This loads modules already class-loaded in the Discord4J classpath
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This loads modules already class-loaded in the Discord4J classpath.

Adding ModuleLoader+ as a dependency

NOTE: This requires Discord4J to be added as a project dependency. See here for instructions on how to do that.

With Maven:


With Gradle:

dependencies {
  compile 'com.github.Discord4J-Addons:Module-Loader-Plus:VERSION_HERE'

Why should I use ModuleLoader+?

Modularization is a great tool for software development. But by default, Discord4J only automatically loads modules which are compiled into their own .jars and placed in a "modules" directory, great for making a bot completely modular for the end user. However, modules can also be utilized internally, allowing developers to organize different parts of their bot and easily enable/disable them. So ModuleLoader+ was created to allow for modules in the classpath of the bot (i.e. within the main bot's .jar or loaded as a dependency) to be automatically loaded as Discord4J modules.

Why wasn't this feature included in Discord4J itself?

This was not included in Discord4J itself because it adds an additional dependency and a lot of overhead. The process of locating modules this way is (relatively and unnescessarily) time-consuming. While for many cases this shouldn't matter, I felt this feature would better work as an optional thing.