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IMPORTANTE NOTE - Monday 28/08/17 : Unfortunately, my disponibility doesn't allow me to update and fix issues of this plugin. Updates will be rare, as like fixes (But the project isn't abandoned. I make updates when I get more times). Source code remains accessible and I would continue to accept "Pull Request" and commits them to the master branch. I thank, in advance, all the people who participate in the source code to make the plugin better.


UltimateTs is a simple plugin, allowed you to interact easly with your TeamSpeak server. With UltimateTS, you can link your accounts (and your ranks), send broadcast on TeamSpeak and more ! You can link your MC accounts and TeamSpeak simply. If you would like to link ranks, you need a permission plugins (like PermissionsEx, zPerms, LuckPerms, Vault,...). You can also choose to link MC accounts and TeamSpeak accounts without linking ranks. When the TeamSpeak and Minecraft accounts are linked, the player have a custom description like "MC Name: name".

The plugin use this public TeamSpeak 3 Java API:

#Ingame commands:

/ts ip: Display TeamSpeak IP address;
/ts link: Link your Minecraft and TeamSpeak accounts ;
/ts unlink: Unlink your Minecraft and TeamSpeak accounts ;
/ts status: Get if your accounts are linked ;
/ts broadcast: Broadcast a message on TeamSpeak ;
/ts list (minecraft|teamspeak): Get a list of online users on Minecraft or on TeamSpeak.

#TeamSpeak commands:

$ping: Reply with pong ;
$info: Send plugin info directly on TeamSpeak ;


ultimatets.all: Gives access to all UltimateTS commands ;
ultimatets.broadcast: Allowed using /ts broadcast ;
ultimatets.list.all: View all players online on TeamSpeak and Minecraft ;
ultimatets.list.teamspeak: View all players online on TeamSpeak ;
ultimatets.list.minecraft: View all players online on Minecraft ;

#Help & support

If you need some help, open a new issues on github: Source code available:

Have fun and don't forgot to give 5 stars if you like the plugin :D


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