Building and Using DisplayCast in Mac OSX

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Using DisplayCast

DisplayCast Archiver (only in OSX 10.7+), Streamer and Player are installed by default in the /Applications/FXPAL folder. These Status bar tasks are automatically started on a system reboot and appear on the system status bar. Archiver does not use the status bar interface.

These applications allow the user to customize the names so that other components can locate them. For example, Sam's Desktop might be a good name for a Streamer and Sam's laptop could be useful for his Player.

The Streamer allows itself to be shown on a Player using the Project Me command, while it can be archived to an Archiver using the Archive Me command. When a supported Bluetooth device was available in the Player and Streamer and when the Player is within range, the Streamer will annotate those _Player_s in a blue font.

Similarly, the Player can watch any local Streamer using the Watch Streamer command. The Player displays a snap shot icon of all the Streamers. Archiver can create a H.264 movie of any Streamer in the user's Movies/DisplayCast directory.

Getting prebuilt binaries

Prebuilt binaries are available as zip archives in the Downloads section

Building from sources


  1. We require the latest Xcode IDE (available for free from Apple. We use Xcode 4.4 for development purposes.
  2. Packages for building the installer.

##Build instructions The DisplayCast workspace defines two projects, iOS and OSX: The iOS project defines one target: Player. The OSX project defines the following targets:

  1. Streamer - creates the Streamer program
  2. Player - creates the Player program
  3. Archiver - creates the Archiver program
  4. Preferences - builds the system preferences

We also define a virtual target call All which compiles all the other targets. The shell script, available in OSX/Packager/ directory creates a distributable package, DisplayCast.dmg in the OSX/Installers folder.

Frequently asked questions

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