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D1sk1n and Disk1n hotfix account display (#41)
hotfix - display after adding an additional param to get_acct_info. Long term we should fix it fully by adding display to the delegate option
Latest commit a4d7d60 Aug 7, 2019


A Block Explorer for the Libra Blockchain TestNet. See:


  • Account View
  • Version View, including gas spend and program info as well as information useful to debug the network
  • A Faucet that sends the funds as p2p transaction
  • Network Statistics
  • RPC based client to read data
  • DB store of transactions
  • Search by account or version
  • Simple Libra client automation (soon to be deprecated)


  1. Run: pip3 install grpcio grpcio-tools hexdump Flask Flask-Caching sqlalchemy psycopg2 requests
  2. Have access to a Postgres Database server


  • Default config assumes a postgresql database with:
    • username = postgres
    • password = postgres
    • host = localhost
    • port = 5432
    • database name = libra_browser
    • Please see SQLAlchemy Docs for configuration options
  • make sure that /etc/postgresql/<PGSQL_VERSION>/main/pg_hba.conf has the configuration of password, i.e. auth method md5 and not peer:

local all postgres md5

  • To create the DB after installing postgresql you can run: sudo -u postgres createdb libra_browser

Running the project

At the root project folder execute the command:


Or to execute and leave it to run with output redirected to a file execute:

nohup python3 &> browser.log < /dev/null &
tail -f browser.log #if you want to see the logs

To use "DEVELOPMENT" mode settings set the environment variable "BROWSER=DEVELOPMENT"


Please see


rpc support is based on:

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