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DBL-dotnet-Library botlist wrapper


Unauthorized api usage

Setting up

DiscordBotListApi DblApi = new DiscordBotListApi();

Getting bots

//                            discord id
IBot bot = DblApi.GetBotAsync(160105994217586689);

Getting users

//                              discord id
IUser bot = DblApi.GetUserAsync(121919449996460033);

Authorized api usage

Setting up

AuthDiscordBotListApi DblApi = new AuthDiscordBotListApi(BOT_DISCORD_ID, YOUR_TOKEN);

Updating stats

ISelfBot me = await DblApi.GetMeAsync();
// Update stats sharded   indexShard shardCount shards
await me.UpdateStatsAsync(24,        50,        new[] { 12, 421, 62, 241, 524, 534 });

// Update stats           guildCount
await me.UpdateStatsAsync(2133);


string widgetUrl = new SmallWidgetOptions()
	.SetLeftColor(255, 255, 255);




If you're using Nuget you can use find it with the ID DiscordBotsList.Api or use

Install-Package DiscordBotsList.Api