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A staff-chat plugin that hooks into DiscordSRV
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DiscordSRV-Staff-Chat is a staff chat plugin that connects to a Discord channel (via DiscordSRV), allowing in-game staff to communicate with staff on Discord.


  • Add DiscordSRV and DiscordSRV-Staff-Chat to your plugins/ directory.
  • Restart the server.
  • Add a staff-chat channel to DiscordSRV's config.
  • Execute: /discord reload or restart the server again.

Adding a staff-chat channel

Add a "staff-chat" entry to DiscordSRV's config. Note: it's very important that this entry is called "staff-chat".

# Channel links from game to Discord
# syntax is Channels: {"in-game channel name": "numerical channel ID from Discord", "another in-game channel name": "another numerical channel ID from Discord"}
# The first channel pair specified in this config option will be the "main" channel, used for sending player joins/quits/deaths/achievements/etc
Channels: {"global": "000000000000000000", "staff-chat": "000000000000000000"}

Replace all those zeros with your staff chat's channel ID.

Channels: {"global": "000000000000000000", "staff-chat": "337769984539361281"}

Commands & Permissions


Permission: staffchat.access

Aliases: /adminchat, /schat, /achat, /sc, /ac, and /a


  • /staffchat - Toggle automatic staff chat.
  • /staffchat <message> - Send a message to the staff chat.


Permission: staffchat.manage

Aliases: /discordstaffchat, /discordadminchat, /manageadminchat, /managesc, /manageac, /dsc, /msc, /dac, and /mac


  • /managestaffchat - Display plugin information and command usage.
  • /managestaffchat reload - Reload the config.
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