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# Minecraft -> Discord nickname synchronization
# NicknameSynchronizationEnabled: whether to set the discord user's nickname to the nickname format automatically
# NicknameSynchronizationCycleTime: amount of minutes between repeatedly triggering synchronization for all online players
# NicknameSynchronizationFormat: the nickname format (keep in mind this shouldn't go over 32 characters)
# %displayname%: player's display name
# example: Jeb
# %username%: player's username
# example: Jeb_
# %discord_name%: player's discord username
# example: Jeb
# %discord_discriminator%: player's discord discriminator
# example: 4988
# PlaceholderAPI placeholders are supported for the values
NicknameSynchronizationEnabled: false
NicknameSynchronizationCycleTime: 3
NicknameSynchronizationFormat: "%displayname%"
# Minecraft group <-> Discord role synchronization
# Requires Vault
# GroupRoleSynchronizationGroupsAndRolesToSync: these are roles/groups you'd like synchronized between Discord and Minecraft
# {"MC_GROUP_NAME": "DISCORD_ROLE_ID"} is the format to go by when adding more group/role pairs
# to get your Discord guild's role IDs, run "/discord debug" and look at the first section
# GroupRoleSynchronizationMinecraftIsAuthoritative: whether Minecraft group changes override Discord role changes
# GroupRoleSynchronizationOneWay: whether to synchronise only one way, the way it is synchronised depends on the value
# of GroupRoleSynchronizationMinecraftIsAuthoritative.
# GroupRoleSynchronizationEnableDenyPermission: whether discordsrv.sync.deny.<group> permissions are enabled
# GroupRoleSynchronizationPrimaryGroupOnly: if true, only the player's primary group is counted for synchronization,
# otherwise, group sync counts all groups the player is in, including parent groups
# GroupRoleSynchronizationOnLink: whether to resync when a player links
# GroupRoleSynchronizationCycleTime: amount of minutes between repeatedly triggering synchronization for all online players
# GroupRoleSynchronizationCycleCompletely: whether synchronizations running on a timer should synchronize every member in the bots Discord servers
GroupRoleSynchronizationGroupsAndRolesToSync: {"trusted": "000000000000000000", "vip": "000000000000000000"}
GroupRoleSynchronizationMinecraftIsAuthoritative: true
GroupRoleSynchronizationOneWay: false
GroupRoleSynchronizationEnableDenyPermission: false
GroupRoleSynchronizationPrimaryGroupOnly: false
GroupRoleSynchronizationOnLink: true
GroupRoleSynchronizationCycleTime: 5
GroupRoleSynchronizationCycleCompletely: false
# Ban synchronization
# When a player gets banned on the server when they have a linked Discord account you can optionally ban them on the Discord server and vice versa
# BanSynchronizationDiscordToMinecraft: whether to ban people on the Minecraft server if they get banned from the Discord server
# BanSynchronizationDiscordToMinecraftReason: the message to be used as the ban reason for banning players from the Minecraft server
# BanSynchronizationMinecraftToDiscord: whether to ban people on the Discord server if they get banned from the Minecraft server
BanSynchronizationDiscordToMinecraft: false
BanSynchronizationDiscordToMinecraftReason: "&cYou have been banned until further notice from the server because you were banned on our Discord server."
BanSynchronizationMinecraftToDiscord: false