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Copyright (c) 2012, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
All rights reserved.
Author: Surendar Chandra, FX Palo Alto Laboratory, Inc.
0.0 License:
DisplayCast is released under the New BSD license. Specific
licensing terms are described in the License.rtf file. This license
agreement applies to the entire DisplayCast system.
1.0 Introduction:
2.0 System Requirements:
DisplayCast requires:
a) Apple Bonjour for naming and location management. Either
the full SDK or the "Bonjour Print Services for Windows", both
available at will work.
b) Demoforge mirror driver, available at
3.0 Getting DisplayCast:
3.1 Prebuilt binaries are available from the project web page at
3.2 Source code is available in github at
4.0 Build Intructions:
We use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Visual Studio 2010 Express
may also be used though the Express version does not support
creating installers.
The source code for the various projects are available inside the
"Sources" folder. Projects "Player" and "Streamer" create the
corresponding DisplayCast executables. The project "Location" is
an experimental feature that uses Cisco WiFi
localization. "ControllerService" is a Windows service that
listens to Bonjour services and provides a HTTP/REST service. By
default, the service uses port 11223 and provides JSONP
responses. "Shared" defines global parameters that are used by the
entire system. "ZeroconfService" is the open source C# wrapper for
Bonjour and is available at You can download
precompiled DLL from that link though I experienced some trouble
in using the precompiled binaries.
Installers can be built using the projects inside the Installers
director. The projects "ControllerServiceInstaller" and
"DisplayCastInstaller" create installers for the Controller
Service and the DisplayCast system respectively.
5.0 Known Issues:
6.0 Frequently asked questions: