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+# ContaoMaps
+ContaoMaps is a generalized map extension for displaying maps in the Contao CMS <>
+## Supported connectors.
+Currently there is only the Google Map connector semi finished.
+Open Street Map and
+Bing Maps will follow as soon as there is time for it.
+## Main goals in development.
+The main focus is on extendability and flexibility. Therefore handling might appear a little complex to the novice but it pays back for the developer as one can create a map via code or module or whatever.
+Choosing driver bindings is a simple matter of configuration settings (in addition to installation of the library of course).
+## Stability notice
+Please bear in mind that, despite the fact that this extension has now been underway from 2009 until now (and therefore almost 3 years) it is still a long way from being finished.
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