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The most powerful, configurable, open-source Discord to Minecraft bridging plugin available.


  1. DiscordSRV DiscordSRV Public

    Discord bridging plugin for block game

    Java 946 467

  2. Documentation Documentation Public

    DiscordSRV documentation

    JavaScript 13 26

  3. Staff-Chat Staff-Chat Public

    A staff-chat plugin that hooks into DiscordSRV

    Java 26 10

  4. DiscordSRV-ApiTest DiscordSRV-ApiTest Public

    Example usage of DiscordSRV's API

    Java 11 2

  5. Ascension Ascension Public

    [Testing builds available on our Discord] Temporary repository for DiscordSRV v3

    Java 17 3

  6. Website Website Public

    [In Development] The DiscordSRV website & web tools

    JavaScript 3


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