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Microscope is a simple social news app that lets you share links, comment, and vote on them.

It was built with Meteor as a companion app to The Meteor Book, and is the "little brother" of Telescope, the (much more complex) open-source social news app that was the inspiration for the book.

Microscope itself is free and open-source, and is a good example of common Meteor app patterns such as:

  • Routing
  • User Accounts
  • Notifications
  • Errors
  • Publications/Subscriptions
  • Permissions

This Repository

The commits to this repository are organized in a very linear fashion, corresponding to progress throughout the book. Commits are tagged in the format chapterX-Y, indicating the Yth commit of chapter X.

Also, note that as the book focuses on development, all CSS is committed in a single commit early on.


There are 2 branches in this repository which correspond to advanced code that is covered in sidebars of the book, and outside of the main code progression. They are tagged sidebarX-Y, corresponding to the sidebar number in the book.

Developing on Nitrous.IO

Start hacking on this app on Nitrous.IO in seconds:

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