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# This is the configuration file for DiscordSRV's voice module.
# It is an experimental feature. Things may not work properly.
# If you do play around with this module, please send us feedback about any
# issues on our Discord.
# Whether to enable the proximity voice chat feature of DiscordSRV
# You must restart your server after changing this option
Voice enabled: false
# Amount of ticks between network updates
Tick speed: 5
# The main category that the voice module will create/delete/move voice channels in
# No channels other than the lobby channel (below) should be in this category
Voice category: 000000000000000000
# The lobby channel (inside the voice category) that people will be moved to
# when they are not in range of any networks. This is also the channel people will
# join to be connected to the proximity voice network.
Lobby channel: 000000000000000000
# Mutes users in the lobby who have the Speak and Mute Others permissions in the lobby
Mute users who bypass speak permissions in the lobby: true
# Maximum distance between players in order to be connected
Vertical Strength: 40
Horizontal Strength: 80
# Once a player has joined a network, they can be
# strength + falloff blocks away before being disconnected
Falloff: 5
# Whether to allow VAD in voice channels
Allow voice activation detection: true