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Here are a couple of comments for the current version of the (ongoing) translation:

Common notes

  • We don't translate slugs
  • Don't forget to rearrange order of nouns. e.g. 'then we open the microscope directory becomes 'dann öffnen wir das Verzeichnis microscope'
  • Try to avoid the 'Deppenleerzeichen'

A couple of english terms to stick with - even in german:

  • App (die App)
  • Bug (der Bug)
  • Code (der Code)
  • Commit (der Commit)
  • Framework (das Framework)
  • Header (der Header)
  • Live
  • Link (der Link)
  • Package (das Package)
  • Repo (das Repo)
  • Repository (das Repository)
  • UI (we use the german 'das' as definite article - from germanglish 'das Interface')
  • Callback (der Callback)
  • Collection (die Collection)

Who is 'you'?

In german, we have two meanings of the word 'YOU' - the one complies (approx.) with the historic-english 'thou' and is used with friends and family, the other is used (more or less) when communicating to strangers (or people outside the former 'friends and family' group).

For this book, I decided to use the 'friends/familiy' variation, which translates to 'du'. So the author talks to the reader directly. Furthermore, the German language rules allows to write 'du' or 'Du'. For consistency reason, we translate always to 'du' (small letters).


We talk in the 'present' form. I somehow dislike the original texts where the authors 'wanted' to do something... did they stop wanting it? I guess no - so let's keep it present (pun intended).



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