Burkina Faso BFA admin0 1
Burkina Faso BFA admin1 13
Burkina Faso BFA admin2 45
Burkina Faso BFA admin3 351
Bangladesh BGD admin0 1
Bangladesh BGD admin1 7
Bangladesh BGD admin2 64
Bangladesh BGD admin3 545
Bangladesh BGD admin4 5158
Bulgaria BGR admin0 1
Bulgaria BGR admin1 28
Bulgaria BGR admin2 263
Bahrain BHR admin0 1
Bahrain BHR admin1 5
Bahamas BHS admin0 1
Bahamas BHS admin1 32
Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH admin0 1
Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH admin1 3
Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH admin2 18
Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH admin3 141
Saint-Barthélemy BLM admin0 1
Belarus BLR admin0 1
Belarus BLR admin1 6
Belarus BLR admin2 118
Belize BLZ admin0 1
Belize BLZ admin1 6
Bermuda BMU admin0 1
Bermuda BMU admin1 11
Bolivia BOL admin0 1
Bolivia BOL admin1 9
Bolivia BOL admin2 95
Bolivia BOL admin3 319
Brazil BRA admin0 1
Brazil BRA admin1 27
Brazil BRA admin2 5504
Brazil BRA admin3 10195
Barbados BRB admin0 1
Barbados BRB admin1 11
Brunei BRN admin0 1
Brunei BRN admin1 4
Brunei BRN admin2 32
Bhutan BTN admin0 1
Bhutan BTN admin1 20
Bhutan BTN admin2 205
Bouvet Island BVT admin0 1
Botswana BWA admin0 1
Botswana BWA admin1 16
Botswana BWA admin2 30
Central African Republic CAF admin0 1
Central African Republic CAF admin1 17
Central African Republic CAF admin2 51
Canada CAN admin0 1
Canada CAN admin1 13
Canada CAN admin2 293
Canada CAN admin3 5582
Cocos Islands CCK admin0 1
Switzerland CHE admin0 1
Switzerland CHE admin1 26
Switzerland CHE admin2 169
Switzerland CHE admin3 2781
Chile CHL admin0 1
Chile CHL admin1 16
Chile CHL admin2 54
Chile CHL admin3 302
China CHN admin0 1
China CHN admin1 31
China CHN admin2 344
China CHN admin3 2408
Côte d'Ivoire CIV admin0 1
Côte d'Ivoire CIV admin1 14
Côte d'Ivoire CIV admin2 33
Côte d'Ivoire CIV admin3 113
Côte d'Ivoire CIV admin4 191
Cameroon CMR admin0 1
Cameroon CMR admin1 10
Cameroon CMR admin2 58
Cameroon CMR admin3 360
Democratic Republic of the Congo COD admin0 1
Democratic Republic of the Congo COD admin1 26
Democratic Republic of the Congo COD admin2 240
Republic of Congo COG admin0 1
Republic of Congo COG admin1 12
Republic of Congo COG admin2 48
Cook Islands COK admin0 1
Colombia COL admin0 1
Colombia COL admin1 32
Colombia COL admin2 1065
Comoros COM admin0 1
Comoros COM admin1 3
Cape Verde CPV admin0 1
Cape Verde CPV admin1 22
Costa Rica CRI admin0 1
Costa Rica CRI admin1 7
Costa Rica CRI admin2 81
Cuba CUB admin0 1
Cuba CUB admin1 16
Cuba CUB admin2 168
Curaçao CUW admin0 1
Christmas Island CXR admin0 1
Cayman Islands CYM admin0 1
Cayman Islands CYM admin1 7
Cyprus CYP admin0 1
Cyprus CYP admin1 5
Czech Republic CZE admin0 1
Czech Republic CZE admin1 14
Czech Republic CZE admin2 98
Germany DEU admin0 1
Germany DEU admin1 16
Germany DEU admin2 403
Germany DEU admin3 4680
Germany DEU admin4 11302
Djibouti DJI admin0 1
Djibouti DJI admin1 5
Djibouti DJI admin2 11
Dominica DMA admin0 1
Dominica DMA admin1 10
Denmark DNK admin0 1
Denmark DNK admin1 5
Denmark DNK admin2 99
Dominican Republic DOM admin0 1
Dominican Republic DOM admin1 32
Dominican Republic DOM admin2 155
Algeria DZA admin0 1
Algeria DZA admin1 48
Algeria DZA admin2 1504
Ecuador ECU admin0 1
Ecuador ECU admin1 24
Ecuador ECU admin2 223
Ecuador ECU admin3 1039
Egypt EGY admin0 1
Egypt EGY admin1 27
Egypt EGY admin2 343
Eritrea ERI admin0 1
Eritrea ERI admin1 6
Eritrea ERI admin2 50
Western Sahara ESH admin0 1
Western Sahara ESH admin1 4
Spain ESP admin0 1
Spain ESP admin1 18
Spain ESP admin2 52
Spain ESP admin3 369
Spain ESP admin4 8302
Estonia EST admin0 1
Estonia EST admin1 16
Estonia EST admin2 223
Estonia EST admin3 4684
Ethiopia ETH admin0 1
Ethiopia ETH admin1 11
Ethiopia ETH admin2 79
Ethiopia ETH admin3 690
Finland FIN admin0 1
Finland FIN admin1 5
Finland FIN admin2 21
Finland FIN admin3 80
Finland FIN admin4 437
Fiji FJI admin0 1
Fiji FJI admin1 5
Fiji FJI admin2 15
Falkland Islands FLK admin0 1
France FRA admin0 1
France FRA admin1 13
France FRA admin2 96
France FRA admin3 350
France FRA admin4 3728
France FRA admin5 36612
Faroe Islands FRO admin0 1
Faroe Islands FRO admin1 6
Faroe Islands FRO admin2 30
Micronesia FSM admin0 1
Micronesia FSM admin1 4
Gabon GAB admin0 1
Gabon GAB admin1 9
Gabon GAB admin2 37
United Kingdom GBR admin0 1
United Kingdom GBR admin1 4
United Kingdom GBR admin2 183
United Kingdom GBR admin3 406
Georgia GEO admin0 1
Georgia GEO admin1 12
Georgia GEO admin2 69
Guernsey GGY admin0 1
Guernsey GGY admin1 15
Ghana GHA admin0 1
Ghana GHA admin1 10
Ghana GHA admin2 137
Gibraltar GIB admin0 1
Guinea GIN admin0 1
Guinea GIN admin1 8
Guinea GIN admin2 34
Guinea GIN admin3 336
Guadeloupe GLP admin0 1
Guadeloupe GLP admin1 2
Guadeloupe GLP admin2 32
Gambia GMB admin0 1
Gambia GMB admin1 6
Gambia GMB admin2 37
Guinea-Bissau GNB admin0 1
Guinea-Bissau GNB admin1 9
Guinea-Bissau GNB admin2 37
Equatorial Guinea GNQ admin0 1
Equatorial Guinea GNQ admin1 7
Equatorial Guinea GNQ admin2 32
Greece GRC admin0 1
Greece GRC admin1 8
Greece GRC admin2 14
Greece GRC admin3 326
Grenada GRD admin0 1
Grenada GRD admin1 7
Greenland GRL admin0 1
Greenland GRL admin1 5
Guatemala GTM admin0 1
Guatemala GTM admin1 22
Guatemala GTM admin2 354
French Guiana GUF admin0 1
French Guiana GUF admin1 2
French Guiana GUF admin2 21
Guam GUM admin0 1
Guam GUM admin1 19
Guyana GUY admin0 1
Guyana GUY admin1 10
Guyana GUY admin2 116
Hong Kong HKG admin0 1
Hong Kong HKG admin1 18
Heard Island and McDonald Islands HMD admin0 1
Honduras HND admin0 1
Honduras HND admin1 18
Honduras HND admin2 298
Croatia HRV admin0 1
Croatia HRV admin1 21
Croatia HRV admin2 560
Haiti HTI admin0 1
Haiti HTI admin1 10
Haiti HTI admin2 41
Haiti HTI admin3 134
Haiti HTI admin4 542
Hungary HUN admin0 1
Hungary HUN admin1 20
Hungary HUN admin2 168
Indonesia IDN admin0 1
Indonesia IDN admin1 33
Indonesia IDN admin2 502
Indonesia IDN admin3 6696
Indonesia IDN admin4 77474
Isle of Man IMN admin0 1
Isle of Man IMN admin1 6
Isle of Man IMN admin2 24
India IND admin0 1
India IND admin1 36
India IND admin2 666
India IND admin3 2340
British Indian Ocean Territory IOT admin0 1
Ireland IRL admin0 1
Ireland IRL admin1 26
Iran IRN admin0 1
Iran IRN admin1 31
Iran IRN admin2 268
Iraq IRQ admin0 1
Iraq IRQ admin1 18
Iraq IRQ admin2 102
Iceland ISL admin0 1
Iceland ISL admin1 8
Iceland ISL admin2 119
Israel ISR admin0 1
Israel ISR admin1 7
Italy ITA admin0 1
Italy ITA admin1 20
Italy ITA admin2 110
Italy ITA admin3 8100
Jamaica JAM admin0 1
Jamaica JAM admin1 14
Jersey JEY admin0 1
Jersey JEY admin1 12
Jordan JOR admin0 1
Jordan JOR admin1 12
Jordan JOR admin2 52
Japan JPN admin0 1
Japan JPN admin1 47
Japan JPN admin2 1811
Kazakhstan KAZ admin0 1
Kazakhstan KAZ admin1 14
Kazakhstan KAZ admin2 174
Kenya KEN admin0 1
Kenya KEN admin1 47
Kenya KEN admin2 301
Kenya KEN admin3 1446
Kyrgyzstan KGZ admin0 1
Kyrgyzstan KGZ admin1 9
Kyrgyzstan KGZ admin2 44
Cambodia KHM admin0 1
Cambodia KHM admin1 25
Cambodia KHM admin2 178
Cambodia KHM admin3 1576
Cambodia KHM admin4 1580
Kiribati KIR admin0 1
Saint Kitts and Nevis KNA admin0 1
Saint Kitts and Nevis KNA admin1 14
South Korea KOR admin0 1
South Korea KOR admin1 17
South Korea KOR admin2 229
Kuwait KWT admin0 1
Kuwait KWT admin1 6
Laos LAO admin0 1
Laos LAO admin1 18
Laos LAO admin2 142
Lebanon LBN admin0 1
Lebanon LBN admin1 8
Lebanon LBN admin2 30
Lebanon LBN admin3 1568
Liberia LBR admin0 1
Liberia LBR admin1 15
Liberia LBR admin2 66
Liberia LBR admin3 305
Libya LBY admin0 1
Libya LBY admin1 22
Saint Lucia LCA admin0 1
Saint Lucia LCA admin1 10
Liechtenstein LIE admin0 1
Liechtenstein LIE admin1 11
Sri Lanka LKA admin0 1
Sri Lanka LKA admin1 25
Sri Lanka LKA admin2 323
Lesotho LSO admin0 1
Lesotho LSO admin1 10
Lithuania LTU admin0 1
Lithuania LTU admin1 10
Lithuania LTU admin2 48
Luxembourg LUX admin0 1
Luxembourg LUX admin1 3
Luxembourg LUX admin2 12
Luxembourg LUX admin3 116
Luxembourg LUX admin4 139
Latvia LVA admin0 1
Latvia LVA admin1 5
Latvia LVA admin2 26
Macao MAC admin0 1
Macao MAC admin1 2
Macao MAC admin2 8
Saint-Martin MAF admin0 1
Morocco MAR admin0 1
Morocco MAR admin1 15
Morocco MAR admin2 54
Morocco MAR admin3 399
Morocco MAR admin4 1515
Monaco MCO admin0 1
Moldova MDA admin0 1
Moldova MDA admin1 37
Madagascar MDG admin0 1
Madagascar MDG admin1 6
Madagascar MDG admin2 22
Madagascar MDG admin3 110
Madagascar MDG admin4 1433
Maldives MDV admin0 1
Mexico MEX admin0 1
Mexico MEX admin1 32
Mexico MEX admin2 1854
Marshall Islands MHL admin0 1
Macedonia MKD admin0 1
Macedonia MKD admin1 85
Mali MLI admin0 1
Mali MLI admin1 9
Mali MLI admin2 50
Mali MLI admin3 289
Mali MLI admin4 704
Malta MLT admin0 1
Malta MLT admin1 5
Malta MLT admin2 68
Myanmar MMR admin0 1
Myanmar MMR admin1 15
Myanmar MMR admin2 63
Myanmar MMR admin3 286
Montenegro MNE admin0 1
Montenegro MNE admin1 21
Mongolia MNG admin0 1
Mongolia MNG admin1 22
Mongolia MNG admin2 327
Northern Mariana Islands MNP admin0 1
Northern Mariana Islands MNP admin1 4
Mozambique MOZ admin0 1
Mozambique MOZ admin1 11
Mozambique MOZ admin2 129
Mozambique MOZ admin3 413
Mauritania MRT admin0 1
Mauritania MRT admin1 13
Mauritania MRT admin2 44
Montserrat MSR admin0 1
Montserrat MSR admin1 3
Martinique MTQ admin0 1
Martinique MTQ admin1 4
Martinique MTQ admin2 32
Mauritius MUS admin0 1
Mauritius MUS admin1 12
Malawi MWI admin0 1
Malawi MWI admin1 28
Malawi MWI admin2 256
Malawi MWI admin3 3126
Malaysia MYS admin0 1
Malaysia MYS admin1 16
Malaysia MYS admin2 144
Mayotte MYT admin0 1
Mayotte MYT admin1 17
Namibia NAM admin0 1
Namibia NAM admin1 13
Namibia NAM admin2 107
New Caledonia NCL admin0 1
New Caledonia NCL admin1 3
New Caledonia NCL admin2 35
Niger NER admin0 1
Niger NER admin1 8
Niger NER admin2 36
Niger NER admin3 131
Norfolk Island NFK admin0 1
Nigeria NGA admin0 1
Nigeria NGA admin1 37
Nigeria NGA admin2 775
Nicaragua NIC admin0 1
Nicaragua NIC admin1 18
Nicaragua NIC admin2 139
Niue NIU admin0 1
Netherlands NLD admin0 1
Netherlands NLD admin1 14
Netherlands NLD admin2 491
Norway NOR admin0 1
Norway NOR admin1 19
Norway NOR admin2 438
Nepal NPL admin0 1
Nepal NPL admin1 5
Nepal NPL admin2 14
Nepal NPL admin3 75
Nepal NPL admin4 3983
Nauru NRU admin0 1
Nauru NRU admin1 14
New Zealand NZL admin0 1
New Zealand NZL admin1 19
New Zealand NZL admin2 75
Oman OMN admin0 1
Oman OMN admin1 11
Oman OMN admin2 49
Pakistan PAK admin0 1
Pakistan PAK admin1 8
Pakistan PAK admin2 32
Pakistan PAK admin3 141
Panama PAN admin0 1
Panama PAN admin1 13
Panama PAN admin2 79
Panama PAN admin3 598
Pitcairn Islands PCN admin0 1
Peru PER admin0 1
Peru PER admin1 26
Peru PER admin2 195
Peru PER admin3 1815
Philippines PHL admin0 1
Philippines PHL admin1 81
Philippines PHL admin2 1647
Philippines PHL admin3 41948
Palau PLW admin0 1
Palau PLW admin1 16
Papua New Guinea PNG admin0 1
Papua New Guinea PNG admin1 22
Papua New Guinea PNG admin2 87
Poland POL admin0 1
Poland POL admin1 16
Poland POL admin2 380
Poland POL admin3 2479
Puerto Rico PRI admin0 1
Puerto Rico PRI admin1 78
North Korea PRK admin0 1
North Korea PRK admin1 14
North Korea PRK admin2 186
Portugal PRT admin0 1
Portugal PRT admin1 20
Portugal PRT admin2 308
Portugal PRT admin3 4260
Paraguay PRY admin0 1
Paraguay PRY admin1 18
Paraguay PRY admin2 218
Palestina PSE admin0 1
Palestina PSE admin1 2
Palestina PSE admin2 16
French Polynesia PYF admin0 1
French Polynesia PYF admin1 5
Qatar QAT admin0 1
Qatar QAT admin1 7
Reunion REU admin0 1
Reunion REU admin1 4
Reunion REU admin2 24
Romania ROU admin0 1
Romania ROU admin1 42
Romania ROU admin2 2939
Russia RUS admin0 1
Russia RUS admin1 83
Russia RUS admin2 2445
Russia RUS admin3 2562
Rwanda RWA admin0 1
Rwanda RWA admin1 5
Rwanda RWA admin2 30
Rwanda RWA admin3 422
Rwanda RWA admin4 2169
Rwanda RWA admin5 14815
Saudi Arabia SAU admin0 1
Saudi Arabia SAU admin1 13
Sudan SDN admin0 1
Sudan SDN admin1 18
Sudan SDN admin2 80
Sudan SDN admin3 237
Senegal SEN admin0 1
Senegal SEN admin1 14
Senegal SEN admin2 45
Senegal SEN admin3 123
Senegal SEN admin4 433
Singapore SGP admin0 1
Singapore SGP admin1 5
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands SGS admin0 1
Saint Helena SHN admin0 1
Saint Helena SHN admin1 3
Saint Helena SHN admin2 10
Svalbard and Jan Mayen SJM admin0 1
Svalbard and Jan Mayen SJM admin1 2
Solomon Islands SLB admin0 1
Solomon Islands SLB admin1 10
Solomon Islands SLB admin2 183
Sierra Leone SLE admin0 1
Sierra Leone SLE admin1 4
Sierra Leone SLE admin2 14
Sierra Leone SLE admin3 153
El Salvador SLV admin0 1
El Salvador SLV admin1 14
El Salvador SLV admin2 266
San Marino SMR admin0 1
San Marino SMR admin1 9
Somalia SOM admin0 1
Somalia SOM admin1 18
Somalia SOM admin2 74
Saint Pierre and Miquelon SPM admin0 1
Saint Pierre and Miquelon SPM admin1 2
Serbia SRB admin0 1
Serbia SRB admin1 25
Serbia SRB admin2 161
South Sudan SSD admin0 1
South Sudan SSD admin1 10
South Sudan SSD admin2 45
South Sudan SSD admin3 49
São Tomé and Príncipe STP admin0 1
São Tomé and Príncipe STP admin1 2
São Tomé and Príncipe STP admin2 7
Suriname SUR admin0 1
Suriname SUR admin1 10
Suriname SUR admin2 62
Slovakia SVK admin0 1
Slovakia SVK admin1 8
Slovakia SVK admin2 79
Slovenia SVN admin0 1
Slovenia SVN admin1 12
Slovenia SVN admin2 192
Sweden SWE admin0 1
Sweden SWE admin1 21
Sweden SWE admin2 290
Swaziland SWZ admin0 1
Swaziland SWZ admin1 4
Swaziland SWZ admin2 55
Sint Maarten SXM admin0 1
Seychelles SYC admin0 1
Seychelles SYC admin1 26
Syria SYR admin0 1
Syria SYR admin1 14
Syria SYR admin2 60
Turks and Caicos Islands TCA admin0 1
Turks and Caicos Islands TCA admin1 6
Chad TCD admin0 1
Chad TCD admin1 23
Chad TCD admin2 55
Chad TCD admin3 348
Togo TGO admin0 1
Togo TGO admin1 5
Togo TGO admin2 21
Thailand THA admin0 1
Thailand THA admin1 77
Thailand THA admin2 928
Thailand THA admin3 5926
Tajikistan TJK admin0 1
Tajikistan TJK admin1 5
Tajikistan TJK admin2 59
Tajikistan TJK admin3 360
Tokelau TKL admin0 1
Tokelau TKL admin1 3
Turkmenistan TKM admin0 1
Turkmenistan TKM admin1 6
Timor-Leste TLS admin0 1
Timor-Leste TLS admin1 13
Timor-Leste TLS admin2 62
Timor-Leste TLS admin3 493
Tonga TON admin0 1
Tonga TON admin1 5
Trinidad and Tobago TTO admin0 1
Trinidad and Tobago TTO admin1 15
Tunisia TUN admin0 1
Tunisia TUN admin1 24
Tunisia TUN admin2 268
Turkey TUR admin0 1
Turkey TUR admin1 81
Turkey TUR admin2 928
Tuvalu TUV admin0 1
Tuvalu TUV admin1 9
Taiwan TWN admin0 1
Taiwan TWN admin1 7
Taiwan TWN admin2 22
Tanzania TZA admin0 1
Tanzania TZA admin1 30
Tanzania TZA admin2 183
Tanzania TZA admin3 3661
Uganda UGA admin0 1
Uganda UGA admin1 58
Uganda UGA admin2 166
Uganda UGA admin3 966
Uganda UGA admin4 5341
Ukraine UKR admin0 1
Ukraine UKR admin1 27
Ukraine UKR admin2 629
United States Minor Outlying Islands UMI admin0 1
United States Minor Outlying Islands UMI admin1 9
Uruguay URY admin0 1
Uruguay URY admin1 19
Uruguay URY admin2 204
United States USA admin0 1
United States USA admin1 51
United States USA admin2 3148
Uzbekistan UZB admin0 1
Uzbekistan UZB admin1 14
Uzbekistan UZB admin2 161
Vatican City VAT admin0 1
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VCT admin0 1
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VCT admin1 6
Venezuela VEN admin0 1
Venezuela VEN admin1 25
Venezuela VEN admin2 338
British Virgin Islands VGB admin0 1
British Virgin Islands VGB admin1 5
Virgin Islands, U.S. VIR admin0 1
Virgin Islands, U.S. VIR admin1 3
Virgin Islands, U.S. VIR admin2 20
Vietnam VNM admin0 1
Vietnam VNM admin1 63
Vietnam VNM admin2 710
Vietnam VNM admin3 11163
Vanuatu VUT admin0 1
Vanuatu VUT admin1 6
Vanuatu VUT admin2 63
Wallis and Futuna WLF admin0 1
Wallis and Futuna WLF admin1 3
Wallis and Futuna WLF admin2 5
Samoa WSM admin0 1
Samoa WSM admin1 11
Samoa WSM admin2 43
Akrotiri and Dhekelia XAD admin0 1
Akrotiri and Dhekelia XAD admin1 2
Caspian Sea XCA admin0 1
Clipperton Island XCL admin0 1
Kosovo XKO admin0 1
Kosovo XKO admin1 7
Kosovo XKO admin2 30
Northern Cyprus XNC admin0 1
Northern Cyprus XNC admin1 5
Paracel Islands XPI admin0 1
Spratly Islands XSP admin0 1
Yemen YEM admin0 1
Yemen YEM admin1 21
Yemen YEM admin2 333
South Africa ZAF admin0 1
South Africa ZAF admin1 9
South Africa ZAF admin2 52
South Africa ZAF admin3 234
South Africa ZAF admin4 4277
Zambia ZMB admin0 1
Zambia ZMB admin1 10
Zambia ZMB admin2 72
Zimbabwe ZWE admin0 1
Zimbabwe ZWE admin1 10
Zimbabwe ZWE admin2 60
Level Name Number of Records
admin0 256
admin1 3610
admin2 45962
admin3 147427
admin4 138053
admin5 51427
world 1
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