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+# Using DisplayCast
+DisplayCast _Streamer_ and _Player_ are installed by default in the _FXPAL/DisplayCast_ application folder. These programs are automatically started on a system reboot and appear on the task bar system tray.
+Both these applications allow the user to customize the names so that other components can locate them. For example, _Sam's Desktop_ might be a good name for a _Streamer_ and _Sam's laptop_ could be useful for his _Player_.
+The _Streamer_ allows itself to be shown on a _Player_ using the _Project Me_ command, while it can be archived to an _Archiver_ using the _Archive Me_ command. [[/ScreenShot/Streamer.png]] When a supported Bluetooth device was available in the _Player_ and _Streamer_ and when the _Player_ is within range, the _Streamer_ will annotate those _Player_s with a _(nearby)_ tag.
+Similarly, the _Player_ can watch any local _Streamer_ using the _Watch Streamer_ command. [[/ScreenShot/Player.png]]
+# Getting prebuilt binaries
+Prebuilt binaries are available as zip archives in the Downloads section <>. We require DemoForge mirror driver (available at <>), Bonjour (available at <> - either the _Bonjour SDK for Windows_ or _Bonjour Print Services for Windows_ will work) and .NET 4.0. The installer will attempt to verify that the prerequisites are properly installed. The _Streamer_ also requires administrative privileges.
+The _Controller_ provides an synchronous control service for DisplayCast and is useful for developers. The service needs to run on a machine that is on the same link-local subnet as the DisplayCast deployment (it uses Bonjour for locating _Streamer_s, _Player_s and _Archiver_s).
+# Building from sources
+## Prerequisites
+1. DisplayCast uses [Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional]( Microsoft offers a free [Express (] edition. Though the free version can be used to compile the system, it does not support the distribution installer.
+1. We require the [DemoForge mirror driver](
+1. [Apple Bonjour SDK](
+1. [32feet.NET]( provides the wrapper for Bluetooth support.
+##Build instructions
+The _DisplayCast_ Visual studio solution defines 8 projects:
+1. _Streamer_ - creates the Streamer program
+1. _Player_ - creates the Player program
+1. _ControllerService_ create the Controller service
+1. _Shared_ - an internal library that compiles configuration parameters that are shared by _Streamer_, _Player_ and _ControllerService_.
+1. _Location_ - an internal library that uses the Cisco WiFi localization services. This component will only work if you have a properly configured and deployed Cisco WiFi localization system.
+1. _ZeroconfService_ - a fully patched replica of the C# Zeroconf wrapper that is available in [Google code](
+1. _DisplayCast Installer_ - creates a Windows installer in \Installers folder.
+1. _ControllerService Installer_ - creates a Windows installer in \Installers folder.
+Building the solution (using the "Build->Build Solution" menu) compiles everything except the installer. Installers are built manually using the "Build->Build DisplayCast Installer" menu option in Visual Studio 2010.
+# Frequently asked questions
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