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@quanticc quanticc released this Mar 21, 2019 · 3 commits to master since this release

We're glad to announce the first maintenance patch in the v3.0 line that is now available on Maven Central.

Thanks to your feedback we have compiled a list of improvements that will help while working on your bot.

We're open to all suggestions so feel free to create an issue about them and if you have questions, our Discord server is a great place for them!

Our focus for future updates is about improving documentation through javadocs and the Wiki, and also considering methods for common use cases.

⭐️ New features

  • Add MessageChannel#createEmbed shortcut to create embed-only messages
  • Member#hasHigherRoles and other related methods #504 #507 - thanks @Shadorc for the contribution!
  • Improve the API for Stores project to eliminate block instances
  • ShardingClientBuilder users will share the event scheduler instance by default to improve scaling
  • Improve handling of payload deserialization errors - generally caused by Discord changes
  • Include the shard id to event handling errors

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Typing indicator being inconsistent #509
  • Maven users having excessive amount of logging by default. Root cause was reactor-core 3.2.5 being imported due to transitive reactor-addons depending on it
  • Member#getColor returns incorrect value

📔 Documentation

  • PermissionSet improvements #508
  • MessageChannel#typeUntil docs

🔨 Dependency upgrades

  • Pinning reactor-core to 3.2.6 because of the issue above
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@danthonywalker danthonywalker released this Mar 5, 2019 · 27 commits to master since this release

After 2 years of development, Discord4J Version 3.0.0 is finally released!

The entirety of the project has been reworked from the ground up to deliver a highly efficient, scalable, consistent, and accessible development experience. While we do not think development is finished, it never will be, we are highly confident and proud of the current product and believe it is ready for general consumption.

Why was v2 obsoleted? Many reasons, but the TL;DR is it was old and fell into an irrecoverable decay. v3 has been built with a future in mind, a future in asynchronous and reactive modern Java, with an API built on consistency and modularity to allow more flexible changes into the future.

If you are a v2 user, check out our Migration Guide. Additionally, you are always welcome to ask questions in the #d4j-v3-help channel in our Discord.

If you are a new user, welcome! Discord4J provides a lot to offer for your bot development experience. We have adjusted our library to accommodate imperative and reactive paradigms to allow programmers of many skill levels to participate with our library. Check out the Music Bot Tutorial for an in-depth introduction to the library and programming your first bot with Discord4J.

We want thank all our users for waiting and testing v3 during these long 2 years. On behalf of the Discord4J development team, we would especially like to thank our big bot users, mainly @Shadorc for sticking with us and helping us develop and test with his huge bot. We wouldn't be nearly as far or as battle tested without him. And an additional thank you to all our testers for providing some API feedback, submitting issues, and pull requests and are hoping for more into the future.

3.0.0 is an exciting new era for Discord4J and we are happy for all of you to be a part of it.

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@austinv11 austinv11 released this Mar 4, 2019 · 30 commits to master since this release

This is the final maintenance release of the 2.x branch of Discord4J! This includes a few minor changes and switches the maven repository back to jitpack instead of jcenter. While we expect v2.10.2 to work for a little while, we will no longer support so we recommend that everyone switches to the 3.x branch ASAP. Additionally, we will no longer be accepting any issues or pull requests regarding v2.X. But, if you really wanted to you can always fork it since we are open source!

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@quanticc quanticc released this Feb 27, 2019

Release version '3.0.0.RC2'.
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@quanticc quanticc released this Feb 26, 2019

Release version '3.0.0.RC1'.
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@quanticc quanticc released this Feb 18, 2019

Release version '3.0.0.M4'.
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@austinv11 austinv11 released this Feb 15, 2019

Release version '3.0.0.M3'.
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@austinv11 austinv11 released this Feb 15, 2019

Release version '3.0.0.M2'.
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@austinv11 austinv11 released this Feb 15, 2019

Release version 3.0.0.M1
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