A Sage interface to a database of graphs and other combinatorial objects
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DiscreteZOO Sage interface

DiscreteZOO is an extension for Sage providing access to a database of graphs with precomputed properties. It aims to become a database of various combinatorial objects with links between them.


If you don't have it yet, obtain Sage. Then download or clone this repository into the working folder, and make sure that Sage will see the discretezoo folder once it is run.

Currently, a database is available which contains:

  • all connected cubic vertex-transitive graphs with at most 1280 vertices (from the census by P. Potočnik, P. Spiga and G. Verret),
  • all connected cubic arc-transitive graphs with at most 2048 vertices (from the extended Foster census by M. Conder), and
  • all vertex-transitive graphs with at most 31 vertices (from the census by G. Royle).

To import it, download it, and then run in Sage:

import discretezoo

Now you are ready to work with the graphs in the database. Several examples are available on the wiki.