This repo is used to translate Manager. Want to add a language? Make a pull request!
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Manager Language Files

This repo is used to keep all the languages for Manager organized. Your language missing or just want to contribute? Make a Pull Request with your new language (For a base use en_US) It can take up to a whole day for updates to become visible on the bot.

Github Bot.

Thanks to Kolkies we now have a github bot to help managing this project.

Thank You.

These people have helped translate Manager:

  • Andrew#6621 - Romanian
  • Michdi#1602 & Wolfram Walter#2790 - German
  • Kolkies - Dutch
  • Nekzt#2212 - Português do Brasil
  • Kael#1961 - Turkish
  • Radostik1#6991 - Czech
  • Egorchick#6579 - Russian
  • Rockfire#3980 - French
  • Promise#0001 - Norwegian
  • zAndryZ#5378 - Italian