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  • Export scraped items to ElasticSearch (ES)
  • Export scraped items as JSON files to disk
  • Data sources/scrapers:
    • SchoolVenstersOnline
      • General information (name, address, BRIN, etc.)
      • Indicator 2 ("Resultaten - Slaagpercentage")
    • DUO
      • General branch information ("02. Adressen alle vestigingen")
      • Students per branch by ZIP code ("02. Leerlingen per vestiging naar postcode leerling en leerjaar")
    • Onderwijsinspectie
      • All Voorgezet Onderwijs (VO) schools
        • General information (name, address, BRIN, etc.)
        • Rating history (per branch and education structure)
        • Reports (per branch and education structure)

Install and run

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ cd onderwijsscrapers/
$ scrapy crawl <crawler_name>

Available crawlers:,,


  • Replace this README with proper documentation
  • Document schema's of different sources
  • Add datetime information to items when scraped
  • Add ES index schema's
  • SchoolVenstersOnline:
    • Extend to scrape more data (try to get as much data as possible that is not available through DUO)
  • DUO
    • Add other VO data
    • Add Primair Onderwijs (PO) data
  • Onderwijsinspectie
    • Add PO data
    • Also scrape reports on the education sector overview page (see for example "Feliceum"), these reports are not included on the detail pages of a specific education structure/branch